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    MF 150 slow hydraulics

    Hi I have a 1963 MF 150 and over the past couple years the hydraulics have really seemed to slow down. It's much worse in the winter (to be expected). I have a loader on the tractor which runs off the internal hydraulic pump. The hydraulics also have a "shutter" to them when using them. I've...
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    Skidsteer pallet forks

    I'd been looking for a set of used pallet forks for a while with no luck. So I decided to build my own. Most of the material was either 2 x 4 x 3/16 tubing or 3/16 plate. I'm happy with how they turned out. I've overloaded them on purpose and the machine will lift the back tires off the ground...
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    3 point stabilizer

    Ever since I bought my tractor I have been meaning to build something to keep the 3ph attachment from swaying so much. I also wanted to be able to set my blade off to one side at times. Finally got around to it. Couple turn-buckles, some chain, and a couple bolts is all it took. Works great so far.
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    Bucket grapple with actuator

    I built this bucket grapple a while back and have been meaning to share it with you guys. Originally I wanted to use a hydraulic cylinder but couldn't justify the cost for the amount I use it. Found this electric actuator on sale for $160. I believe it has 2000 pounds of pushing force, but the...
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    Made some bucket forks

    I decided to build a set of clamp on bucket forks for my tractor, mostly for loading and unloading my sled deck in my truck. Although I've already found many other uses for them. I made them 6 feet long plus 18" extending under the bucket. I used 4" C-channel for the fork and 2x4 tubing for the...
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    Very weak bucket curl

    I have a 1964 MF 150 with aftermarket Allied loader. Loader is run off the tractors internal hydraulic pump. I bought the tractor last year and it's always had a very weak bucket curl. The loader arms have plenty of lifting power and will lift the tractor no problem. The odd thing is the bucket...
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    3-Point Hitch  Massey 150 strange hydraulic issues

    I just purchased a 1963 massey ferguson 150 with allied loader. The guy I bought it from just had the hydraulic pump rebuilt last year. The problem is that apparently the guy who rebuilt it didn't know what he was doing.. Somehow the 3ph does not work properly. It is linked to the bucket...