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    Adding a "bumper" winch

    Skidding logs I have a General 720 post hole digger I use on my Massey 165 Tractor. I the take the auger off the arch, hook up a heavy duty chain as a choker to the arch, and use the arch as a logging arch on my 3 point. I have moved fresh cut Bull Pine, Tamarack and Doug Fir logs a little over...
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    Hydraulic Fluid

    I use John Deere Fluid from North 40, Has a "J20" application. I use it in my Massey 165 and JD Dozer, trans and hydraulic. Works very well for me and no performance problems with thousands of hour on the machines.
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    No Rotella T6

    I have been using John Deere 50 Plus oil in my tractors and dozer for years. A little more expensive but it is really good oil for all diesels. Has a long life too. I believe in it.
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    How paranoid should I be? i have a bandaid over the camera and mic of my lap top. Is this crazy?

    And they say we are conspiracy nuts, I just assume anymore that a mic or camera is on about anywhere I go. Can't get a veterans discount anymore at Home Depot if you don't have a cell phone, I don't own one. All kinds of scan this or that and your right about SIRI, lol.
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    Old Fuel in Diesel Tractor

    You need PRI-D to treat your fuel. It will keep diesel for years if you treat it. It can also restore diesel. I will send a link and you need to read the information. It is an amazing product, complete fuel system treatment and lubricant. Emergency Preparedness Food & Survival...
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    What creates "bad diesel" fuel ?

    Sounds like they have a bacterial problem in their tanks. The by product of bacteria in Bio-diesel is water. You need to get an additive to treat your machinery and fuel tanks or the problem will continue. I use PRI-D that I get at: Emergency Preparedness Food & Survival...
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    Big Cars are killing Americans

    I was born before the last half of the last century. I remember Desotos and Dodge cars built like Battleships. It isn't the trucks, it is the cars that keep getting smaller and smaller and made out of plastic. Those old Packards were built like a tank. Pickups got bigger but not relative to how...
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    Who is using Mobil 1 Delvac 15W-40 ? Analysis question also.

    Try some John Deere "50 Plus" oil, even my older equipment of all brands likes it, and it will stop excessive wear to your cam or lifters like some of these other oils will. I think Rotella T is the only oil with zinc in it for the lifters and cam.
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    No Rotella T6

    I use John Deere "50 Plus" oil in all my diesels. It has a longer life than the others and is superior in performance, I wouldn't use anything else.
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    Bar oil quality

    Worked in the woods for many years when I was younger. We always used good bar oil. It is tacks and adheres to the bar and chain giving better lubrication and longer bar and chain life, also oils the tips better. In the winter I cut it a little with kerosene. Saws run cooler and just perform...
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    SAE 30 or 10W-30 for older IH FARMALL

    I would suggest Rotella 15w-40w as it has zinc. If you use the other it will eventually flatten you cam and wear out your lifters.
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    New to me MF 165. what to look for

    I have a Massey165 that I wouldn't trade for anything. It always starts and runs real well. The Perkins is a kind of dirty engine so I pressure wash it often. Don't plan on your brakes stopping you on a dime. I use it for everything around the farm and in the winter it is chained up and pulls an...
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    Compatibility Massey 35 and 135 PTO operating the same snowblower

    I have a Massey 165 tractor. I use an old Brewster Rotary blower I bought for $200.00 and refurbished. It is a 3 point pull behind, it has only 2 moving parts. My PTO is live and I can blow 2 feet of snow about 20 yards off the road. Lot of snow in NW Montana too.
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    Recommend engine oil for JD 4100 HST

    I have been using John Deere "50 Plus"15-40" oil in my JD 450c dozer and Massey 165 tractor for years. I wouldn't use anything else.
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    Sea foam

    You would be better served if you used PRID in your diesels and PRIG in gas. On the website click on Power, then PRI. Read through it, I have used PRID for years in a John Deere 450 and a Massey 165, PRIG in all my gas engines...
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    MF 5465 no start

    I suspect it is out of time. Ether is a diesel engine killer. Good advice to have a real mechanic check it.
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    PTO Snowblower

    I have a Massey 165 with a dual stage clutch. If it isn't adjusted properly trying to engage the pto will grind gears. Set your clutch for the 2 stages properly and it will work. You have to do the main adjustment on your clutch and then the 2 stage.
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    Diesel fuel Anti-jell

    I use Power Service white and PRI-D. Have been to 27 below zero and never had a problem in y Massey 165 or my John Deere 450C.
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    Diesel Additive - which one, and how much?

    I have a Massey 165 and a John Deere 450C dozer. I used Howes for anti-gell. To keep the diesel fresh for a very long time, lubricate your fuel pump and injectors, kill algae, ect. Use PRID Diesel treatment: This is the best stuff...
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    2008 kioti ck25hst no start , just clicks

    If the battery tests out to at least 12.8 volts it will be the cellinoid on the starter not working right, have had to replace many in my lifetime.
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    Elevation = rough start up..?

    When it gets cold in Montana I plug in the tank heater, starts and runs great.
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    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    I agree with PILOON, I have run equipment all my life. Observation of terrain and the bubble in my sitter is what I count on. I would not trust a gauge, to many variables. If it starts feeling to steep it is probably time to back off. Over time an experience your bubble will get better.
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    logsplitter question

    Buy a self powered unit. Easier to set up and use. Splits blocks over 2 1/2' through with ease. If you use PRIG in the fuel you don't have to drain it for winter. I started using PRIG 15 years ago and I have never had a problem with saws, mowers or anything fuel wise. Everyone's needs are...
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    Attaching field fence to back of t post

    In Montana you are allowed to maintain the fence without any permission. I would just do what you have to do and call it good.
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    What additives do you use in your fuel and engines?

    I use PRI-D additive in my diesel. The best there is for keeping fuel fresh and lubing the injection system, cleans fuel system and also kills bacteria in you tanks. Was originally used to keep bunker fuel fresh in ships and they decided to release it to the public. I have diesel that is over...
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    1971 MF135 FEL, What Fits, Where to Buy?

    I have had a Massey Fergusson 165 with a Ford loader on it for 20 years. 2WD, it works great for most jobs on the farm. Still get parts at a Massey Dealer. Has the Perkins Diesel AD4-203 engine. I just chain it up in the winter and I have an old Brewster Rotary snow blower that I pull behind...
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    PINE logs anyone?

    Out here in western Montana we saw them up, split'em, let them dry and they burn hot. Was raised burning pine for heat. Good luck.
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Haven't gotten a shot and don't plan on getting one, to risky.
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Never got a shot and don't plan on getting one in the future.
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    Ethanol gas evidence

    I have found that with a product called PRI G I never have to drain fuel at the end of the season or worry about the ethanol. I have used this stuff for years and it works great. No more varnishing or plugging and the fuel stays fresh. Follow the link and read up on it, it is amazing. They have...
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    Restoring JD Mode l09 Sickle Mower

    Corn head oil is great stuff, you can get it at your John Deere dealer. On the older dozers it can be used to lubricate the rollers, idlers and track carrier.
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    Restoring JD Mode l09 Sickle Mower

    I have the same mower and I got that seal at John Deere about a year ago. They just have to go get the old parts book and it is in there. Good Luck Don N
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    Fueling tractor

    There is a product Named "PRI D" you can find on the internet. It is by far and away the best fuel preservative there is. It was initially used in bunker fuel on ships to keep it fresh. A little research will reveal so amazing...
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    Restoring JD Mode l09 Sickle Mower

    Hello, I have purchased a Model 9 mower that needs some parts. Specifically I need to find the seal for the pitman shaft that holds the 80-90 in. I would appreciate any help. Thank you puzlrock