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    Dealer  I get to sell some nice TYM toys

    last month after several years of realestate my wife wife had had enough. So I packed my bags and headed out of my office. This week things changed as I was stopping by one of the local equipment dealers for some parts and he mentioned he was getting into TYM tractors. After coming home I went...
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    Overheating or What?

    I have the Antonio Carrero ttr4400 with the yanmar 3cld engine. have an issue with the thermostat I thought yet now I have the thermostat replaces and the engine is going into the red again.:mad:. I have used my temp sensor on the thermostat area and it reads 10 degrees below the temp marked on...
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    New sign! new job!

    Just quit the realestate job the other week and could not find anything to make the bucks here in the home town, even went north but the wife did not like that, so today I put the sign in the lawn for the new job:thumbsup: As you can tell I don't want to take myself to seriously on this one.
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    Snow Attachments  V plow for tractor

    :dance1:Was hoping that someone in the membership would know of a v plow that would fit for my compact tractor. I have a TTr 4400 Antonio Carraro. I currently have a 3 pt straight plow with a rubber bottom that works great. I did meet the upper end of it capabilities the other day with over 2...
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    hydro weed wacker?

    I was thinking I need to be able to get those weeds next to the fence posts ect. So I thought i would build an attachment that goes on my boom arm mower. I would replace the saw head with a spring loaded orbit motor that woould spin around 900 rpm. I would use a sngle section of poly broom from...
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    Very Cool Toy Unimog Just was surfing some auctions and saw this unimog type toy. Anyone bought from this auction before? Anyone ever seen one of these toys work:licking:
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    New Wagon troubles

    Got this toy on an auction the other day. just picked it up today. great build perfect size for my tractor being 8x5. great turning radius:thumbsup: Just one thing, it is sitting in the middle of my lawn right now as the anyoing will not back up , it has the pivit point at the back of the...
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    throtle cable freezing

    For the last few weeks I have been haveing the throttle cable freeze up on me as I start in the morning. i have tried some teflon spray and found that that made things worse. Cut that down with some WD40. I even went and purchased a cable lube tool that is to small to get around the cable. I...
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    HELP on fuel air block

    I was just doing the change of the fuel filter and forgot to refill the bowl. Started up and after 10 seconds or so the motor stopped. I presume I have a air blockage. Do I just crank the engine till starting or do I have to bleed the system? The engine is a three cylinder yanmar on an Antonio...
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    How much would you tow?

    I have a 2300lbs Antonio carrero ttr4400 tractor. Hydro and all the good things. I am going to build a belly dump trailer with axles in the front and back. The weight per yard of gravel is 2835 lbs. How big should i build the trailer when I know that I will be encountering some hills ect. I can...
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    belly dump trailer?

    I was considering to hire or build myself one of these. I have very limmited experience welding and only have a stick welder.
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    3hp Briggs

    I am reviveing an old 3hp briggs from about 1975. good compression, new points and condenser,BUT stalls after about 25 seconds. will not restart for some time. I have taken the carb screw and put it all the way in and then backed it off two turns. any advice on how to fix this or what the...
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    Fransguard V2600 logging winch

    I have this winch that I just can't find use for. $ 1800. just can't justify having it around as the only trees I have are my laurel hegde.
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    fransgard v2600 logging winch

    Today I just purchased a fransgard v2600 logging winch. excelent shape with the snach block and a few chokers. measured it after buying it and don't think it would fit my antonio carraro ttr4400. In any case I would have very little use for it if any at all. I was thinking I would take a few...
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    Mowing  hedge mowing antonio carraro ttr4400

    I have figured out how to post the video of my hedge mower with out you having to go to my web site just click if you would like to see the web site it is the tractor is part of my client service :D
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    Mowing  hedge mower video

    just thought I would share the video of my hedge mower working. at the bottom of my website you will see the video box and just press play. sorry I do not know how to post it here directly. No snow this year so I'm going to put the mower back on tommorow and use it to...
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    Flail Mower  ferri ZME155 flail mower?

    I have been kicking around the idea of a flail mower for some time now. My thoughts have kept returning to the Ferri ZME155. Has anyone here got one and give me there likes and dislikes about the unit? I am going to run it on my AC ttr4400 35hp at the pto for mowing down brambles and scotch...
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    I went out today and found a kubota snow plow that I need to make into a 3pt hitch model. I was thinking I would build a pyramid for the top link and add the 3pt pins to the existing arms as they are 171/2 inches apart. I am installing this on a Antonio carrero 35hp with a reversable seat. Here...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  paddle snow blower?

    I am in the final throws of buying a snow blower.way to much reasearch and wanted a zaugg but the money was too steep for the few days a year of snow. I was going to get the farm king from my local dealer and then I saw this. 66" Lorenz Snow Blower Model 530 a very nice paddle blower that is...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  snow blower for wet snow?

    I am looking to find ablower that will handle really wet snow that I can fit onto my antonio carrero ttr4400 . I have 35hp and a revesable seat. I have looked at the zaugg blowers but the cost is a bit high for me as this is a hobby machine primarily.:confused:
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  snow blower or plow on revesable tractor?

    I have an antonio carrero ttr4400. My machine is revesable so I want to get a plow or snow blower for the winter. I may be dong a bit of sidewalk work and a few driveways. what would members recomend for plows blowers ect that would attach to my 3pt:rolleyes:
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    Mowing  reversable finnish mower?

    I have just aquired my first tractor. I want to put a finishing mower on it ,But the tractor is an Antonio Carrero TTR4400. The whole machine is reversable, I thought it would be better for steering and visability if I could drive with the mower first. All the finish mowers I have seen are rear...
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    antonio carrero ttr4400 snail speed

    I just took delivery yesterday of my 232 hour old Antonio Carrero ttr4400 and for the life of me I can not get this machine to shift down to snail mode from turtle. Nor can I move the speed selector at all. Any one own one have any hints? Is there a trick to it that I don't know?:eek:
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    L3400 4in1 bucket

    I am looking to find the best 4in1 bucket a new L3400 with quick connect loader and the best way to hook up the hydrolics?:)
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    kubota l3400 or ?

    I am in the final stages of figuing out what tractor to choose. The use I have is a simple one. Mow the hedge. It currently takes me 8 days to trim my hedge with a gas pole trimmer. My thought was to buy an L3400 kubota and a kirogn cl 93 hedge trimmer...