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    Hearing aid question

    Does anyone use bluetooth to connect your cell phone to your hearing aids? Is it a improvement that is worth buying new hearing aids to get? Thanks
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    Mid mount mower blades

    Has anyone tried different blades on a MMM to reduce the chaff that collects on the radiator screen? My thoughts are that a lower lift/no lift blade would be better for dry conditions. Comments welcome
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    I wouldn't even ride along on this rig.

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    Staying warm

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    Snow Plowing in the Austrian Alps

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    WWII German tank restoration

    Remarkable restoration video.
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    Another what is it.

    This is the stuff that was piled together. A close up shot for detail. This is what I could figure out to make. Surplus parts may be for something else. This may be some kind of medical stuff as he was a Dr. I only had one pin that I put in the right side is why it is crooked. Now, as a...
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    Another what is it

    I'm helping a neighbor widow to clean out her barn/storage/workshop. This item has me stumped. Tried a google image search with no match. Any one know what's it?
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    The West Texas sun has done a number on my implements & It is time to repaint. Does anyone have any recommendations for brand or color?
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    Welder settings

    First off, let me preface this by saying that I am not picking on Miller. I have a Lincoln & the recommended settings in the book & what the welder it's self recommend are similar to what the manual for the Miller. Miller just happens to have a online calculator that I can use for comparison...
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    TIG welder options

    I am interested in learning TIG welding. I am just a hobbyist. I have a Lincoln 210MP that I could buy all the stuff I need to make it TIG capable. The price to buy their stuff is a bit over the top IMHO. Other folks make kits to convert the 210 to TIG capable, but I知 not sure of the quality of...
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    Flail Mower  Wheels for my Mott

    Recently there was a thread about buying a Mott with wheels. That started the mind going about putting some on my mower. Alamo's price is a bit much & I needed a project anyway. I had a pair of front forks from my Hustler left over from installing flex forks, so I ordered wheels & tires. Other...
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    As I get older, my neck doesn't appreciate being turned a bunch to see behind me. I ordered these yesterday because of the way they mount & the size of the mirrors that don't add significantly to the width of the tractor. Loader Mirror Kit (Right Side)
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    Messicks Christmas lights

    Messick's 216 Christmas Light Show Video | TobyMac - Little Drummer Boy - YouTube
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    3 point hitch broke

    Well, shucks & other comments.
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    Another which Mott is this thread

    This is a 5 footer I found on CL. If it takes different parts from the standard model 60, I would appreciate any & all info. Does anyone know how much this weighs? It appears to be in fair shape, cleaning, painting & a new set of flails at the least will make this a nice winter project.
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    Just hanging out

    Some of the local guys.
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    Canadian humor

    Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Orillia, Ontario, says, "I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto. I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs. Thus the...
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    Anyone interested in a rck60-27b

    Neighbor passed away, wife doesn't want this. Been used maybe 2 times. Location is West Texas.
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    Forks my way

    After reading several threads on the ability to use Kubota's quick attach on a LA364, a seed sprouted in the mess between my ears. My first thought was to get Kubota's fork assembly for the quick attach. Two problems with that. Cost & weight. About $1000 & over 300 lbs. I already had some clamp...
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    A much cooler seat

    One of the things about my Kubota that doesn't sit well with me :silly: is the seat. Black. Hot West Texas sun + black is not a good combination. I tried a seat cover & while better, I have to get off & on the tractor frequently when doing landscaping projects. The seat cover wanted to come off...