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    Loader  Forks for 1526 100E pin on removable loader

    My new tractor is a 1526 with a 100E pin on removable bucket. What pallet forks will work with that set up? If anyone has ever purchased pallet forks please chime in. I was hoping for the skid Steer bucket set up but this loader did not come with that system. Im not sure about how much torsional...
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    Price Check  Bought a new 1526 today 2017 leftover 1 hour on the clock

    Well I finally got rid of the New Holland Boomer 1030 and bought a Massey Ferguson 1526 today. The tractor was a leftover 17 model. Kept inside excellent condition only one hour on the clock naturally wanted to give you an idea of how much I paid for it to make sure I did the right thing . The...
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    Buying Advice  Keep my New Holland Boomer 1030 or buy a new Mahindra Max 26XL?

    I'm in the process of possibly purchasing a new tractor. I went yesterday and drove a 2017 leftover Max 26XL shuttle at a local dealer. Gentleman was very laid back no hard sell and gave me a price of $14.700 for tractor and loader with turf tires. He is supposed to come tomorrow to look at my...
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    I have a Boomer 1030 that has a vibration when running in either high or low range but most pronounced in high . I had to replace the coupler that attaches the solid steel shaft that connects the output shaft of the hydro to the carrier bearing located towards the front portion of the tractor...
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    New Holland Boomer 1030 Lift Link problem

    I have a 2010 Boomer 1030 tractor and did some damage to the adjustable lift link on the right side looking from the rear of the tractor. This link corrects the level of an attachment when hooked to the tractor. (I know everyone knows this just trying to explain what I need.) New Holland says...
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    Wood stoves in a pole barn

    I have built a new 30x52 pole building and am considering a wood stove for heat. I have a good friend that tells me a double barrel stove puts off great heat for a pole building and would be cheap to build.. I'm concerned about safety and how high the the pipe has to be run outside. I am...
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    Dethatcher home made or CMP unit?

    I guess I should have posted this question here first. I know some of the members have made the unit Madreferee designed but I have no idea how they worked. So I have been looking around and came up with the following choices. Make it from Madreferee's design Buy the CMP unit or Buy the pine...
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    CMP 3pt. dethacther.

    Hi everyone it's been some time since I have been online and here in the site. I have a question about a 3pt. dethatcher by CMP. The gentleman seems very nice and he stated that I would need his 50" model to stay just inside my wheel track width so I wouldn't catch the unit on anything while in...
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    To chain or not to chain that is the question.

    I'm debating about a set of chains for my Boomer 1030. I have some concern about clearance between the body and tires. A fellow plower stated he had a disaster when a chain came apart and tore his sheet metal up. Tension straps broke. We don't get a huge storm regularly and I do have a blower...
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    TC1030 Boomer - Working properly now

    Well all seems well with the tractor now that the dealer got his head out of his backside a fixed the power issue. My hydro pressure was way down but now is where it should have been from the get go. I had to pay for it and that didn't make me happy at all since it's under warranty they should...
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    Power Loss with Hydro 1030

    I'm having trouble with power delivery on my new Boomer 1030 28 HP tractor 30 hrs on the clock. I am hearing the relief valve bypass go off when I'm backing up into my pole barn. It seems that the pressure isn't set properly in the transmission or I have a an issue with the pump it's self. I was...
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    Posthole Digger  Used danuser G20/40 Price advise.

    A friend of mine has a 1986 or so Danuser G20/40 with 9" and 18" augers. The flights are fine but both points and cutting edges on both need replacing. The auger sounds fine while running but is in poor condition due to sitting outside for the past 23 plus years. The unit will need the...
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    Snow Attachments  Selling Allied Farm King 50" pto blower.

    If interested please look at the ad in Private Party Sale Ads. Mark (Scaper)
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    Snowblower  Selling ne wblower for larger unit.

    If your looking for a snowblower check out the ad in Private Party Ads for a 50" Allied Farm King. Scaper
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    Post Hole Digger

    I'm looking to purchase a PHD that will fit my Boomer 1030 New Holland. I'm trying to get a Danuser to hook up but if for some reason I can't I need to purchase one. Work Saver model 300 or Woods PHD 25 or Befco 100. If anyone wants to sell please let me know. Mark (Scaper)
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    3-Point Hitch  Post Hole Digger for Boomer 1030 Help

    If anyone has a 1030 1110 tractor and you use a post hole digger on the 3 pt. please respond and let me know what you are using. I'm having a heck of a time finding one to work with my tractor. I was going to buy a Danuser G 20/40 but it will not hook up properly. I'm in need of your help...
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    Pat's Easy Change  Where to buy?

    I know someone can answer this question! Who is the best and most resonable supplier for Pat's easy Change. Prices I have gotten range between $179.99 and $219. Is there a lower price out there and where is it? Scaper
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    Boomer 1030 and Danuser G20/40 PHD

    I attempted to attach the Danuser G20/40 to my Boomer 1030 today and the top link end of the boom is to long, it pushes the yoke towards the rear, off verticle about 8" to 10". Even if I could get it hooked up the yoke would rotate towards the rear when I tried to lift the auger. I am waiting...
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    Posthole Digger  CountryLine Post Auger from Tractor Supply on Small CUT

    I'm looking for a new post hole auger for my Boomer 1030. Has anyone used a CountryLine auger from Tractor Supply on a small compact tractor such as a BX Kubota or Boomer 1030? I have a chance to buy a used Danuser G20/40 but I was told it wouldn't work on my tractor so I'm looking at the TS...
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    Good news on 1030 power problem.

    That poo eatin grin is back on my face. Got a call from the dealer today stating they had the lack of power problem fixed. So off to the shop I went after work today. Seems the fuel filter was clogged from tank debris when the tank was made. They drained the fuel (full tank) flushed the tank and...
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    Boomer 1030 problems please read.

    I'm not going to bash this new unit, I'm not here for that. But would someone , a dealer, anyone please read my post in New Holland Buying and Pricing and respond to my problem. I loved my other New Holland and really would like to have this one but problems out the gate make me feel as though I...
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    New Tractor arrived today, Back for repair tomorrow!

    Well the new Boomer 1030 was delivered today and she sure is pretty. Problem is she goes back tomorrow. Yes not even a 1/4 hour on the clock and she needs to go back to the dealer. I noticed that the Hydro pump was making a noise like it isn't bled off properly now that the new loader is...
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    Bought a new Boomer 1030 yesterday.

    I bought a new Boomer 1030 yesterday to replace a BX2200 with 1100 hours on the clock. The BX served me well in my business for 10 years but it was time to step up in HP. The Boomer seems right for what I want. Others just seemed to large for my needs. Anyone with knowledge of this unit chime in...
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    Pulled the trigger today on a new Boomer 1030 today.

    A local New Holland dealer had a new Boomer 1030 I looked at about a month ago, I liked the egonomics of the machine and the extra hp in this class was a plus and the position control is a welcome advantage for me. I did consider a few other units but settled on the NH. I loved my TC 33D when I...
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    Pictures of the new MF 1526

    Check out the pictures of the MF 1526 in "I'm really confused now" thread. Scaper
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    New Pictures of the MF 1526

    If you want to see the new MF1526 go to the general buying /pricing and comparison forum look at the thread titled "I so confused now" posted by me Scaper . Enjoy the pic's.
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    Comparison  I am really confused now.

    Help with new purchase. I took a 120 mile ride yesterday to get a first hand look at the new 1526 MF. No dealers have them yet so I found a man that had bought one and would allow me to come to his house to see it. I have looked at the Kubota 2320 hydro, Mahindra 2516 Hydro and Gear , New...
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    Chipper  Kemp 3Pt Chipper Shredder Help

    I have just aquired a 3pt. Kemp chipper/shredder made in Lancaster PA.. I was told the machine is approximately 10-12 years old. I have to get a manual for this machine and Kemp has gone out of business some time back. The machine is stout and looks as if it can be brought back to all it's glory...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  New information on Hydro vs. Manual trans for snow blower use.

    I found out today what the speed is for each gear on the Mahindra 2516 they are listed as follows. Low range: Gear MPH Reverse 1st .7 2nd .9 3rd...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Manual trans for snowblowing?

    I'm in the process of making a new purchase (tractor) for my business. I'm considering the Mahindra 2516 gear drive or a B2320 maybe a B2620 ( I got a very good price on the 2620) and I'm wondering if anyone uses a gear drive with a blower? If I use the 2516 for grass ( rear mount mower) or bush...
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    Snowblower electric chute rotator motor resource.

    I have located two companies that sell auto electric window crank motors. They have three diff. types, square drive, round drive and gear drive output shafts. The company names are A1 Cardone and Dorman. I can pick a new motor up for between $65 to $95. Both are heavier then stock units from a...
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    Electric Shute Rotator for Allied Farm King Snow Blower.

    Has anyone made an electric shute rotator for the Allied Farm King snow blowers with the cable drive system. If so please post pictures or instructions. I know some of you have used sealed window motors on the gear type drive systems but I do have cable drive on my new 50" blower. Scaper
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    PTO Problem with Allied/Farm King

    Well here's the bottom line. I spoke to the Company, three different reps plus the Dealer and it seems that the company is aware that the BX series and other subcompacts would need a cutable drive shaft to get the proper clearance when you hook up the PTO to a tractor. The rep told me that most...
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    BX Canopy

    Yesterday I was given a canopy off a front mount Kubota mower, looks like fiberglass and in great shape. Does anyone know if this will fit the BX2200 and if the mounting kit might be similar? I am under the understanding that as long as the rops are about the same it should mount up even if I...
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    PTO shaft for new blower

    I picked up my new Farm King 500 50" blower Thursday. Put it together Friday and found that the PTO shaft is to long. I have cut shafts in the past and don't have a problem with that. Problem is the shaft I got was made in the US very HD but company says don't recommend that it be cut. They do...
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    BX Top Link

    I am in the process of replacing the top link on my BX. Dealer wants over $95.00 for a new one. Has anyone found a replacement for this that is less than what Kubota wants? I have been looking around but as of yet have been unable to find one. Anybody with an idea of where to make the purchase...
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    Loader leaking down.

    I had a deer hanging form my loader bucket overnight and when I got up the next morning the deer was half in the wheel barrow I had under it. Why or should the loader leak down like this? Do I have a bad valve or is this normal. I did have the lock on the loader control stick so I know it wasn't...
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    Snow Attachments  Snow Blower lurbication????

    I just bought a new Allied Blower and I saw "maybe" here that you should spray the inside of the spout, fan and housing with a lubricant. What are those of you using and how often does it need to be repeated? I wasn't sure if I should use slip plate #5 which is a graphite based or a spray...
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    Snow  I bit the bullet today on a snow blower!!!!!!!

    Well first I would like to thank all of you for your help with the BX2200 snow blower questions I have posted. I was undecided on which snow blower to get, it was between a Braber 50" (nice blower by the way very HD 525lbs) and a Buhler Allied YC5010 50" 422 lbs.. The Braber was $1.665 shipped...
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    Used Snow Blower Price check

    I have found a used Buhler 50 " blower about two hours from my house. Fellow sent me pictures of the unit and it needs a good sanding primer and coat of paint. The scraper bar looks like it may have to be replaced also. He states he bought it new but that it's over ten years old. He is asking...
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    Snow  Size of 3pt blower

    First off, Happy Holidays to all!!! I have a BX 2200 and I'm getting ready to purchase a new rear snow blower. I am wondering if anyone knows the limit for this machine. I was set on a 50 " but thought about a 60" because of wanting a new tractor this year for the business. Does anyone know if...
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    Price Check  How is this price?

    Mihindra 2516 R4"s, loader, gear drive w/shuttle $12,485. I pick up 2.5 hrs away. I will have to pay tax 6% in PA. Ouch $749.10 for a total $13,242.10. Mark
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    Price Check  Mihindra 2516 gear with Syncro Shittleand Kubota 2320 Hydro

    I went searching today for a replacement of the BX2200. This is what I was told. Mihindra 2516 gear with loader and R4's $12.485. My son and I both liked the way the tractor handled and shifted, the shuttle was easy to use and very smooth. Strong hydraulics loader and rear. A very impressive...
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    Price Check  Mihindra 2516 gear with Syncro Shittleand Kubota 2320 Hydro

    I went searching today for a replacement of the BX2200. This is what I was told. Mihindra 2516 gear with loader and R4's $12.485. My son and I both liked the way the tractor handled and shifted, the shuttle was easy to use and very smooth. Strong hydraulics loader and rear. A very impressive...
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    Narrowed Meyer snow plow?

    Has anyone gone through narrowing a truck snow plow to fit a compact tractor? If so are there any precautions that I should be aware of. I would like to cut around 10 to 11" off each side of a 78" Meyer poly plow and use it on my BX2200 with a loader bucket mount. Mark
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    BX2200 and cruise control

    I just saw the new BX that has cruise control. Question is can we add it to our BX2200?
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    Sale of item listed in wrong place, My mistake.

    So here we are all upset because I made a mistake in saying that I had a item for sale in the wrong place. I think I did start out by saying that I didn't want to start any trouble by doing this in the forum. I haven't been in here for awhile and the whole classified thing was new to me. The...
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    Snow Attachments  NH 7308 loader mount snow plows for sale.

    I don't want to get in any trouble posting this here but I have an in-loader snow plow system for a NH 7308 loader for sale. Bucket mount system and two 6 1/2' Meyers poly plows. Please E-Mail me if interested. Located in Delaware. More info in classifieds area. Scaper...
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    Allmost made a grave mistake today!!

    I was lifting the BX2200 mid mount mower with the front loader and chain today to powerwash it. Darn near rolled it!! I have been using the loader to hold the deck up while cleaning for years on my equipment without so much as a problem. What I didn't take into account was the short wheel...
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    BX2200 Top Link Problem

    I bent ( Don't really know how) the top link on my BX2200 the other day while running the aerator. I had the side that goes to the aerator out a bit but not to the end of the threads. Bent the end and I had to straighten it with the trusty sledge hammer in a vise. Looked for a new top link in...
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    WoodsTR72 Turf Renovator

    I have a chance to purchase a Woods / Gill turf renovator the units called a 20A900 and was manufactured back in the late 80's. The unit is the same as the current production model TR72 Turf Renovator. I have this question for the board! Has anyone ever used this piece of equipment or it's...
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    New ZTR'S VS. 725 or 721D Grasshopper

    New ZTR\'S VS. 725 or 721D Grasshopper Hello folks, I have been trying out the new ZTR's for the past month and a half. So far I have been on the Kubota ZD 18 54" deck, MTD Pro. 60" deck, and the Grass Hopper M225 with the 61" deck. These are all supposed to be top of the line with the...
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    Boomer Hydro Failure

    Gentlemen, I'm the proud papa of a TC33D with 344.8 hrs. on the ticker. I'm almost as proud of my baby as I am of my children and that's going way out there on a limb. I haven't had so much as a minutes problem with this tractor and hopefully won't have any in the future. I use my unit almost...
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    Snow Attachments  Tractor loader snow blades

    I am trying to get back on the forumn to post this message so bear with me. I would like to know if anyone has used or is using a loader mounted front snow blade(Curtis type)? Have you had any problems with this type of set up? Is it better then a front bucket? Does it put extreme stress on the...