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    Fix for sloppy tilt steering wheel on a budget JD 4310

    This 'fix' might not be for everyone, but since the parts to repair a sloppy loose steering wheel exceed $200 ($338 for whole tilt assembly) for a JD 4310 or most 4x10 and 4x00, I decided, why not try it. I used strips from a cut up spray paint can, and put 4 in at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock...
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    4310 or 4410 lower link offset measurement?

    I have found my lower links are not symmetrical, one is bent more than the other. I would like to straighten or bend the wrong one. Can anyone with a JD 4310 or 4410 measure their lower link offset bend with straight edge from ball to ball? (the straight edge will hit the weld of the end link...
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    omni directional sidewinder forklift

    Thought this forklift/tire concept is pretty innovative. Appears that when both front and rear tires are powered in same direction, that will be the direction traveled (forward/reverse), but when front and rear are rotated opposite, then side travel is induced. Does my theory sound correct? It...
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    Perfect hack for 3PH control handle slipping down

    I decided to remedy the problem of the 3PH control lever having too much slack, or a soft spot (looser), in the middle of the travel range. You can tighten up the nyloc nut all you want, but then it is too stiff, or very stiff at the top and bottom of travel, then drops on its own in the...
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    Completed the hard part of homemade 3rd scv remotes install

    I forgot who asked me to post this install, but maybe someone can benefit from my home brew engineering on the JD 4310. JD has overpriced the kit IMHO, at $380, I decided to build my own. Fabricated the lever out of 1/2" round stock, used a piece of tig wire for mock-up, threaded the end for...
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    Testing a mfwd or flywheel speed sensor

    Can these sensors be tested stand alone/without being plugged in for what values to determine if good or bad?
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    4310 flywheel speed sensor missing?

    I have a 4310 ehydro. I have been having issues with code showing mfwd speed sensor fault, and it tests out good. A forum search found that the flywheel speed sensor may also trigger this code fault. I have the tech manual but it only shows a drawing of wiring harness and general location of...
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    faulty fuel filter discovered

    I was changing out the fuel filter in my tractor, and this filter only has about 60 hours on it. I discovered this hole in the bottom of the filter, it is not a corrosion hole, it is too perfectly round. It is a napa or wix brand Part Details and a very standard type fuel filter. Could one...