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    Status of Everything Attachments

    When doing a chargeback on something that I consider to a fair amount of money say like one of their grapples, does the CC company ever actually go after the company to try and recoup the loss? I understand if they don't go after $20 but $3000.
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    I agree with my wife it's an ugly house, looks more like an office building. I heard rumors on FB about how they had crews of workers from the factory working on the dock at this house and how it was built and rebuilt twice in one year. This just keeps getting better and better or I should say...
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    I've been in this group for a long time and have been more of a lurker than a poster over the past 15 years. I want say this I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would pay 10-15% of the price of their tractor for a grapple when you can get a grapple for around $1000 and made right in...
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    Anti-theft device for L2501 Kubota

    Dealer that closed near us used to pull two certain fuses on all his tractors on the lot, no way they would start unless you popped them back in. An Air Tag would work.
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    Seat upgrade L40

    I weigh like 218 and it'll bottom out on me and not a very big bump either. Saw where one guy put two mini basketballs under the suspension on his and fixed it. Springs are just too weak. I've never had the L3940 to bottom out and it still has adjustment left.
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    How do you adjust the treadle peddle linkage on a Grand L40 series?

    Thanks so much! Will definitely look at all the rollers and such. If it gets into electronics we'll probably have to get someone to to take a look at it. I do have a WSM I downloaded but for some reason it has L3540, L4240, L5040, L5240, L5740 but omits the L3940 but I'm not sure how it could...
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    How do you adjust the treadle peddle linkage on a Grand L40 series?

    It's run in Medium range the majority of the time but on the road, if you can call it that, to the main hay shed it gets shifted into High sometimes depending on the road condition. I drove it today and in reverse it'll start moving before the engine even revs but definitely in Medium and High...
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    How do you adjust the treadle peddle linkage on a Grand L40 series?

    Years ago there was a thread on here on how to adjust the linkage or cables from the treadle peddle to the engine and transmission. The L3940 here has right at 3000 hours and the peddle has to be moved 10-15˚ before it even starts to move, in reverse it's as it should be. The engine revs but no...
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    Grand L6060 2 year review

    The HST response control should've been left as a knob like on the Grand L40 series. We found a happy medium on the L4060 and just left it there.
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    MX5100 injection pump failure

    He hasn't been back on here since the original post.
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    What controls the High/Low shifting on the Grand L HST's?

    Our L3940 that has almost 2900 hours on it is suddenly shifting from high to low and vice versa with no load on flat ground by itself, you can feel a definite shift. It seems to be doing it more in Mid range than any other. The only way to stop it is to either flick the Hi/Lo paddle to Lo and...
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    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    We bought a 2015 Toyota Prius hybrid last Fall and that's probably as far as we're going to go into the EV world. It's getting 50-60mpg and that's good enough for us, charges itself. I've seen several people that's charged their Prius Prime which gets you around 30 miles on all electric at...
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    My New Kubota L4060HST is Here!!!

    Dude hasn't been on here in almost 2 1/2 years.
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    Ordering a L6060

    Was at a Kubota dealer today pricing baling twine because we were in the area. They had four L3560 OS tractors and one L3560 cab tractor, about six L2501's, one M7060 and that was about it. They had tons of Land Pride implements.
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    New L 02 Series

    To each their own but a hair less than 2800 hours on this '10 L3940 and no repairs yet except a couple batteries, knock on wood.
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    What have you done in preparation for the 2020 hay season?

    They've already rolled about 6 acres of Abruzzi Cereal Rye here. There's another 10 or 11 acres on the ground now to be baled tomorrow, weather permitting. It was a little thin this season due to record rainfall over the Winter. A few these first bales tested a bit high on moisture but son were...
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    Everything Attachments

    This is not just PC, this is someone desperately trying to make something out of nothing.
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    Brush Grapple, Clamshell type

    I was going to say those look like WildKat grapples. We've drove by their factory, if you can call it that, several times. They have probably 200 grapples on their yard. Our son got his grapple from Southern Implement Depot just east of Denton. It was made by Loflin Manufacturing, supposedly...
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    How well does the L2501 steer with a load on the loader?

    Our son is thinking about pulling the trigger on a L2501HST maybe tomorrow. One thing he was wondering about is with the older style steering, pitman arm and tie rods, does it steer harder with a heavy load on the loader than one with full hydrostatic steering cylinder? I'm fairly sure he's...
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    Kioti Owners Manual for NX 4510 5010 5510 6010 on

    I found this by chance while crossing over some filter and fluids. The PDF version is probably the best quality. It may have been posted before, not sure. Kioti Manual for NX 4510 5010 5510 6010 LMC-LTS Kioti Manual NX 451 51 551 61 : Laughton Management Corporation : Free Download...
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    Some differences we noticed between the KL2610 and the KL4010 Loaders.

    We went to open house at West End Sales in Vale, NC Saturday. Our son is thinking about buying a CK2610HST. We were wondering why a lighter weight loader was rated at lifting about 580 lbs. more. Actually my wife noticed where she thought the weight difference came in at and I think I agree with...
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    Any Kubota M5 series tractors owners or operators out there?

    Son is seriously thinking about getting an M5-111 or a M5-091 cab tractor to cut down on the number of tractors he has and something a little smaller in size than his CaseIH 5140 and more power than his JD 5065M and more loader capacity than the MX5100. Just trying to get some first experiences...
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    Best store purchased spiral ham?

    With the way this one was heated/cooked it just about has to be dried out, it allowed the layer to separate.
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    Anyone know what a wheel weight bolt kit consist of for an MX5100 ?

    I can get wheel weights quite a bit cheaper at Everything Attachment than I can from a Kubota dealer but I can't find out the bolt requirements for the weights. According to Everything Attachments the same weights fit a boatload of tractors: Our MX5100 has 17.5L-24" R4's. If you have a link to...
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    Please help me explain why someone should buy a non-DPF tractor.

    They have been looking at a Kubota MX5100 or an MX5200. The 5100 supposedly only has an EGR and is interim Tier 4, the 5200 has an Common Rail and a DPF and is full Tier 4. The 5100 has an EGR but not sure if it has the Common Rail stuff. I'm no diesel mechanic and they make me research all this...
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    W.R. Long or Kubota 3rd Function on a Kubota L6060 Open Station?

    It looks like my son has decided to go with the L6060 Open Station, FEL, R4's, 3rd Function, one set of rear remotes with Float, loaded rear tires and 2 sets of rear wheel weights. This is replacing the L3940. The question is which 3rd function to go with the dealer says he'll put either one on...
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    Comparison  Where does the extra weight come from between the L4760 and the L5460/L6060

    Wife and son are thinking of upgrading the L3940 to the L5460 or L6060, Open Station, no Cab. They all have the same engine except the L4760 is non-turbo. The wheelbase is 0.8" of an inch longer on the 54 and 60 over the 47. The L5460 and L6060 have a Cat. II 3pt hitch. Since the 5460 and 6060...
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    Anyone with any experience with the Massey-Ferguson 4600 series on here?

    Wife and son are looking at possibly getting a 4609 or 4610 with a cab. Just wondering if there's anyone here with first-hand experience with the 4600 series. Thanks
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    A couple of pics from England - my 5065e

    By your sarcasm I take you think wider is not better. I guess it depends on what you're doing and the ground you're running on but around here wider is better. Then again you could ask Bobby Goodson of Goodson All-Terrain Logging what he thinks.;-)
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    Rotary hay cutter

    Around here the preferred tool would be something like this, a disc mower conditioner, and when you can pick something like this up used for $9K it was a no-brainer.
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    Some Haying videos from this years Oats crop.

    Here's a few videos. There's HD versions available to watch. The CaseIH 5140 mowing one of the thinner fields with the Kuhn FC 243 RTG CaseIH 5140 pulling Kuhn FC 243 RTG Disc Mower Conditioner - YouTube The JD with the Krone Tedder tedding some Oats. Krone KW 5.52/4x7 T Tedder aka: KW 552T -...
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    Tractor News  John Deere has a page up on the new 2032R

    You can also price it out, it starts out at $18,595 MSRP. Couldn't find anything on on the 2025R. 2032R Compact Utility Tractor 2 Family Tractors
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    Kubota L4060 walk around video

    I happened upon this just now on Youtube: I can see where the fuel spout would be a problem for many. On larger tractors that don't see a lot work in around wooded areas it's not that big of a deal but on small utility.....
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    Hay Day at the NC Agriculture Piedmont Research Station, lots of videos

    My wife got a flyer from our local JD dealer that there was going to be a Hay Day April 17th at the North Carolina Agriculture Piedmont Research Station. We didn't really know what the agenda was so she didn't really much to go but we went anyway, son was suppose to go but was too busy. When we...
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    New Disc Mower delivered Friday

    Here's nearly the same disc mower at NC Hay Day last week. My wife and sons Kuhn FC 243 RTG has the 2pt. hitch and we were extremely surprised at how easily it hooked up. John Deere 5083E pulling Kuhn GMD 2850 TL Disc Mower 2013 NC Hay Day - YouTube Wife and son's FC 243 RTG
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    in the market for an old vw bug

    Ah my first car. I paid $700 for a '66 Beetle with 104K miles on it in '78 and put another 60K on it. Still regret getting rid of it. Oh the memories that thing brings back. I also remembering having to always having a toolbox full of tools, spare set of points, set of wires, and plugs. If you...
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    How does this deal sound on a trade of an X720 for and a X740, drove a 1026R

    Local dealer has one X740 left on his lot and has it priced at $9900 with a 62" deck. He said he'd give us $6500 for our X720 with a 54" deck and little over 200 hours on it. That would give us a new unit with a another 4 years of warranty but that does seem like a lot just to get into a diesel...
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    A nice M7040 with duals, front and rear

    I don't really care for the duals, I figure they're using them for stability in the mountains but the inside singles look much wider than what you can get here in the US. I wish I could understand what they're saying in the video. Kubota M7040 Alpin - YouTube
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    Spreader  Looking for a spread chart or any info on a JD C381 Spin Spreader

    Late FIL's John Deere C381 3pt Spin Spreader has been sitting in the dry for who knows how long. Wife said he never ran anything through but grass seed. She want s to utilize it once again but can't locate the manual or a settings chart. Any info would be appreciated.
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    3-pt Hitch Log Splitter or Gas standalone?

    Recently my wife bought a used Kuhn disc mower conditioner and the brothers she bought it from had one these, an Iron and Oak brand commercial splitter. I didn't see it run but it looked like it was built like a tank. The hydraulically adjustable 4-way wedge and log lift was sweet. I think they...
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    3-pt Hitch Log Splitter or Gas standalone?

    So far we've made do with a Homelite Electric log splitter. When we bought we thought we'd be bringing it back after a few tries but boy were we surprised. It says 10" dis. max but they've split 2' dia. stuff. I run the controls, bad back, wife and son put the wood on it. It's the same as the...
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    New X700 series Brochure now online, also you price one

    Interesting stuff. That drive over deck with auto connect sure looks nice ;-) That should say: "also you can price one" X700 Signature Series Tractors
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    Just received a link to the new X700 series teaser video

    I was expecting a bit more than this short teaser but it's better than nothing. I searched the forum and didn't find this, sorry if it's a repost. X700 Signature Series Mower Deck X700 Signature Series Tractors Preview We stopped at one of the largest JD dealers around after...
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    Smartphone Photo of the Day

    A few of the wife and sons calves, there's about 16 calves total running around right now. They're getting their daily ration of ground Oats and ear Corn mixed with some Calf Developer. I took it with my iPhone 5 this afternoon.
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    Is this safe??

    Guess you've never seen this. I asked a guy that used work on a track gang and he said they do this more times than one might think. Video Unloading a Herzog Cartopper - YouTube
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    AGCO pdf manuals are locked

    I don't understand why all companies don't let you have access to pdf files. My wife bought a new Krone 4 basket Tedder last week, went to Krone downloaded all the manuals and literature for free. Has bought a JD 5065M tractor the month before and they want like $180 for the pdf files. PDF files...
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    The Archery and Taxidermy community has lost one the greats ;-(

    Late last night there was an explosion at the S&S Graham Archery while they were doing some taxidermy. Four people made it out and one didn't. Her name Sonya Graham twin sister of Sie Graham daughter of one the pioneers in these parts of archery and bowhunting the late Buddy Graham. Although I...
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    Looks like the farm is getting it's first JD tractor a 5065M, a few questions :-)

    Well the Modulation Control is on the way along with 2 sets of rear wheel weights, a front weight bracket and 4 suitcase weights. Looks like the only tractor they'e getting on the trade is the Farmall Super H. Wife just couldn't turn lose of the IH 574, too much sentimental value and they really...
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    Looks like the farm is getting it's first JD tractor a 5065M, a few questions :-)

    Well she has a JD X720 but she doesn't consider it a tractor. Wife and son run a cattle operation. Right now I think has right at 60 head of cattle including all the calves. They maintain about 150 acres total. She was wanting something to replace the IH 574 with and had looked a Kubota M7040...
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    Questions about an M7040, especially ground speeds. Wife wants a new tractor ;-)

    We went over to the dealer where we got the L3940 to check on something and she noticed a shiny new M5140 and a M7040 with a cab sitting there and said I wonder how much one of those are? Well that was enough for me to ask questions. They had an M5140 with Hydraulic Shuttle and the air seat but...
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    X700 series owners w/Gas engine, how's your fuel usage?

    Our X720 seems to be burning better than a gallon and hour, more like 1.5 gallons/hour. We can get about 5-6 hours of mowing time out of a full tank. To us that seems like a lot. Is this about right? We have over 150 hours on it. We were hoping it would get better after it broke in but it hasn't.
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    Sprayer  Fimco 110 Gallon 28' Boom Sprayer Setup

    My wife has been talking about getting a sprayer for a couple years now so I helped her and my son pick one out. Sometimes it's hard to get the 300 gallon sprayer from the local farm supply so now she has access whenever she needs it. We're going back to Agri-Supply to get the plumbing supplies...
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    We shouldn't have gotten in that tractor at the Southern Farm Show

    Myself, my wife and our son went to this weeks Southern Farm Show in Raleigh. We were looking over the CaseIH display and they had more equipment than I've seen in a long time but it's been about 3 years since I've gone to the show. I struggled to get around with my back an leg the way they are...
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    Having trouble cross referencing some Grease

    The Dairy shutdown here in '03 and a new Gardner-Denver Sutorbilt Legend Blower, being used as a vacuum pump, was installed a few years before shutting down. The problem is my wife finally ran out of grease for it and she still has one of the Holsteins from the Dairy herd that makes more milk...
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    Follow Up on my son Jesse

    Jesse passed away this past Monday. Nearly every major organ had failed or were failing badly. The final thing that got us to the point where we had to say it was time to have a long talk with the Doctors was when they put him on dialysis and his liver was starting to fail. It's still sort of...
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    My youngest son needs all the prays he can get.

    My youngest that has MD is in critical condition, his heart is enlarged to twice the normal size and is on a ventilator and I believe at least a dozen IV's. They haven't gotten to bottom of the problem yet they've transferred him to one of the best heart hospital in NC. Right now it's not...
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    Any way to put a trailering light plug on a Grand L40 series?

    As my wife slowly replaces older implements they all seem to come with a full array of lights: brakes, flashers and turn signals. This week the new grain drill came in and it has them too. I looked through the build to order section and didn't see it as an option on the Kubota. Can one be put on...
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    Have to keep steering slightly to the left to keep a straight line on the road, L3940

    My wife and son have been hauling in a lot of round bales and they said you have to continuously steer the L3940 ever so slightly to the left to maintain a straight line on the road. You don't notice it in the fields and around the farm just on the road where you're trying to go straight at high...
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    Anyone on here went from a JD X700 series to a BX and regretted it?

    My wife says she may sell the X720 and get a BX 1860 or 2360. She's really not too happy with the JD, been in the shop once already and drinks gas like no tomorrow. I tried my best to get her to get the X740 diesel but she wouldn't hear to it. She likes the way the X720 rides and mows but it...
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    Maybe we should have gotten a crankcase heater in the L3940!

    Our L3940 is used everyday for feeding 50 head of cattle or doing something else. It's kept in an unheated insulated steel building but even with temps in the 30's outside it's having some difficulty starting. It hasn't failed to start yet but it's pretty darn sluggish at turning over. It's run...
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    Fluid in the front axle and a front tire pressure w/loader? L3940

    We were checking all the fluids yesterday, took delivery this week and everything looks fine except the front axle didn't show any oil when I backed out the check level plug. I took the fill plug out and twisted up a clean blue shop towel stuck it in and it appears to be 1/8 - 1/4" low. Now...
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    Our L3940 has arrived! Couple of ?'s Pics but bandwidth warning!

    I guess since we're owners now I post over here. So far so good except for a couple minor mistakes by the dealer. He was suppose to bring a Bale Spear, when the tractor was delivered Tues. and we still haven't seen the spear. Also one of the keeper bolts in the FEL linkage is badly bent, it's...
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    Anyone ever had any dealings with one of these a "Do-it-All" Bucket Fork

    I saw one of these on the bucket of a nearby dealer. He said he's not an official dealer but let the Rep. talk him into putting one on one of his buckets for basically free advertisement and an attention getter. It's $1200, seems well built but I'm not crazy about the way it's attached to the...
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    L4400HST vs. L3940HST ?

    My wife and I are seriously thinking of getting one or the other. The L4400 looks to be a tried and true simplistic tractor. The Grand L40 series looks very nice and has a lot creature comforts that both of us like. We're looking at the long haul, every tractor we have except the Super H was...
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    Man these McCormick's are hard to find!

    My wife and I are interested in a CT47HST and can't find one in stock in our area. We went to one dealer this morning that told me yesterday afternoon that he had one but he didn't when we got there. Then he didn't know much about them, he said the LS tractors sitting right beside the on CT47...