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    Wheel spacers

    I had the local tire shop come and install Bro-Tek rear spacers on my Kioti DK35 SE on December 12. The tires are 43x16-20 and weight 130# and are loaded with Rim Guard weighing 440 lbs @75% fill. I had the H-pattern chains on which must weigh over 100 lbs. for each tire. I suppose the rim...
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    We are on a "grandfathered" Rogers Mobile Internet Flex stepped plan of $60/5GB, $75/10GB, $90/20GB, $110/50GB, $145/100GB. If over 100GB it costs the $145 + $5 for each GB in excess of the 100GB. Rogers revised the plans to more expensive rates a few years ago but old remain in place as long...
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    I'm north of Vernon BC and was able to order Starlink along with an ethernet adapter(for the new Gen 2 equipment) March 22. It was scheduled to ship April 1 to April 7. I canceled the order today and will reapply when I get get my refund. I'm on cellular service from a tower 30 km away. The...
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    Problem sharpening a new chain

    I use Stihl chains with a Stihl 2-in-One sharpener/guide. I notice the same difficulty on the first sharpening of a new chain even though I am sure it is the correct file, guide and for the chain. It just happens on the first stroke or two on a few teeth. After that everything works as...
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    DK45 seat cover

    I bought some Syopin leather repair patches from Amazon (3 x 8"x11" patches for $16.98 Cdn). The name seems to have changed to besego (from Sayopin). Here is a link to the current product: Sayopin (besego) seat patches The seat on my 2011 DK35SE HST had many splits and foam was coming out...
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    CK 35 Bottom Seat Cushion

    I installed three of these large leather repair patches on my DK35SE: Sayopin Leather Repair Patch Kits for Car Seats Couches and Elbow 3 Pieces Self-Adhesive Patch for Leather and Vinyl Repair, 8x 11inch Leather Sofa Repair Kits: Home & Kitchen I had been using good quality, wide...
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    Cool Nature Photos

    Blurry and not pretty photos, but my dog Paddy, his friend Jack, and I had an interesting time on our daily walk today. It is on a snowshoe trail we use most days. It was frozen today so I fortunately did not have my snowshoes on. This first photo is of Jack antagonising a moose he and Paddy...
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    Work boots

    For the past 10 years or so I have used Hi-Tec Altitude xx boots. They changed the model every so often and I likely started with Hi-Tec Altitude III's or so. The current ones are Hi-Tec Altitude VI I WP as shown here: I find the fit consistent, the boots are light and waterproof until they...
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    Rear Inverted Snowblowers 2019

    Hillbilly, it's good to see you diagnosed the problem with your blower and a solution is on the way. Also, for your situation it looks like having both types of blower is a good idea. One short-coming of my Meteor pull-type is it has a fixed, welded cutting edge that is about 1/2" above the...
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    Cool Nature Photos

    These frost photos are from a year ago: We got a few days of humid, cloudy and calm conditions with the temperature just below freezing. The frost kept growing on the trees. It gives the forest a "3D" look sort of those Christmas cards that have raised images. The photos don't...
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    WEATHER. What's it doing where you are?

    I'm about 100km SE of Hillbilly and getting the same snows he mentions in post #37 of this thread, but about 25% less snow. It's been snowing most days for the past few weeks. Around Christmas and until a day ago they were heavy, wet snows. Yesterday it was -29C so the 10" of snow was much...
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    Rear Inverted Snowblowers 2019

    The Meteor fan design looks like a bit more robust than the Farm King. The steel looks thicker and the reinforcement for the blade runs the entire depth of the blade. You can see the bend in the plate that restricts the drum opening on my blower in the third photo. The blue arrow in this...
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    Rear Inverted Snowblowers 2019

    I finally got a video and photos of my blower clearing about 6" of snow this morning. Also, here are a few of my blower fan showing the shape and bracing for the blades: The back of the fan blades are quite well braced. The bottom of the plate that restricts the opening is bent on...
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    Starting a Stove Fire

    I follow what Piloon, PMSMechanic and others have mentioned about regularly burning a hot fire. We have a 40 year old RSF wood furnace that does 99% of our heating. It is tied into the same hot air duct work and uses the fan from the 25kw electric furnace, which is used a few days in the...
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    Rear Inverted Snowblowers 2019

    As stated before, for most snows of around 8" the speed with my 28 PTO hp tractor is a very fast walking pace or more. I really don't want to go quicker than that, even if I can. What slows me down are uphill sections. I think that is due to the HST requiring more of the power. But going...
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    Storing Firewood in Basement

    I heat with wood using 5 to 6 full cords per year. I store no more than 5 to 7 days' wood at a time in the basement and rotate it so none sits more than 4 or 5 days. I do not store wood in or next to the house outside of the heating season. Long term storage will most likely lead to bug...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I don't know. (S)he was not very big, perhaps just a two year old? The photos are from January 2014. Last spring I found a dead one on the SW corner of our property. No sign of injury and preserved through the winter. It was even smaller than the ones in the photos. When the snow was gone...
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    Rear Inverted Snowblowers 2019

    Hillbilly, the fan on my 72" Meteor is a full 8" deep and 23" in diameter. The drum it sits in is 8" deep and 24" in diameter. It throws the snow 30' even when the snow is wet, as long as you keep the fan speed up and the snow volume a continuous steady stream. Even in the worst wet snow...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Like these? This guy came across the hill and hung around browsing for a while. He went back over the hill and disappeared for about 1/2 hour. ..and came back with his friend. After a feed of birdseed he came and thanked us at the living room window.
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Normand Hybrid and R4 Traction

    My Kioti DK35SE had a similar problem with odd tire sizes. I see the Deere 3520 has two possible sizes for tires; 25x8.5-14 front and 15-x19.5 rear or 27x8.5-15 front and 43x16-20 rear. The 2nd specification is the same as my DK35SE. I found garden tractor chains work fine for the front and...
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    Range Selector Stuck in Low

    I had a similar problem with my Kioti DK35SE HST. It turned out to be the roll (aka spring) pin for the linkage: I checked Messicks for your tractor and it appears to be a...
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    Best implement to make small adjustments in grade (say 1 to 2 feet) and drainage?

    I have a tough cultivator that works well for loosening soil and rocks. The tines are flexible. They will dig about 18" and easily pull large rocks out of tough soil such as clay. I then use a blade to shape the loose material to the contour I want. For a more finished job and trash removal...
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    Need to come up with a "crane" to lift trusses

    I put a sheet of 3/4" plywood on my forks as a platform. Then set each truss inverted between the forks and set it upside down on the beams. Then I could climb up to the platform and rotate the truss to the correct position while a friend nailed it in place.
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    What is the best way to install a grab link onto a chain?

    The attached .pdf says the working load is 1950 pounds using a safety factor of 4x. Here is a photo of a couple of my chains (they are 5/16") showing the links: I like this method to attach hooks because it gets rid of the pin and cotter key. Although not as strong as the chain, the links...
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    What is the best way to install a grab link onto a chain?

    I like these connecting/repair links: They are a bit hard to find but should be available at industrial supply stores. You put the two halves together and then pound the two rivets flat to make a tight connection. They make a cleaner connection than normal shackle type connectors. They look...
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    Trailer behind tractor?

    I got this small wagon running gear from an online auction at the end of our road: Added a few new bolts, used tires and tubes and painted it. I have just used it a couple of times to make sure I can handle it on the hills. The bed is about 3.5 x 8' and I added side stakes 2' high. It is...
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    Attachment for soil prep in rocky soils

    As others mentioned you need the right conditions for a rock bucket to work. Two of my neighbours tried clearing with rock buckets with no success. Our soil is glacial till with lots of vegetation. I use a tough cultivator and landscape rake to clear our areas. The cultivator will pick out...
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    Just bought a L305DT - Looking for answers please!

    I had a 1981 L275DT with an Allied 195 loader. It was a great tractor that I traded in for my DK35 in 2011. The loader should be easily detachable. Lower the bucket with it flat on the ground and put down the two support legs. Loose the large bolts by the base of the loader and swivel them...
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    6010nx hard to get in mid gear

    The procedure in from my 2011 DK35SE HST operator's manual (see attached page) always works for me. The instruction is confusing--they say to depress the pedal slightly to prevent the gears rotating, without mentioning which pedal (i.e. brake or HST?). Then they say to shift with the brake pedal...
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    Adding a bathroom linen closet, where would you put the door?

    Would some type of roll-up door work? Other ideas: roll up closet door | Roselawnlutheran
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    Chains Tire Chains problems

    My actual experience was different. I originally tried 4-link ladders and they were ineffective for my 43x16-20 R4's. Most of the cross chains got lost in the tread. The DUO's solved that but were too rough. Part of the problem is that my tires are actually a skid steer tire and not all that...
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    Daddy has a new bag!!! Tractor Work Platform

    I use a salvaged portion of my sundeck for a crude platform. Although far from "safety-approved" it is safer than working from a ladder. I use 1/2 of my extension ladder to access the platform. I drilled holes in the four pallet fork uprights to carry a round bar just shorter than the fork...
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    Incredible, Fastest Maximum (147) Snooker Break 5 min, 21 sec

    It's not tractor related but amazing if you're interested in snooker. This came up as a YouTube suggested video for me although I had not to my knowledge viewed any snooker/pool videos. It is a 147 snooker break by Ronnie O'Sullivan, taking 5 minutes, 20 seconds to make the 36 shots. The...
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    Bent Brush Guard on NX

    It seems Kioti cheaped-out on the grill guard when they reworked the DK and NX product line. My 2011 DK35's grill guard: (ignoring the added expanded metal and bottom plate) made with heavy round tubing looks more substantial than the newer guards. I managed to push in the grill lower...
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    Converting Cat 2 implemnt to Cat 1 (Lower Lift Arm Pins)

    These pins came with my snowblower that is Cat 2 and used as Cat 1 for my tractor: I temporarily used it on my flail mower but wanted to change the width of the lift arms so made these pins using a Cat 1 pin and two Cat 2 to Cat 1 bushings with washers welded to the bushings: I fixed the...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    JimCan, is buying a longer top link a possible solution? I had to do that for my flail because I use a Pat's Easy Hitch that moves implements 4" farther out from the tractor. The longest cat 1 top link (I think 20 or 22" barrel) would not work. However, the longest cat 2 top link added a...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Hi, Keith: Re: hammer blades vs grass blades. I have limited experience with a 180cm heavy-duty fail with 16 140cm hammer blades. The setup cuts my lawn as well or perhaps better than my Buhler Farm King 5' finishing mower. Each 180 cm swath is completely even across the entire width and I...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I have very limited experience and have only used hammer blades. They seem to work well for all conditions, including the lawn. However, I beat them up quite badly on my trails. I asked my vendor about grass blades and he showed some that look similar to what you are using. He also showed me...
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    Snow guards

    Good comments regarding the gutters. One of my neighbours lost all his gutters when he changed from asphalt shingles to a metal roof. This is a timely thread for me since I plan to install some kind of shields on this shed: When the snow is wet and dense as shown in the photos it is just...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I wish I had read this thread a few days ago, Greenland South. I just bought an AG180. Price for the mower in Kelowna is $4,200 Cdn., including PTO shaft with clutch, 4 spare belts, 4 spare knives (it has 16 total), top link, mounting pins, and hydraulic connectors for the side shift. The...
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    which snow blower is better?

    This photo shows the garage and carport that I hand push the snow 4' (i.e. no lifting or shovelling) so I can get it with the pull-type and pull toward the place from where this photo was taken: This is a photo showing a side-on shot of the garage/carport area. My point is, with a...
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    Cell Signal Boosters

    Your situation sounds similar to mine, RedNeckGeek. Perhaps you should consider a separate service using a router rather than a cell phone plan. It looks like Verizon has them: Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice | Verizon Wireless I use a Rogers ZTE MF275R for my internet service (in...
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    CT 235 Tire chain fit - need a bit of help

    I have the same model of tractor and tires as K0ua, and therefore the similar clearance issues. I think the rear tire clearance without chains is less than 2" on the sidewall and about 1/2" with chains as K0ua states. It took me a couple of years of messing around, but I finally arrived at...
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    2 link vbar vs. expensive fancy chains?

    RedNeckRacin, we both modified our DUO's and discussed it in this thread: The modification ends up with the H-pattern that Fallon is considering in the original post. My impression of the...
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    Keurig coffee maker warning.

    Yes, we use about a teaspoon in the rinse dispenser. It works far better than the commercial products. We were using a commercial "spot eliminator" that was not doing the job, thus the question to the repairman. I looked up the record when we bought this stuff (I use Quicken). We bought 30...
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    Electric wood splitter - anyone using one?

    I use a 5 ton splitter bought from Princess Auto in Canada in March 2007 for $288 cdn. They still sell it at $400 cdn: 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter | Princess Auto I split 5 to 6 full cords per year and loaned it to a neighbour (who now has his own) to split 5 or 6 cords two years. It is made...
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    FEL carrie all, and work platform

    Nice job, NewLight, and very creative. I also use the front end loader as a work platform. I agree there are risks but consider it less dangerous than trying to work from a ladder. I climb onto my platform by going over the hood and loader arms. I do want to get a ladder to avoid that, and I...
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    Chains for Wet Heavy Snow

    tkcomer, it looks like your 15x19.5 R4's are similar to the 43x16x20 R4's on my DK35 (which I think translates to 16.9x20). I bought standard DUO's and was not happy with them. They were rough due to the large gap between the patterns and the chain end closure. I tried to fix the large gap at...
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    F.E.L failure and fatality......06/06/2015 Tennessee

    I'll try uploading it again: The lift lock is #14b on the second picture. The lift lock for the DT275 with the Buhler 195 loader was important because the hood could not be opened without loosening and dropping the grill guard, and had to be done with a raised loader. It is not so...
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    The Great Grease Gun Coupler Showdown

    Here is a photo of the most difficult fitting, James: The loader mount blocks the fitting but the flexible hose and LnL make it fairly easy.
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    DK40HST Won't Start.

    I think you meant to say parallel or suppression diode, K0ua. That's what I thought after reading your response mentioning the two diodes. My reading about suppression diodes said as you state, it is to protect the circuit from high voltages when voltage is removed from the relay coil...
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    Replacement windows from big box store or lumber yard

    Can you just replace the glass? All the seals of our then 32-year old home were leaking when we moved in 11 years ago. They had moisture and dirt between the panes but the wood frames we good. The local window store came out and measured all the windows, ordered sealed glass panes and...
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    Tire chains on DK35SE with cab

    I got my front spacers from Bro-Tec today. They fit great and solve my chain clearance concerns. would have let me return the chains for a 20% re-stock fee or exchange them for free. But they will work fine with the new spacers, so I'll let them know I'm keeping them. The...
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    Slow Moving Vehicle triangle reflector sign used as driveway marker?

    I Googled it. Here is a link to the Ontario law: Slow-Moving Vehicle Sign The search also brought up a Wikipedia entry: Slow moving vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I only post this for information and not to express an opinion on this thread.
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    Tire chains on DK35SE with cab

    Those hills do look challenging, James. I am always surprised when I see the winters people get in the south and east. The conditions look far more challenging than here. If you find the front tire grooving does not meet your needs perhaps you could try screw-in studs: I don't have...
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    Tire chains on DK35SE with cab

    Sorry to hear about that James, but it is good not too much damage was done. I think spacers are almost a necessity for chains on a DK35SE with industrial tires. In a way, I'm glad I did not use spacers for my rear DUO chains. It forced me to modify them to maintain clearance, and in doing so I...
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    Snowblower MK Martin vs Lucknow snowblower on DK35 HST

    I got the 75" MK Martin Meteor pull-type with a hydraulic chute rotator. I could not be happier with it. My concern was the 27.5 PTO hp of my DK35SE HST, but my dealer assured me it would handle it. It has done that easily. It handles our normal, heavy snows of 12" or less easily: We had a...
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    Tire chains on DK35SE with cab

    I am posting to this thread since it relates to the original subject of fitting chains while working around the limited clearances of a DK35SE with R4's. REAR CHAINS: I think the safest and easiest solution is to add spacers like maineiac did. After two years of fiddling (and no spacers), I...
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    DUO Chains - planned modifications

    Since modifying my DUO's two years ago, I wanted a better solution to using a single chain to fill the end gap seen on the right tire of this photo: The single chain worked, but after much use the patterns can shift as shown here: I ordered a couple more DUO patterns and 10mm link couplers...
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    I run DUO's on my DK35's rear 43x16-20 tires with 2-link ladders on the fronts. My fronts are 27x10-15 compared to your 25x8.50-15. I think the DUO's might be hard to fit and very rough for such small tires. However, there may be some less heavy-duty DUO's available(my rear chains are 9mm) for...
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    Couple of bird pics.

    Those are more great photos at the link you sent Bill. Is that a bobcat you caught in a live trap? I also like the one of the sleeping baby evening grosbeak. I'm attaching a photo of a yellow-headed blackbird. It's one of those taken through the window to capture an interesting moment. We...
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    Fuel Tank (500 gal) Considerations

    Unless you use a lot of fuel a 500 gallon tank could be a bit large. When I was working and commuting a total of 50 miles each day I had a 300 gallon gravity tank on a stand for gas. It worked out well because the dealer delivered gas often enough to keep it fresh. I don't store gas anymore...
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    Durable dog toys.

    Our 90 lb lab/shepherd loves squeaky toys and has always gone after the squeaker. She used to be able to find and remove it within half an hour. We got her hedge hog over a year ago. She plays with it every day and it still is in one piece(more or less), and the squeaker is still in place...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Need snow removal help

    Piloon, I respectfully disagree with your last point regarding pull-type blowers. I have a 74" pull-type Meteor on a DK35SE (28 PTO hp) which works fine in heavy snow. The blower weighs 748 lbs and does not ride over the snow even if it is heavy wet snow. Perhaps lighter blowers might have...
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    How to mount chainsaw on CK35HST

    Here is the one for my DK35 SE. I got the ideas from TBN.
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    Snow in your area.

    I'm in the same area as Bilrog so similar conditions. I spent a couple of days clearing our place and some neighbours' places.
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    Snow fighting decisions. Loader mounted straight or v plow or rear blower? Kubota L

    We exceeded that "1 foot or less" maximum one-day snowfall two days ago. Now I have a better understanding of the concerns of others who live in area where they get huge dumps. These photos are of about 20" snow we had Sunday night. It was -6C so fairly dry, but near the limit for clearing...
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    Grill Guard

    Very nice work, and it may save your rad, etc. I added the same thing to my Kioti DK35 this year, but not before punching in the fine mesh in the front of the hood three times. I punctured the battery the third time and finally added protection. The guard already has a couple of scratches...
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    How do you warm your hydraulics

    Rather than divert the thread about block heaters shown here: I'll start this thread. I use an engine block heater around 32F/0C or below. I then let the tractor warm for about 15...
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    Hook like attachment for holding top link up when not in use.

    I keep a separate top link on each implement so I don't need to adjust them or have one protruding from the back of the tractor. My DK35 came with a hook but I don't use it. Perhaps you could use some eye bolt and cable arrangement to support the top link. Here is a photo of one I use to...
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    PTO shaft lenghtening

    I imagine you can size the shaft to the mower's power requirement instead of the tractor. The 5' finishing mower should not require a large shaft. A Farm King 60" recommends 12 to 30 hp for the tractor. After adding Pat's Easy hitch I have a problem similar to yours with my 74" MK Martin Meteor...
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    Tire chains???? Where are y'all finding them??

    It looks like the chains for the 43x16-20, #1073010, have 15 links in the cross chain, which would likely provide poor coverage for your tire. There would be a lot of tire without chain on it. Here is a photo of my first set, which also had a 15-link cross chain: Also, the item #1073010...
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    Tire chains???? Where are y'all finding them??

    I have DUO's on my DK35 with the 43x16-20 tires you mention. It was hard to find a suitable size. A local supplier made mine from bulk stock. I had to return the first set for a narrower set that rides higher on the tire. I see has quit supplying DUO's for the 43x16-20 tires...
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    I actually like my new gasoline can.

    I use this 40 year old metal can for my mixed fuel: It's handy for filling saws and trimmers.
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    Grill Guard

    Same here nybirdman. I speared my battery and broke the bottom of the plastic grill and punched in the screen mesh on my DK35 a couple of weeks ago. JB Weld fixed the plastic and I pounded back the screen mesh (for the 3rd time) but had to buy a new battery ($130). I have damaged the same area...
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    This is how I fuel the tractor

    I use a similar tank and pump system, Gary, but with a booster pack similar to this: Motomaster Eliminator 800A Powerbox | Canadian Tire The booster pack is handy for trips to the back country and for lighting and small appliances during power outages. I think my tank is 70 imperial...
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    Rotary Cutter category 1 to category 2

    I imagine having the link is part of the advertising agreement. I wonder what link would show up if other quick hitch manufacturers advertised on TBN. TBN's advertising seems less disruptive than other free sites I visit. Some are so bad I give up. Re: category 2 to category 1 pins, here is...
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    i have the ugliest barn

    As others have said the first question would be the structural integrity of the posts and footings. If they are OK I'd be inclined to modify it on those posts as much as possible. The centre section is much too high. I'd reduce it by adding a 4/12 or steeper roof starting at a lower point on...
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    Hydro Top Lift Tie

    Could you make a small cable sling with a hook on the end similar to my PTO hanger? If you don't own a crimper you can crimp it with against a nail in a vise.
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    Are hummingbirds running late?

    The numbers are more than average at our place (north Okanagan BC) this year. The first showed up April 14 and we had several by April 17. They seem to show up with in a day or two of April 15 no matter what. It was a later than usual spring and weather was cooler than normal so we thought...
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    Pat's Easy Change Pat's Easy Change System - Order Online!

    Re: Pat\'s Easy Change System - Order Online! I installed the Easy Change on my DK35 (CAT 1) one month ago and highly recommend it. I bought the spacer bar but find I don't need it since my implements' pins seem to have similar widths. I back into the implement making sure the left hook is...
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    A PTO shaft hanger for my rotary cutter

    I had a couple of eye bolts and caribiner on hand to make a hanger for my rotary mower PTO shaft. I still plan to add a second bolt on the left arm in the photo to attach a shear pin holder. I need to get more bolts to make a hanger for the finish mower.
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    Thoughts on Stabalizer Links and 3 Points

    I think the answer is to get longer pins to mount on the inside. They did that on my snowblower. For a box blade you may want to have a sleeve between the insides of the two gussets to help reduce twisting stress, which will be a lot more than for a snowblower. Here's the photo of my setup...
  84. K

    A PTO shaft hanger for my rotary cutter

    Here are mine: All it takes is lack of imagination and fabrication skills=no problem for me. :o Seriously though...your hanger looks great and now I'm determined to finally do something like that. I've used the bungees long enough and lost a few when I forget to store them after attaching...
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    DK35 Broken Firewall Bracket and Excellent Service

    While refueling my DK35 I noticed the hood binding and found a broken firewall support bracket. I sent photos to my dealer. He replied within 15 minutes saying they could weld it. I replaced it with a simple temporary bracket to support the wall in front of the fuel tank (that the...
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    Snowblower auger shear bolts

    If I am reading an ANSI chart correctly a 5/16" bolt has the following diameters: overall: 0.3125" for area = 0.0767 sq. in. minimum in thread: 0.2670 for area = 0.0560 sq. in. So the shear strength in threaded portion would be 0.0560/0.0767 = 0.739 of that in the solid portion. From the...
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    A Moose or BC's Homliest Horse

    Can't resist...a couple of hours later, brought back the friend to munch on the hawthornes.
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    A Moose or BC's Homliest Horse

    Sitting here reading TBN and this guy just showed up for lunch. We don't get them a lot, and especially this close in. My wife saw two on the driveway the other day and the dog has been barking a few nights, so I guess they're visiting for a while. This one munched on the trees for about 1/2...
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    Tire Chain Tensioners

    As explained above, the chains need to be tight and offset to ride higher on the inside wall due to tight clearance to the verticle fender support as shown here: The clearance is about 2" and the rims are not adjustable. The tires are loaded with Rim Guard so deflating and reinflating is not...
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    Tire Chain Tensioners

    I have close horizontal clearance to the fender supports (vertical clearance is fine) and don't want to add wheel spacers. Accordingly, my chains need to fit snuggly and fairly high on the inside wall (above the sidewall centre line). I used bungees for tensioning but found they deteriorated...
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    Bear with me, newbie locating shear bolts on an Agro Trend 3pt blower

    I was wondering if you were able to locate the grade and size from the manufacturer or the drawings. I thought the PTO shear bolt would have been a metric gr. 8.8, 6mm x 40mm and the one for the shaft driving the auger chain is likely an SAE grade 2, 1/4". I had a heck of a time locating grade...
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    Building Pole Barn, need help re laminated poles

    The couple of pole barn structures I built used treated 6x6 tamped with gravel. The top 1.5 ft of fine gravel was mixed in a bucket with Copper II preservative: It's likely not necessary but may help prevent rot, which mainly happens near the surface.
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    Using Tractors for Cutting/Handling Firewood

    I try to avoid dragging logs so as not to get dirt in the tree(which quickly dulls the chain), but I do often drag them short distances out of thick bush. I find the toothbar handy for lifting logs. Just drive under it, curl and lift. It is possible to lift and balance medium-sized, 70' fir...
  94. K

    Interesting woodstorage Show me Yours.

    I use 5 full cords per year in a wood furnace. One side of my pole shed has two 7.5' x 8' x 9' (average height) bins. I stack another 1/2 row in front so each bin holds one year's wood. The left bin in the above photos is this year's wood. I have already used 1/2 of one of the eight full...
  95. K

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pull type blower verses snow berms

    Your snow conditions sound similar to mine degerb--i.e. several dumps of snow but 12" or under. I have a Meteor pull-type and think it is ideal for my conditions. I agree with CDN Farm Boy's suggestions, especially the one about not needing a cab. Your temperatures are likely similar to mine...
  96. K

    Do I Need A Rear Blade?

    I have a Farm King rear blade and landscape rake to maintain my 600' drive. The rake is more effective (for me). The rake has guage wheels that do a good job of preventing bumps. Farm King - Finishing Mower My driveway has 4" of 3/4" gravel that makes it easy to maintain. Even without the...
  97. K

    How Do You Fill Your Diesel Tank

    I got this 70 gal tank from Craig's List. I'll likely fill it 4 to 5 times per year. It is easy to load/unload into the truck using the loader, and I secure it with motorcycle tie-downs. I bought the tank(which I had to repaint) for $150 but then the Fill Right pump ($230) and filter ($40...
  98. K

    When to put up hummingbird feeders?

    That's a close estimate for the very busiest days Willl. Several years back we estimated we were filling 6 of those large feeders (ie without the taper in the middle) per day. That is 172 oz or 1.33 US gal. They likely weren't completely empty so 1 gallon would be closer. But that is only...
  99. K

    When to put up hummingbird feeders?

    Our hummers show up like clockwork April 15 or a couple of days later. One bird usually shows up looking in our window and it is the only one for a few days, until many show up a few days later. Here are some photos: These show scruffy youngsters venturing to the feeders: ...and here are...
  100. K

    Filter for Diesel Storage Tank - water absorbing or plain?

    I purchased a 70 gallon Tidy Tank and pump for diesel storage and am in the process of cleaning and painting it. I intend to add a Goldenrod fuel filter as available at Northern Tool and Princess Auto. They offer water absorbing or plain filters. The water absorbing filter is just $5.00 more...
  101. K

    How Do You Determine When to Change Your Air Filter?

    My Kioti DK35SE service manual calls for changing the air filter after 6 times of cleaning or every year. For my conditions that seems much too often. My work is in virtually dust-free conditions. I finally did change my filter after 18 months with the tractor at 400 hours. But I'm quite...
  102. K

    DUO Chains - planned modifications

    I finished the chains Thursday and mounted them today. They are MUCH smoother and will be more effective. Part of my original roughness is that the cross chains are a link longer than they should be, leaving a larger gap between the DUO patterns. The modifications went much easier than...
  103. K

    DUO Chains - planned modifications

    I misunderstood your previous post and thought you'd decided against the DUO modification. I think one needs one pattern for every two existing patterns. I have 7 patterns so theoretically need 3.5 patterns. However there's a sizeable end gap filled with two regular chains. The additional DUO...
  104. K

    Preferred Style Of Tire Chains?

    Lou, I did try some very worn, 9/32" 4-link v-bar ladders my neighbour gave me. Here is the photo of those chains: Although they are on the lugs in the photo, upon use they completely disappeared between the lugs and were ineffective. I modified those chains to 2-link ladders this year and...
  105. K

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating MK Martin Snowblower not shooting far??

    I have an MK Martin 75" pull-type which looks to be the similar to yours, only reversed for pull-type. I normally run it at the rated 540 RPM. It throws the snow a good 30' to 40' in virtually all snow conditions, even very wet, cement-like snow. My tractor is a DK35HST with about 28 PTO hp...
  106. K

    DUO Chains - planned modifications

    I'll try this again and include files with more information on items you may possibly use for linking the chains. One file is prices and parts from the 2012 Quality Chain catalogue, the other from a LongLife Chains company with a price I got by searching for the part number. I hope these...
  107. K

    DUO Chains - planned modifications

    Yes, those would work better. I'm not sure how one would connect the new length-wise pieces to the DUO cross chains, and it may be expensive. The Scandanavian manufacturers seem to use a pin coupler or chain extension similar to what is shown in this attachment. But the price is shown as...
  108. K

    Brackets For Wood Beam

    Here are photos for the beams in our house, which was built in 1981. As already mentioned, it is good to over-design structural members like these. The plates appear welded from 1/2" thick x 4 1/2" steel.
  109. K

    DUO Chains - planned modifications

    My DUO chains are very effective but can be improved. The gap between the patterns makes for a rougn ride and slippage, and I had to fill the large gap at the end with a couple of ladder cross chains. Each chain now has seven DUO patterns plus two added straight cross chains to fill the end...
  110. K

    Rotary Cutter Land Pride RC1548 4' Rotary Cutter Shear Pin

    Yes, the unmarked bolts are grade 2, 3 dashes = grade 5, and 6 dashes = grade 8. I found it very difficult to find 5/16" grade 2's for my three point snowblower at local farm equipment dealers, big box hardware stores, and local bolt specialty shops. I finally found them online at a wholesaler...
  111. K

    Logistics of firewood hauling and splitting?

    Like some others, I try to cut wood 2 to 3 years ahead. Here's a photo of my woodshed with each side holding about 6.5 rows of 16" x 9.5' high x 7.5' wide wood, or about 4.7 cords. A side lasts more or less a year. Here's a photo of the shed: From fall of 2011: And fall of 2012: The...
  112. K

    Backhoe  Kioti Backhoe Thumb

    I was browsing my dealer's new website and thought some backhoe owners may be interested in this backhoe thumb: Timberstar Manufacturing KBHT/KBMT Backhoe Thumb I don't own a backhoe and am not promoting the product, but thought the concept might be of interest. From a quick search of the...
  113. K

    Only front chains?

    I rebuilt some old chains into 2-link ladders for the front of my DK35. I also have rear chains and there is a noticeable improvement in traction and steering with the fronts, even when not in 4WD. My dealer also suggested front only chains last year but I went with rear chains. You're on snow...
  114. K

    mounting front chains

    Leonz, it sounds like your front chain situation is similar to mine. I fixed it by shortening the crosschains to make the sidechain ride higher on the tire and thus clear the frontend components. I had to keep the crosslink chain hooks high to maintain clearance. Here is a photo of my DK35...
  115. K

    Shear bolt size for Normand N60

    ctgoldwing, can you call Normand to find out the bolts and see if they can send you a manual? I have an MK Meteor 75" pull-type which no doubt is not relevant to your situation. Although made in Canada it specifies a 5/16" GRADE 2 for the auger and an M10 grade 8.8 (similar to SAE grade 5) for...
  116. K

    snowblower question

    I made a shear pin holder from a short piece of plastic pipe and two end caps to store the two kinds of pins for my Meteor blower: We often get heavy wet snow here and I find running the blower at its rated RPMs always keeps it clear. It sometimes plugs if I run it below the maximum...
  117. K

    Practicalities of a skid-steer bucket on a FEL (for digging)

    I use a coil spring cultivator with straight shanks as a ripper. Here is a photo: I think it rips better than a box blade. It goes deeper and the teeth can flex over and around large boulders. It will bring soccer ball sized rocks to the surface.
  118. K

    Retaining wall and leveling project:

    I think you should not build with wood since it will need to be replaced in 20 or 30 years (even if it is treated). I replaced one (very poorly built) wood wall at our first house in the mid 70's with a properly designed 4' to 5' reinforced concrete wall. Our present house had a treated timber...
  119. K

    Quick Attach Bucket Removal Incident

    I had a lucky escape while detaching my Quick Attach bucket today. My first instinct was to keep quiet and hide the carelessness/stupidity. Reason prevailed, and I'm posting a photo (of the recreated incident) so others won't make the same mistake. As usual, I placed the bucket on level ground...
  120. K

    Rake What is the best attachment for quickly locating and pulling buried boulders?

    I have an old coil spring cultivator similar to the front bar of the one shown on the attached image. I think it is an old Deere because of the faded green paint. The narrow straight shanks as shown on the front bar of the image easily dig up softball-size rocks and with a couple of passes...
  121. K

    HST operation - Low or Medium Range?

    I just finished a solid day of bush hogging on hilly ground and had lots of time to ponder this question, and I've often done so before. The tractor easily handles either low or medium range at the PTO 540 rpm throttle setting. So the option is to run in medium range with the HST depressed...
  122. K

    Options for dealing with pressure build up in disconnected hydraulic lines

    I was always able to deal with pressure build up in disconnected hydraulic lines due to warmer temperatures when reconnecting. But it was different last week when I reconnected the loader lines. The curl lines went on fairly easily. But there was no way I could release pressure on the arm...
  123. K

    Snow Broken u joint on 59" blower drive shaft

    My snow blower came with an Italian-made Comer drive shaft with a shear bolt on the tractor end universal as shown on the attached picture. Perhaps such a fitting is available or could be modified for your driveshaft.
  124. K

    An alternative to bungees

    I found one of these ski straps while hiking in an alpine area--likely dropped by a heli-skier. It is great to keep on the loader arm to hold the hydraulic lines when removing the loader. They are...
  125. K

    Cold..could not reconnect couplers until heated

    I know reconnecting hydraulic lines at a higher temperature than when they were disconnected can be difficult due to pressure from expanding fluid. But, is it normal to have difficulty (not due to hydraulic pressure) connecting lines at low temperatures? I disconnected my snowblower chute...
  126. K

    Tire Chain Repair and Cross Link Questions

    1. I need to modify my DUO chains to fill in a "blank spot" with two additional non-DUO cross chains on each 1/2 pair. One of the cross chains will need to be removeable and I am thinking of using a J-hook swivel hook which the catalogues say are useful for adding cross chains without tools. A...
  127. K

    Snow Attachments  Kioti's Magic Snowblower

    Kioti's brochure shows its snowblower on a driverless tractor blasting snow from bare pavement. Photoshop enthusiasm run amok? :D
  128. K

    Westwold BC 2011 Steam Show general pictures

    The Westwold Steam show is on an historic ranch/mill site on the weekend following Canadian Thanksgiving. It is free except for the $2 donation requested for parking to support the 4H.
  129. K

    Sawmills & baler Westwold Steam Show 2011

    Sawmills and baler (also had a threshing machine) run by steam tractors.
  130. K

    Steam Shovel Westwold BC 2011 Steam show

    This steam shovel was completely buried in a creek bed in the Cariboo where it was used for gold mining.
  131. K

    Westwold_BC_2011 Steam Show 1928 Case

    1928 Case tractor (running very smoothly) and 1936 Maple Leaf truck with an interesting rear end.
  132. K

    PTO Automatic "feature"

    I am very happy with my new DK35 HST, but I wonder why it includes the PTO automatic "feature" that shuts down the PTO if you raise the implement and re-engages as you lower the implement. Other threads suggest throttling down when engaging AND disengaging the PTO. I'm not sure about the...
  133. K

    Snowblower  MK Martin vs Lucknow snowblower on DK35 HST

    I am planning to purchase a pull-type snowblower and have narrowed the choices to MK Martin Meteor 68" or 75" or a Lucknow 72". I'd appreciate any opinions or recommendations about the manufacturers. I realise there are higher-end pull-type blowers such as Erskine and other possibilites such...
  134. K

    Kioti Operator's Manual Mystery

    I've deciphered most strange entries in the DK35/40/45/50 manual but this warning on page 4-29 still has me stumped: WARNING The durability of the axle can be deteriorated if only one brake pedal is depressed during the 4WD is activated. It is more effective to use the quick turn function...
  135. K

    Need help with metric bolts sizes and grades

    I've searched TBN and the internet and am unable to determine what the markings mean on bolts on my Kioti DK35. Bolts holding in loader pivot pins in place are 10 mm in diameter and have: DD 7T i.e. "DD" over "7T" Large bolts mounting the loader to the frame are 14 mm diameter and have the...
  136. K

    My DK35 modifications

    After several hours, and working at the absolute limit of my handyman expertise, I managed to complete a couple of modifications to improve my new DK35's functionality and reliability. Photos of my completed work are attached. Has anyone else had trouble with knees knocking out the turn...
  137. K

    Question: re: Breaking in new tractor & PTO

    I have 20 hrs on the Kioti DK35 I received a couple of weeks ago. The "work" (i.e. play) has been grading, raking, and using the loader. I have not yet used the PTO. I got thinking about the 50 hr service and changing all the oil and filters. Should I be running the PTO even if I don't need...
  138. K

    Oil & Fuel  Questions re: small diesel operating speeds

    I just bought a used 1984 Kubota L275DT. It is around 27 hp with red line at 2,700 RPM and 540 PTO RPM equal to about 2,400 engine RPM. I am new to diesels and have a few basic questions. 1. how long, and at what speed, should I idle the tractor to warm it up? 2. the Kubota rep said that for...