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    clark-michigan 175B loader steering slop

    I picked up an old loader to move alot of dirt that i dug from my lake. It's got about 3/4 turn in the wheel and make it sort of hard to keep in a straight line. It feels like it's slop in the shaft before it comes solid and moves the hyd actuator. I don't have a book on this and wonder if any...
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    Cat excavator cyl leaking

    I just bought a cat ms120 excavator and it has a couple of cyl leaking. The packing gland has a wire ring on it. It looks to me like I should be able to tighten the packing gland but I can't seem to move it. I can't find a set screw or any thing holding it in place. Does the wire ring do...
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    Logging wench mods

    I bought this at a auction last summer and it has been very handy so I thought I needed to make some mods. For safety when I ran it from the tractor seat I made the guard. I don't need a cable in my teeth in case something broke. I put a chain saw holder on the guard so that it was handy. I made...
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    Need manual for Farmi winch

    I went to an auction and bought a Farmi winch 351P. It didn't have a manual with it and I was wondering if any one knows where I can download one. It was hardly used but was missing the pto shaft and I had to give a arm and a leg for it, like $500. Looks like my firewood gathering just got to...
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    Auction misrepsentation

    What should I do? I went to an auction and there was a Ford cm274 Tractor including a 72 in finish mower, 52in snow blower and sweeper brush. They all looked in good condition and it ran good. It was a village machine and it was in the impound lot so there wasn't any place to run it. When they...
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    anyone built skidsteer tracks

    My son was asking me if I thought I could build a set of skidsteer tracks and I thought I would ask here if anyone has seen or done that. I have the equipment and time just need some ideas. thanks leaddog
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    3pt bucket

    Here is the 3pt bucket that I made. It will hold almost a 1/2 yard. I load it up for wt. and then I load my front bucket and I can haul almost a yard at a time. I have been moving alot of dirt and so I am putting it on a road that I built going back to my woods. The bucket is an old fel bucket...
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    Generator  Making pto generator.

    I very rarily loose my power but for the few times that I do I would like to have a standby gen. I also would like to have power to run my welder those few times I need it out in the field or away from home. HF has a 10000 watt belt-driven generator head and it would be very easy to beltdrive it...
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    huge auction of rental equipment

    Here is a link to an online auction of United Rental equipment from 75 stores in 13 states. I was looking and it has tractors, attachments and all kinds of goodies. It is run by Miedema Auctions and there is three auctions. One on each day only. Mon. Mar22, Tues. Mar23 and Wed mar24. The auction...
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    When is a tractor NOT a tractor

    When it is a snowmobile? actually this is a 1923 Fordson Snow-Motors Conversion. I went to a yard sale today and found this neet book. Classic Farm Tractors by Randy Leffingwell. It is a hard cover and has a really good history and story of tractors in the US
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    Steel price is HIGH

    Stopped by my local steel supply to get a sheet of steel, 1/2x4ftx8ft. $326. Even the clerk was shocked. He said steel is going sky high. Guess I'm going to have to watch out for more scrap to make my projects. Just ordered a new plasma cutter so I'm getting excited to cut some iron. Bought a...
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    Chainbox for Century-Branson

    Looked at the chainbox post a while back and really liked the idea but didn't want to put it on my fel so I came up with this idea. It is a box that I welded up out of scrap metal and fitted it on the rt side. It is held in place by the wt and a pin that slips into the window bracket. The pin is...
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    Mirror add on for Century and bronson tractors

    I have to go on the road sometimes and I wanted to have a mirror so I could see cars coming up behind me but I didn't want a mirror that would get caught on limbs when I went back in the woods so I came up with this setup. It goes on and off with just a lift but it stays put because it is on and...
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    Spring is here----almost

    This has been a short winter because I recieved in the mail conformation that winter is almost done. I GOT MY FIRST SEED CATALOG TODAY. I'd better get my order in so I'm not late planting.
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    Just thought I would show off my deer I got this weekend. and no it isn't roadkill. This is an other good reason to get a red tractor as it is safer going into the woods to haul out the winter supply of meat. And an other reason to get a fel as it comes in handy picking the deer up and hoisting...
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    aircompressor on windmill

    I have a windmill next to my lake and have thought about using it to run some sort of aircompresser to areate the lake in the winter. it is an areomotor head and it works. I'm going to hook it up to a pump also just for show. I bought it at a yardsale and got it up last fall. It's a 50 footer...
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    alternative to bucket hooks

    Alot of people are welding chain hooks on there buckets. I did it a different way. I welded a 2x2x1-4 angle iron on the top edge of my bucket that I cut 6, 3-8 slots in. This gives me 6 places that I can hook a chain plus it also makes my bucket stronger. I had this on my last tractor and I used...
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    stone bucket

    just got done making a stone bucket for my new century 3045. I made it out of scrap iron and the tines are made from car axles. I used them because they are forged and won't bend very easily. I just went out to an old stone pile and started digging and ripped out several buckets of sones and it...