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    MT357 Codes

    I believe that's what the service man said, EGR cooler. He said that he has changed a few of them already.
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    MT357 Codes

    I took the tractor back this morning. They said it has something to do with the anti-freeze getting into the DPF cannister and telling the ECM that it needs to regen. I don't know if that is right because the coolant bottle didn't go down. They said that wouldn't take much to send the code. I'll...
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    MT357 Codes

    Yes, It just has 25 hours on it.
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    MT357 Codes

    My MT357 has regened twelve times now in twenty-five hours. Last two times it was one hour of running. Today it showed some codes , it showed like a open book with the letter S and number 3253 and on the bottom of that there was F11 and to the right of that the number 81. The Dealer is closed...
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    Bulldozer comes off of trailer, kills 2

    Those 5/16" chains have to be Grade 7 and have a marking every foot on the chain. If you can not see the marking, that is a illegal chain. Dot will check the chains. I have hauled pulpwood, logs and lumber for 33 years. Dot watches stick-haulers like a hawk.
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    Looking For A White Field Boss 2-50 Transmission

    I am looking for a good 8-speed transmission for this tractor. Can't seem to find much parts for this tractor.
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    How Do I Get IN Agco Parts Book For A White Field Boss 2-50?

    I am trying to find parts for a White Field Boss 2-50 tractor in the Agco site and I keep coming to a dead-end. What am I doing wrong?
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    LS MT3 57 Regens TO Often

    I think I will try running it like a normal tractor, can not get worse.
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    New garage time!

    I would go with a 10'x10' door minimum. If you eventually get a cab tractor, you will have the height. I know, I have that problem now.
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    LS MT3 57 Regens TO Often

    I traded a MT3 42 for a MT3 57 back in February 24. I a have sixteen hours on the 57 now and it regened already four times. Always does it when I am ready to put it away, so it's another twenty-five minutes of running the engine at 2,200 rpms before it gets done regenning. The MT3 42 that I...
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    What Length Of Hydraulic Top-Link For MT357

    I want to put a hydraulic top-link on a MT357. I have one from a MT342 that I had but the top-link is too short. I have the Pat's Quick-hitch on the the 57 also. Anybody have one their MT357? What length did you get?
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    My ford 4000

    Yes, that is a early 4cylinder 4000 tractor, basically like a 861. The later 1965 4000's were 3 cylinder engines.
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    Picked up a trailer this weekend

    You will not make any money with the trailer. Everybody thinks you can do it for fuel money if that. Don't lend it out either because when you need it they will tell you that they need at the same time. I don't let my 14,000 lb trailer go without me and my pickup. A $100 minimum for twenty mile...
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    Getting A LS MT357

    I lost $638 for using it for 27 months but the new tractors went up in price and getting three steps in HP is what costs.
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    Getting A LS MT357

    The MT357 was delivered yesterday. Looks to be the same as the MT342, but has a different front axle and Cat 2 - 3 point. I will have to wait to try the 57 because the is no snow on the ground or in the forecast.
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    Village Idiot did it again.

    I thought you were going to say something about me. Some times I can fall into that category!
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    Getting A LS MT357

    Here is the MT 342
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    Getting A LS MT357

    I finally decided to trade my MT342 for a MT357. I needed a little more power when using a 72" front-mount snow-blower. I have close to a forty an half of road to clean out. I believe that the dealer did a very reasonable trade. The MT342 is like new yet. Only has 128 hrs.
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    LS XR4145 blown head gasket at 610 hours?

    I just talked to TYM Dealer today and told me that every manufacturer that sells in the US has to have tier four emissions from 26HP and up, so I would like to know this stuff comes from?
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    TYM T 574 Has Tier Four Emissions

    I called a TYM Dealer today and asked him about a TYM T574 tractor. He told me that they do have tier four emissions. Can not get a mid-mount pto either for a front-mount snow-blower. Have to go with a self-contained snow-blower powered from the rear pto. The cab is also 97.5" high, will not fit...
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    LS MT3 3pt quit working

    Check one of your remote valves. I believe it would be the one that has the detent in it. That happened to me this brush hogging. I was just going to unhook the brush cutter and take it to the Dealer. I then noticed that the remote valve was pushed. No more problem.
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    NEED help !!!! Snow Thrower / Blower

    I have a LS MT342 with 6 Ft front mount blower, At my home driveway that is about an eighty foot horse shoe, the tractor works great, but I have property seven miles from the house and that is about a forty and a half long with a big open field on the north side that likes to drift in. When I...
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    MT352 Grill guard

    Yes, it is bent. I bent mine also just like that. I straightened it out with a press and added another half inch plate on it.
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    It has a turbo already.
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    The problem is this driveway is on some property that is seven miles from the house. I drive the tractor to the property and then back to the house. The driveway is level.
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    I have a MT342 with the Hyro Transmission. A six foot front-mount snowblower is on it. I have a driveway that is over a quarter mile long to clean out. The Dealer said that the 42 horse would be big enough, but I think that I should have went with the 57 Hp. I blow with the hydro in the Mid...
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    Ferguson TO-20 Parts ( Central Wi)

    Everything is sold!
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    Please help...47 or 57 HP series 3?

    I have a MT3 42 and use a front mount 72" snow-blower. I have 1,700' drive-way to clean out. I wish I would have bought the 57 Hp tractor. The 42 Hp does the job but slow.
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    8n need to change crankshaft pulley. How hard?

    I should have said " All States Ag Parts" would have them.
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    8n need to change crankshaft pulley. How hard?

    Ag-States should have the pulley for you.
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    Ferguson TO-20 Parts ( Central Wi)

    Engine block and head is sold.
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    Ferguson TO-20 Parts ( Central Wi)

    I have one, but I might need it for another tractor.
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    Ferguson TO-20 Parts ( Central Wi)

    Ferguson TO-20 parts, engine parts, good head and block, transmission, hydraulics and rear-end and rear wheel centers. Call me with what you need. Sheet-meatal is called for already. Call or text 715-340-72 zero, two.
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    Removing speakers on MT342HC

    I took a screw driver between the surface and the speaker and pried gently while unscrewing the screw. There is a nut on the other side that will just spin if you don't give it a little pressure. They must install the speakers at the factory with the cab roof off. To install the new speakers, I...
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    Adding A Hydraulic Valve On A 530 CK

    I want to mount 7.5' Western snow-plow on the bucket of a 530 Ck tractor back-hoe. Can I mount another hydraulic valve off the loader valve to operate the plow angle and when I don't have the snow-plow on I could use it for a hydraulic thumb on the back-hoe. I have a manual thumb now on the...
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    Bent The Front Grille Guard On A LS MT342

    I reinforced the bumper and added the old Cat grill screen.
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    One more idea of a brush guard

    Here is what I did on my LS , the screen is from an old Cat grille.
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    By-Passing Seat Safety Switch On MT342

    I would like to by-pass the seat safety switch on my MT342 because when I lift my butt off the seat to see where the forks are, the engine will die. My question is if I take a wire and jump between the switch plug will that work? Will that do anything to the computer?
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    LS blue paint

    I repainted the front bumper with the Rustoleum Safety blue and I can not see any difference in the color on a bright sunny day.
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    What Better Speakers Are You Putting In?

    What speakers will fit in the cab of a MT342? I think the speakers in the tractor now are only good decorations. Terrible sound.
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    Bent The Front Grille Guard On A LS MT342

    I was carrying a ramp with the tractor and the chain unhooked. The ramp fell on the top part of the bumper and bent it back far enough so that I couldn't open the hood on the tractor. I hooked a strap up to the top of the bumper and to my Moline 602 and pulled it back. I was going to add another...
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    Bent The Front Bumper On A MT342

    Yes this is on a LS tractor, I thought I was on the LS site, but nothing wrong with a MF tractor either!
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    Bent The Front Bumper On A MT342

    I was carrying a ramp with the tractor and the chain unhooked. The ramp fell on the top part of the bumper and bent it back far enough so that I couldn't open the hood on the tractor. I hooked a strap up to the top of the bumper and to my Moline 602 and pulled it back. I was going to add another...
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    LS MT 357 lost cruise control

    The Speed control is supposed to hold the foot-pedal in position. I think all it is ,is a magnet on the pedal.
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    LS MT 357 lost cruise control

    I have that problem with my MT342 also. I really notice it when it's in Hi-range, it keeps getting slower. I have 70+ hrs. I will take it in the spring when the roads are free of the salt.
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    Bad news on my TC33D

    Would it be possible to add some more reinforcement to the frame the entire length of the tractor as long as you have it out in the open.
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    Better Radio For The LS MT342

    The radio the LS Dealer installed in the cab of the tractor has all the features you could want but you can't see the read out on the screen. Did anybody install a better radio that you can see what you are doing with the radio with out breaking the bank. I basically want to pair my phone in the...
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    LS MT342 with loader leaks down

    I have just 59 hours on my MT342. When I have the bucket on the loader and in the air. If I shut the engine off , the loader will start dropping, probably a couple of inches in ten minutes. I told my Dealer about that and that I was disappointed with that. He told me that they all do that. I can...
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    Finally The MT342 & Snow-Blower Is Here.

    The blower has LS Emblem, but was made in Canada by Radtach. I mounted a 1-1/2" pipe just ahead of the cutting edge so the blower slides on top of the gravel on the driveway. Blower and the tractor works great.
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    Finally The MT342 & Snow-Blower Is Here.

    Yes, I got the loader. I have a seven foot 3 pt. quack-digger, 6' box- blade, 7' back-blade and a 5' brush-hog that I use with my Ford 2000. I ordered from a Dealer in Central Wi.
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    Finally The MT342 & Snow-Blower Is Here.

    The Tractor and blower I ordered back in March of 2021 is here.
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    I got the snow-blower 1-5-22. Everything works great. What a pleasure to use thing.
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    I finally got my tractor yesterday, but didn't get the front-mount snow-blower yet. Dealer traded my blower with another dealer for the tractor. Maybe get the blower in 2 or 3 weeks.
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    Will it's Nov, 16,2021 and no tractor yet. Dealer said there is not one in the entire state. I guess I'll just have to keep waiting!
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    No Tractor yet, could not pick it up now away, wife has the Covid. I have to quarantine!
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    I ordered the tractor March 16, 21 and still waiting. Dealer says maybe by the end of July. That sucks but he can not help it.
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    Maybe A LS MT342

    I signed the papers today for the MT342HC tractor and 72" front-mount snow-blower. Six to eight weeks to deliver the tractor and not sure about the snow-blower.
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    Maybe A LS MT342

    I have been thinking about buying MT342 HC with a 74" front-mount snow-blower. Will this HP be enough to handle this blower for a 2000' drive-way?
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    Looking For Ford 2000, 3000 Front Axle Knees And Spindles

    I need both left & right side front axle knees and spindles. Maybe even the hubs. The axle knees MUST have the holes for the radius rods. E-mail: They must be in good shape!
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    New Parts For Leyland 384

    Where can I get parts for a Leyland 384 tractor. Anybody have any manuals for it ( operators and repair).
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    Replacing 2-Stage Clutch In 2110 8- Speed

    I need to replace the 2-stage clutch on a 2110 . The reason is that the PTO will not stop with the clutch pushed all the way down. I would change the whole clutch-pac. My question is, can I install the clutch-pac and then just adjust the drive clutch or do I have to do something with the PTO...