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    Modern Gas Tractor? What's the Chance?

    I'm a huge fan of old school injection pump diesels. They just seem so trouble free. Seems that with the strict emissions standards nowadays that diesels have become pretty complex. Conventional non-turbo 4cylinder fuel injected engines are rock solid. Especially if they have conventional OBDII...
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    Ford 1620 HST pedal sticking under load/faster in reverse

    Kind of a boggling situation. I've done the internet research and fiddled with this thing a bit. It's a new to me tractor with 1250hrs. HST seems to be strong and responsive. I've pulled the covers and inspected the linkages, lubed them all except the one disappearing into the case. Pedal...
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    Ford Compact Water pump.

    I have a TC33da with 1k hours and recently acquired a ford 1620 with about 1250 hours. Trying to go over the ford completely before putting into service. Any thoughts on when the water pumps go on these tractors? Or, preventative replacement?
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    Ford/New Holland Filter cross references.

    I own a TC33da and just picked up a ford 1620. Both are similar tractors and transmissions both HST. Are all these filters pretty much the same or is there a real difference. Looks like theres slightly different part numbers for a lot of the models. I've seen kits such as the Cross kit but the...
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    2017 xr4150 tractor limps/dies codes f3,f4, f11, f31

    Really? This thing has only 230 hours. Was cutting grass today and it all of a sudden throttled down. Hard to start and dies. limp mode? From research here looks like it might be something to do with the throttle pedal sensors. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!