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    JD 755-855-955 Cozy Cab Rear Glass

    I have a Cozy Cab for my JD 955 and will soon be installing it onto the tractor. The back glass was at one time broken out of it and I would like to replace it with new tempered glass. I know Cozy or JD doesnt support this cab any longer so I will have a glass company make me one. I have all...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Just finish welding today! Its a converted Moose 6 foot UTV plow with FEL attach. Now has hydraulic angle. I didnt want to have to remove my fork carriage every time I plow like I use to do with my old Meyers plow and dedicated FEL bracket. This time I drilled 2 holes in the bottom rail of the...
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    Yanmar Belly Mower Find

    Just wanted to show off my new Continental KTR-48/ YQM-48 belly mower I got of CL. Runs off the rear pto. Havent got it fully adjusted/operating yet, needs belt ,blades, grease, but otherwise in great shape for an old mower. Fits my YM1110d perfectly. I discovered these 3ph belly mowers a...
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    B2400 Possible Hydraulic Cooling Problem

    For some time I run my B2400 for more than 10-15 minutes and I lose hydraulic pressure, the 3ph will not lift the 600lb rock box and the loader will not lift the front tires off the ground. If I let the tractor sit for a few hours , the hydraulics return to normal. I assumed the problem was...
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    Help Just changed Hydro Fluid Now No Hydraulics!

    Fully drained, cleaned filter screen, changed hydro filter on a B2400, refilled with proper amount of fresh utf but no hydraulics. Loader wont lift, 3 point wont lift, no hydrostatic. Do I need to bleed? I did remove filter and filled it with hydro fluid and screwed it back on, checked pickup...
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    LA351 loader w/ forks

    Came across a good deal on CL last week for a B2400hst w/la351 loader with the intension of using this tractor for unloading up to 500lbs pallets off the back of a semi trailer. I would fabricate forks to replace the bucket for this task, and I am wondering if 500lbs off the front loader and...
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    Deciding to get another grey.

    I have started a home-based business which involves unloading pallets of merchandise off a semi-trailer truck. No loading dock obviously. Been renting the neighbors skid steer for the task,unfortunatly leaves ruts and tears up the drive and the lawn to the pole shed where I store the mechandise...