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    Reseeding Part of Yard

    I have a few sections of my yard that has johnsongrass coming up. I'm looking to reseed those areas. What would you recommend that I could spray on those sections to kill it off that would allow my to reseed the same day?
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    In case anyone on here isn't in the Facebook groups, there's this from yesterday. Nobody could be reached by the reporter, of course...
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    Considering some of them were posting manufacturing spec sheets and saying they were posting anonymously over threat of being sued, there's reasonable belief to say proceed with ordering from them at your own risk. I'm not a hater. I'm hoping this is all rumors. Unfortunately, I'd proceed with...
  4. J

    Status of Everything Attachments

    I've emailed the Catawba Chamber of Commerce.
  5. J

    Status of Everything Attachments

    Just a heads up. People are saying EA is done for.
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    9.5-15 4 rib front tractor tire

    I'm just curious what brands of 9.5-15 4 rib tractor tires you'd recommend for a John Deere 5400 with loader. I'm planning on using tubes. I can't seem to find Firestones or BKTs in stock and have been told they're not currently being made.
  7. J

    Nova Tractor vs Betstco Flail

    Not necessarily. The factory in China probably does runs of models they send out. Plus, this late in the year, how long do you think it would take to manufacturer a batch enough of these to ship out, much less ship, get on the dock, and get through Customs?
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    Nova Tractor vs Betstco Flail

    I think you're missing the point. This is designed in Germany but made on China from components made from various places. That doesn't make it made in Germany. Designed in Germany? Yes. But it was made in China. You can say the transmission was made or assembled in Italy, assuming the...
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    Nova Tractor vs Betstco Flail

    Nova Tractor gets their equipment from the same place as Bowell. They're made in China. Just go into their YouTube pages. Also, this site shows their supplier is an HK. Nova Tractor Corporation | See Full Importer History | ImportGenius
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    Nova Tractor vs Betstco Flail

    I'm looking at getting a ditch and bank flail mower and have narrowed it down to Nova Tractor and Betstco. I'm just trying to figure out which night be the better option with the best after the sale service.
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    John Deere 540 Loader Sealant

    I have a question. I just had the lift cylinders rebuilt on a John Deere 5400 and want to know if I need to use sealant on the hoses to reinstall them.
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    6' Tiller

    There's one additional thing he didn't take into consideration. I said max speed in first gear was 2.4 mph. He said range of recommended working speed was 1-1.5 mph. The main working range of the WD45 was about middle of the quadrant, which would put 1st gear running speed at that range as...
  13. J

    6' Tiller

    I'm assuming you're not familiar with a WD45.
  14. J

    6' Tiller

    So, right now, it seems like it's coming down between Betstco and my King Kutter. I'm planning on talking to KK today to get their warranty information and specs.
  15. J

    6' Tiller

    If it can't, I've got a 5400 and a 5420 at my disposal. Besides, as previously mentioned, this WD45 isn't a stock version. It had some work done in it by a previous owner who was a puller. She'll pull a 9 shank all purpose.
  16. J

    6' Tiller

    Top speed in 1st is 2.4 mph. So it should suffice.
  17. J

    6' Tiller

    I'm going to stick to forward rotating. With the WD45, it's a former pulling tractor, so she's not stock. From what I've been told, she won a few trophies back in the day. She fights a 9 shank all purpose plow and could do it with a little more weight on the tires and a beefed up cooling system.
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    6' Tiller

    As far as used prices in my area, there's a lot of the , "I know what I've got" mentality. Some of the things they're trying to sell are older than I am and almost as much as new.
  19. J

    6' Tiller

    That may be a little overkill for my needs. This will pretty much only be to prep gardens in the spring.
  20. J

    6' Tiller

    Most likely either the WD-45 Diesel or John Deere 5400.
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    6' Tiller

    I'm curious if anyone out there can point me in the direction of a good 3 point tiller that can handle red clay and go a good 8" deep Thank you
  22. J

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    The MFZ195 is what they recommended. But, they said it can only handle up to 2" while the Betstco and Titan are saying 3". There's also one sold by Victory tractor I'm looking at. I need to follow up with them. Woodmaxx can't tell me the cut diameter their machine can handle.
  23. J

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    I've reached out but haven't heard back from them.
  24. J

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    Best I can tell, Agri Supply is out and doesn't sell the hydraulic side shift.
  25. J

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    I think the Nova is out of the question. To get to where it can handle the same size material would cost a bit more. I should specify this is primarily going to be on a John Deere 5400 but may get some time behind the 5420 or, without the hydraulics, the WD45 Diesel.
  26. J

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    So far, I've reached out to Titan, Betstco, Woodmaxx, and Nova. Titan probably has the best response upfront followed by Betstco while Betstco has the best chance of having repair parts on hand. Woodmaxx responded with my questions with a link to their website, which didn't have the information...
  27. J

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    Right now, these are the units I'm looking at.
  28. J

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    I'm looking for a somewhat budget friendly, hopefully it $4k, hydraulic flail mower that's around 6' wide. I'm torn between the Titan, Woodmaxx, and Betstco mowers. Which would you recommend or is there something else about the same price range you'd recommend over these?
  29. J

    Help Identifying Disk Plow

    I was wondering if anybody on here could help me identify this plow and help me find parts.
  30. J

    AC Rollover Plow

    I'm trying to track down a 2 bottom Allis Chalmers rollover plow for my Wd45. Can anybody help me out?
  31. J

    Garden tiller

    The Husqvarna front tine tiller bit the dust last week, and I'm needing a replacement Any ideas? Definitely not wanting another Husqvarna but something more commercial in quality. I'm thinking either Merry or Maxim. Does anybody have any experience with these?
  32. J

    All purpose plow springs

  33. J

    All purpose plow springs

    I'm looking at getting a 9 shank all purpose plow. I have 2 two choose from, one is $450 the other is $250 but needs new springs. First, does anybody know what the specs would be on the springs? I'm trying to figure out which is the best deal.
  34. J

    WD45 Diesel vs Deere 2010

    I'm trying to decide between a WD45 Diesel and a Deere 2010. I'm mainly looking for something for plowing, bushhogging, and, later on, using a loader for mulch and whatnot. I know I'd have to do some mods on the 45 hydraulics for a loader, which doesn't seem too bad to be a deal breaker. Anyone...
  35. J

    Disc Plow

    I'm just wondering if anybody out there knows of a disc plow for sale in East TN, preferable 2-3 discs.
  36. J

    Disc Plow

    I have a Kubota L210 tractor and am looking for a plow to turn the red clay dirt we have here for the garden. I'm curious which would be best, a turning plow or a disc plow? Would something else be better?
  37. J

    turning plow help

    I've got this old turning plow and an curious if it can be used on a 3 point hitch system. I've never seen this setup before.
  38. J

    Crawler Conversions

    Just curious if it would be possible to convert a tractor into a dozer/crawler. I know you can do it with a garden tractor. Can you do it with a regular tractor and utilize the braking system on it?
  39. J

    Briggs and Stratton Commercial Turf Engine

    Does anybody know anything in the Briggs and Stratton Commercial Turf engines? How do they compare to say Kawasaki?
  40. J

    Briggs and Stratton Diesel

    I have been looking for a small tractor to handle light jobs around the yard, such as hauling mulch. I discovered the Legacy XL but have some questions about the Briggs and Stratton diesel. Simplicity said it was a Briggs and Stratton, not a Vanguard. I'm stumped, because I didn't know Briggs...
  41. J

    Plow Hoss vs Hoss Plow

    I have a fairly large garden (about 43'x135'). It's red clay. I'm looking for something to work it with in tighter spots that I can't get the 26'' front tine tiller. I am hoping to get my Horse II tiller rebuilt soon, which would help. For tighter spots, though, would a Maxim Plow Hoss or a...
  42. J

    generator advice

    Ok, I'm going to be working on some buildings on the farms soon but need a generator to run a circular saw and drill. I may get a compressor and nail gun later. What size and brand do you recommend? I really can't go too expensive on the generator. Your thoughts?
  43. J

    Traveller/TSC oil

    I'm wondering if anybody has experience with TSC's brand of oil, Traveller. I know it's by Warren Products but haven't found any real reviews. What's your take?
  44. J

    John Deere 5400 issues

    We have a JD 5400 that hasn't run in a while. A few hears back, someone trashed the fuel pump trying to get the solenoid off. Put a new pump on(I've heard it is the wrong one, but I don't trust the person who said do.). A couple of years later, my great-uncle(the source) filled the tank with...
  45. J

    Brushcutter advice

    I am looking at getting a brush cutter but can't decide between Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo. I haven't looked at a specific model yet. I'm wanting to wait until I get some advice on these brands.
  46. J

    Hatz diesel on 850 BCS

    A friend of mine just bought a new 853 to replace his 850. He loaned it out and got it back in bad shape. The Vanguard v-twin on it is shot. I may be able to get him to sell it to me. If I can get it, I'm interested in converting it to diesel. His 853 has a Lombardini 15LD440 on it. It's about...
  47. J

    Hydrostatic rear-tine tillers

    Does anybody know about hydrostatic rear-tine tillers. I'm torn between the Maxim and the Barreto. Are there any others? What about these?
  48. J

    L210 Rubber Seat Cushion

    I'm looking for the little rubber seat cusions that support the back of the seat on a L210 when it's down. I went to the Kubota dealership and ordered some, but they were the wrong thing. I believe the original part number was 32160-18492, which was superceded to 32160-18490, which is...
  49. J

    Comparison  Kubota B3200, MF GC2600 or similar tractor

    I've got 2 yards that I mow that have about 7 acres each. I've been thinking about a zero turn but have recently started considering a smaller tractor with a front end loader, which would come in handy for yard work. So far I have looked at a Kubota B3200 with the hydrostatic transmission and...
  50. J

    Toro vs Gravely Diesel ZTR

    My name is Justin Edmonds. I'm from New Market, TN and live on my family's 2 farms. I have to rather large yards, about 6 acres each, to mow and have been looking for a 60" diesel powered ztr mower to do the job. Out of the ones I've sat on, the ones produced by Toro and Gravely seem to be...