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    How so I lube key locks for cold weather?

    I'm torn between using graphite and WD-40. It seems that many years ago I tried graphite in a little applicator and it didn't work out too well. I seem to remember a locksmith using WD-40 for a car door lock. The possible problem with WD-40 may be freezing. The winter temperatures around her...
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    How to save money when graveling a road

    I came across this idea by Darol Dickinson that I thought I might share. The problem: He has a large ranch with pasture roads that sometimes need maintenance. The gravel trucks spread a three inch layer of gravel across the road at the cost of about $200 per 200 feet. Then the owner touches...
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    Do ultrasonic mice repellers work?

    I've been considering buying an ultrasonic mouse repeller. My camper van received some damage from the rodents last winter and I want to discourage them. So far I've gotten three of them but there's at least one more that won't take my sticky or spring traps. I don't know if he's tasted the...
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    How do I remove the fuel filter bowl locking ring?

    The JD2320 operators manual instructs me to turn it counterclockwise. But normally with a right hand thread it would be turned clockwise as seen from the top. I can't see any threads so that doesn't help. It's on too tight to turn by hand and a rubber strap wrench didn't work. I'm thinking...
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    Why should I use plow shoes?

    Yesterday I dropped a shoe when I lost a retaining pin while plowing. I've repaired that but I got to wondering why I was using the shoes at all. I only plow asphalt with no cracks using a plow with a rubber cutting edge. It seems to me that shoes are designed mostly for gravel and bad...
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    What does diesel gelling look like?

    The other day (temperature 15 degrees and after 20 minutes of plowing) my stationary tractor engine lost rpm and then stopped. I suspected gelling even though I did add addative a few weeks back when I topped off. I examined the glass fuel filter but I'm not sure what I was looking for. I'm...
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    JD2320 locked differential problem

    My 2320 is in the locked differential mode and won't release. That is the lever is down and won't rise to indicate unlocked. This is making it difficult to steer while plowing. Any ideas?
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    What's a good way to scoop up large stones?

    I'm having big difficulties developing the techniques to scoop up large stones with my fel bucket. These are stones two to three feet in diameter - too big to lift and even a bit too much to push or roll. The best advice that I've received so far is to level the bucket and scoop a little dirt...
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    I've overfilled my hydraulics - advice please

    On my Case 580K I've had a couple leaks of hydraulic fluid so I decided to refill. I put in 5 gallons (21.5 gallon capacity) and the oil check window was still empty! Today in bright sunlight I brought out a bright flashlight and found that the window wasn't empty, it was filled with light...
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    What is a shuttle shift?

    Yesterday I went to my local auto supply to buy some hydraulic oil for my Case 580K tractor. The guy said that there are many different oils and do I have a shuttle shift? When I told him that my tractor has a lever on the steering column with three positions forward-neutral-reverse and no...
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    BH stabilizer leak fixed easily

    I was warned a year and a half ago when I bought my Case that it had a left stabilizer oil leak. The Case is high time (5500 plus) and sure enough, this spring I found that it had leaked a good bit. I had a four by ten foot area of oil drippings to deal with. Now I talk a bit with my tractor...
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    Case -loader antirollback control-what does it do?

    It's partially disassembled on my tractor.
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    Case 580K phase3 - I'm looking for a service manual source

    It's not that difficult to google a 580K Phase 1, and I've bought one of those service manuals. But I'm having difficulty finding a Phase 3 manual. Also a parts list is needed. Last week I bought a high time, 5500hrs, tractor with lots of little things wrong with it. Parking brake...
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    Looking for pix of R1--R4 tire treads

    I've got R4's but I wonder what the others are like.
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    Difficult shifting tip from a JD dealer

    My 2320 occasionally (about one in three times) won't shift from 4WD low to neutral. I talked to my dealers service manager today and he advised: Occasionally 4WD will cause a preload to the front wheel bearings that makes it difficult to shift into neutral. There are two fixes: 1. Rock the...
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    What's the oil level in a Craftsman gearbox?

    I recently bought a ten year old Craftsman 42 inch mower from a nearby church. Now I'm going over it to do much needed maintenance. One item is the gearbox oil level. The previous maintailer said that the manual says nothing about the oil level or change interval of the gearbox so he never...
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    Is the plow better than bucket for removing boulders?

    A bit ago I mentioned to an old farmer that I had better success digging up small boulders (1-2 ft) using my plow attachment than when I was using the fel bucket. The farmer said that I was having trouble with operator technique! I like the plow because I can see the cutting edge, whereas the...
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    Remember to put anti-freeze in your pressure washer

    Water will freeze in the pump otherwise and ruin it. It's a very expensive repair. 1. Disconnect and empty the water from the hoses. 2. With the engine off, pull the starter five or six times 3. Screw in a can of pump protector (found at HD and Lowes) and squirt till the bubbly comes out You...
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    The jackstown tractor show is this weekend in eastern Pa

    18, 19 October in Jackstown (about 3 miles south easy of Bangor PA). Usually they have about a hundred old tractors on display. link => Blue Mountain Antique Gas & Steam Engine Assoc. INC.
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    Big foot corpse found near Atlanta Georgia

    CNN is now broadcasting the news.
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    Hornets are doing me a favor

    I've got a bit of a problem with bats at my house. I have no attic but apparently there is an area below the shingles that is home to them. The trouble is, their main entrance is right above my front door nineteen feet above the deck. So every morning when they return, they sprinkle turds on...
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    Why is My Imatch the wrong size?

    All of my JD implements require bushing adapters to use on the Imatch? I've got the JD2320, which I think is category one. My rake (JD? Frontier?), trailer receiver and ballast box require bushing adapters to fit the Imatch? Why is this? I've considered buying the Speeco cat 1 version but I...
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    Ladder and stepladder size selection chart

    One of the things that annoy me is the sizing of ladders. A twenty foot ladder isn't. Once you have the lean, the two-step down safety consideration and your reach, the twenty foot figure is very wrong. I found this chart on the web and suggest that you save it on your computer somewhere just...
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    What attracts hornets to bottle traps?

    I'm having problems with yellow jackets, hornets and carpenter bees. Can someone tell me what concoction is best in a jar/bottle trap?
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    Vestil 4000lb forklift double-fork hoisting hook plate - review of

    There's been a lot of postings about adding hooks to a bucket so that you can hoist. There's been a lot of warnings too. I was sitting on the fence until I saw a listing at NorthernTool for a plate that slips onto your forks to do the same thing. This is it - Vestil Forklift Double-Fork Hook...
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    Brush Grubber - review of

    I used my brush grubber for the first time today and I'm happy to report that it works as advertised. The brush grubber is a clamp used to pull up to three inch trees out of the ground - roots and all. I know you can use logging chains, but how do you attach to the tree? With the grubber you...
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    What's the difference between digging/grading and clearing/leveling

    I was looking at my 54 inch JD front plow today and noticed a two position adjustable J-pin on it. The manual says to use one position for digging and grading. And the other position for clearing and leveling. I'm not sure that I understand the difference between these functions. I noticed...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Bring on the snow

    For the first time in forty years I'm looking forwards to heavy snow. For the first thirty-five years I was snow shoveling until I got a walk-behind snow thrower. But it sure is a pain with the wind whipping the snow back in my face. I have a 600 foot by eleven foot driveway and I'd have to...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Big disappointment, my plow didn't work on last night's snow

    The snowfall was freezing rain - sleet - snow wintry mix in twenty degree temperatures. JD2320 with a JD 54 inch blade and a rubber snow cutting edge I found that the new fall was so hard that I could walk on it. The blade (set to floating) just rode over the top and didn't scrape off much. I...
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    Has anyone used a battery blanket?

    I'm thinking that it might be a good idea. I was going to use a floating charger, but as I did my research I found a table of battery efficiency versus temperature. My 'desk ref' says that for the range of 30 to 0 degrees F, the battery efficiency drops from 64% to 40% of full charge. I...
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    I'll be using a floating charger this winter

    One of the things that I learned from living in the Chicago area with its minus twenty degree winters is that the battery is about the weakest link in starting. So I'm going to adopt a procedure of floating battery charging like I did then. A 'trickle' charger uses a bit higher voltage and...
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    Watch out after you power down your angle grinder

    Some time back I did a little job with my angle grinder and then switched off and started to put it away. The grinder started acting funny and gashed my hand. I forgot that the heavy rotating stone acts like a gyroscope and resists motion. Now I wait until the stone comes to a stop before...
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    Do wood chips spontaneously combust?

    A guy was warning me about this for wood chips and shredded leaf piles but I have my doubts. Everyone knows about fires in lumber mills and graineries but that's due to dust. And I recall reading about occasional forest fires that are caused by spontaneous combustion of decayed vegetation. But...
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    Robot vacuum cleaner

    I'm very happy with the Roomba 570 robot vacuum cleaner that I received last week. It's about the size of a stack of plates four inches high and all you have to do is press one button to get it to vacuum one to three rooms for about 35 minutes a room. And after it's done, it crawls back to its...
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    Im having loads of troubles with attachments

    getting them on and off. It took two days to put my bh back on because I had it on soil and the feet were digging in. And today it was a pain getting the fel back on. I discovered that the stand had dug itself four inches into the gravel. Why when I get a demo the guy guy just pulls forward...
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    BH controls, Is this normal?

    On my BH, I've noticed that most of the motion is concentrated in a half inch of the control knob arc. That is, the controls of the boom and dipstick can move about four inches. However there is no motion of the arm until I deflect the control about three inches. Then the next half inch or so...
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    Highly recommended data reference book

    I'm referring to 'Deskref' by Thomas J. Glover (amazon about $22). This 750 page book has thousands of tables of data that you need in constructing something. Things like wire specs, wood gluing characteristics, floor joints, trailer connector wiring guides etc etc. Here's one that's answered...
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    Another tractor backing accident

    Last Sunday, a fellow that I know had his farm tractor back over him. No one knows exactly how it happened as he's in a coma with very bad injuries. The best theorizing is that he left his engine idling when he went to the rear of the tractor to adjust something. The tractor slipped into gear...
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    Another way to shatter large boulders

    So you've managed to drag that boulder out of the ground or maybe it was too big for you and you only could dig a trench around it. What do you do now? An old farmer told me this technique that he says he's used many times. I thought that I'd pass it along for your information. First - wash...
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    3ph illustrated pdf

    In searching for something else I came across this terrific pdf with tables and pictures of 3ph parts and attaching parts. It has things like pto spline adapters, stabilizers, hitch pins of various types. You've got to fetch this pdf and save it in your archive library...
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    How do I get a root ball out of a pit?

    I've been rather successful in removing stumps till I came to this one. It's detached now and is about a three foot cube with embedded dirt and stones. The pit is three feet deep and about six feet across. I figure, 27 cubic feet at maybe 20-40 pounds per cubic foot or 500-1000 pounds. My JD...
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    I've got an interesting dirt-filled hole safety problem

    I've been digging up these stumps for the past couple weeks and leaving holes, some of them four feet deep and five across. The backyard looks like craters of the moon and it's becoming a chore to weave around them. So I start refilling starting with a shallow one foot hole about five feet...
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    Checheck the positioning in your bh hydraulic lines

    On mine, slack in the line to the left swing cylinder caused the boom to push the line against the cylinder causing wear and a puncture. It looks like the line might be a bit too long, but you can fix things with a cable wrap. I'm getting warantee repair and pickup.
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    How do I 'float' the scv(FEL) on my JD2320?

    On a previous thread, you guys advised me to 'float' the 3ph by moving the rockshaft control lever full forwards. I haven't tested that because I now have my BH on and I'm reluctant to take it off because it was so difficult to attach. but I think that you're right. On another thread on...
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    How do I float my 3ph?

    Someone advised that when using a rake with wheels, the 3ph should be in the float position. The manual for my jd2320 doesn't mention this. I'm guessing that 'float' means there is no 3ph up/down pressure. Gravity on the rake and the wheels adjusts the rake position.
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    How do I dig a hole in the dirt?

    I need advice on the procedures and precautions on digging a hole. And don't say 'practice' because I'm doing that and slowly building up a bag of tricks. But I think it would be faster if you would share yours. For instance: a friend advised me to dump position the loader bucket and drop it...
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    Are my BH stabilizer hydraulics defective?

    Today I used my BH seriously for the first time (13 hours on the machine) and there's something that bothers me. Every five minutes or so I have to lower the stabilizer feet to full extension! Even over the roar of the engine and wearing hearing protectors I can hear a popping noise that occurs...
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    Are my JD toothbar nuts defective or special?

    Yesterday I had a heck of a time removing those toothbar nuts and had to resort to an impact wrench. When I examined the nuts I found that the top thread is damaged on both resulting in an extremely difficult tight down or loosen. The bolts are marked TVS 10.9 which my web search leads me to...
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    Backhoe  Need advice on attaching backhoe

    I'm having a heck of a time getting my BH on. This is a first time effort for me and sometimes I think that the subframe shrunk in the rain. My question concerns some advice in the JD manual on attaching the BH. step 9 with the swing lock pin in place and the boom lock pin removed: "Use boom...
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    JD2320 How do I relieve the pressure on the BH hydraulic hoses

    I'm doing a first time, by myself, hookup of the BH and I don't want hydraulic fluid squirting out when I disconnect that line. Along the same line, after I shut down I understand that I should move the bucket control in all directions to drop the pressure in those lines. Also I should drop...
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    Buying Advice  I need purchase advice for JD2320 and either a York RS or RW rake

    I'm asking for it here because the minimum RW rake is 6 feet and the RS is 5 feet. I'm not sure if a six footer may be overly big for the 2320. Other considerations the RS + wheels + blade + scarfer is $1000 less then the RW equivalents. But the RW is imatch compatible and I think it has a...
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    Bliz self-venting diesel cans are illegal

    for sale or delivery in four states, CA, OH, Ct and NH, due to their emissions regulations. Many sites (ebay, amazon etc) say that they are also illegal in TX, PA, MD, NY, ME, NJ, DE and VA(four counties) but they are wrong. In the later group of states, self-venting gas cans (not diesel) are...
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    Guardian Alert 911

    I don't know about you, but I live by myself with the nearest neighbor about 600 ft away and I sometime worry about injuring myself and not being able to get help. You know, tractor overturns pining you, chainsaw accident, accidentally kicking out the car props. Well, not any more. Guardian...
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    Chipper  I'm looking for a six inch PTO chipper

    Specifically I'm looking for a web site that came up as an advertisement on the top on one of these TBN pages a couple days ago. I went to it but forgot to bookmark it. And no matter how many tries, it doesn't seem to come up again on the TBN pages. I looked at a McKinna ???? chipper but it...
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    Is any one using a DR.vacuum with their JD?

    I noticed that the biggest JD material collection system has a capacity of 14 bushels, whereas the DR.vacuum has a 315 gallon storage capacity. Don't you love how they use strange units to give you difficulties in evaluating and comparing them? Okay, the JD model is 15 cubic feet and the DR...
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    Buying - strategy and tactics

    Well, I bought a JD2320 today. I thought that my pricing tactics might be interesting. First of all, I'm a non-user of tractors not even a tractor lawnmower. And I know that I'm a poor bargainer. So I did a bit of planning. The purchase today was my third visit to the dealer, deliberately...
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    What landscaping attachments do I need?

    I'm within days of buying a JD 2320 with a loader and BH. I've been stalling because of the local tractor fair in my area that promises to be informative. Lately I've been wondering if a loader and BH is tools enough for my purposes. I've got about an acre that's been cleared of trees but with...