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    Are ATVs/UTVs overpriced?

    Price a utilitarian sxs/UTV, it'll be $20k or more. Priced a ClubCar Carryall 1500, it was $20k. Nothing fancy, a work machine. Same thing, a John Deere Gator was $23k. One of the fast, trail-riding machines that have less utility but more speed and off-road capabilities, it'll be $30k and more...
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    Ok to bushhog a utility line ROW?

    A tall utility line (electric) crosses my property for 700 feet, it might be 60ft wide. The front part of it, maybe 100 feet has grown up high with saplings, like, 10ft tall. They are up to 2 inch diameter, the bushhog could do it. Any day, I expect them to come poison it with herbicide. I'd...
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    Trailer size needed to haul tractor

    Have a 2014 Mahindra 5010, a 50-hp tractor with FEL and bushhog. How big a bumper pull trailer do you think is needed? Could remove the bushhog, but leaving it hooked up, what's needed such that it isn't a big hassle to load? Prefer this to be a utility type trailer such that it could carry...
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    Recommended multi-meter

    I guess mine bit the dust, has been acting weird and battery fit is sloppy. Adding a shim isn't working anymore, I can't get a reading now. What is a good one for general purpose use? TIA if you can recommend one! EDIT: I just need it for general use around the house and ranch, am not a pro of...
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    Using a tree spade

    Does anyone know if this is possible to use -- tree spade -- and what size tractor you'd need? I would think even a smaller PT could handle 1-2" saplings. Of course, you can limit the size of the sapling you want to dig up and transport but the weight of the sapling would be negligible, just the...
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    A "premium" membership to this forum?

    My use of this site is heavy at this time as I am researching tractors. Either my laptop is having RAM or other issues or this site's amount of outside ads is causing me grief in the screen scrolling department. Is there a premium 'membership' that blocks the ads? If so, can't find it.
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    Hydraulic oil leak / critters and vent tubes crazy fix

    I pass along so it might help someone, seems kind of unusual. I bought my Mahindra 5010 used. After using it awhile, I started noticing some kind of fluid on the ground after I moved the tractor from where it was parked in the pasture the night before. But it seemed to be under the wheels, not...
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    Anyone ever had to clear thorny Locust trees?

    Water locust thorny trees! I am concerned about getting flats on the Mahinda 5010 tractor while clipping the pasture. Or my truck while riding through! Now and far into the future, but not sure how much the latter is a concern. It's because of what we always called Water Locust trees, incredibly...
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    1 tractor rest of forever -- what brand?

    I would guess that Kubota is the most popular compact tractor these days. Thinking that it and John Deere are 1 and 2? So, I have a Mahindra but I might sell it in order to get exactly what I need in a tractor. Primary needs are pasture clipping 7 acres and use in a 50-acre woodlot for managing...
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    Wheel seals leaking? need help

    Hello, have a Mahindra 5010. Noticed hydraulic oil around the edge of the rim, one wheel much worse than the other. How does that happen? Would it be common for there to be an axle seal and it's gone bad and is leaking? I think this is a 2014 model, would it be unusual to have a seal go out in...
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    PTO light is on but it will not engage

    Mahindra 5010, the way I engage the PTO is I push a button on the right side of the dash and that button's red light comes on and it engages the PTO. Currently, the light comes on but nothing happens at the PTO. I finally gave up trying this and that and thought that maybe the hydraulic oil is...
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    Rotary cutter and bad vibration

    I have a Woods Heritage HC72 rotary cutter on Mahindra 5010 tractor. Have been clearing saplings and when I hit something stout that is a bit of a challenge for the cutter, a sapling stump or a 2" to 3" stem, sometimes the cutter will come out of that 'event' vibrating badly and it seems like I...
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    Best way to clear small trees from pasture

    SHORT VERSION: A skid steer with mulcher would be the fastest way to clear an acre or so of 20' to 25' sweetgum saplings. But maybe not the cheapest. Other than using a chainsaw to fell and stack into piles for burning, do you know of another way using a 50hp tractor with FEL? For instance, do...
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    Rotary cutter / mower / clipper / bushhog -- blades stopped spinning

    I have a Woods Heritage HC72C rotary cutter on a Mahindra 5010 tractor that I bought used a year ago. I think it's maybe 2014 or thereabouts models. The mower blades suddenly stopped turning clipping a pasture after I had been mowing a couple hours. It appears to me that this cutter has a slip...