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  1. J

    removing Brush Hog blade bolts

    Mine are tapered, keyed bolts. I set the stump jumper on blocks and beat it with a hammer from the top. I left the nut on most of the threads to avoid mushrooming the bolt head. Without bracing the stump jumper, the first time I removed my blades, things just bounced and recoiled when I hit...
  2. J

    3 point Chipper ????

    I’ve had a WM-8H for 10 years now. 9 years were on my Boomer 30 with 28hp engine, 22.5hp pto. It chips nearly everything I’ve put through it. It can handle anything that isn’t firewood, though I may have to slow down the infeed or pause it a few times on a big log to let it recover. That said...
  3. J

    LS Model 3110 28hp: good value?

    I have a New Holland Boomer 30 with hydro trans, which I think is very similar to the S3010. The LS made boomer has the Mitsubishi S4L 28hp engine. IMO it’s a well built, heavy CUT. Ive put 1100 hours on mine. Most of the hours with a tiller, brush hog, 8” chipper, and box blade. Only...
  4. J

    To CAB or NOT

    I hit a ground nest with my open station and got nailed twice by hornets before I realized what was happening. Then I got my cabbed tractor and hit another ground nest. “Hey, look at all those hornets on the other side of the glass”. It’s a good argument :) For snow removal and really dust...
  5. J

    Woodchippers: PTO vs gasoline driven

    My Boomer 30 has half the horsepower of that Deere, and my Woodmaxx 8H would have not problem with those 1.5” sticks that almost stalled the deer. It’s looks neat that you don’t have to trim off all the branches, but most of the pines, alders, birch and poplar branches I chip I can leave long...
  6. J

    Last Year of NH Shibaura Boomers?

    My Boomer 30 is LS made with the Mitsubishi S4L engine. Manufacture year was 2011. I think it was only made until 2013. The LS made ones of those years were not available with a cab, but I think there are after market ones now. All the parts lookups have 1/2011 as the applicable time. I lost...
  7. J

    Block heater

    Are you using the tractor every day? I’d suggest only running it an hour or two each day before starting. But if you aren’t using the tractor every day, then I definitely would not keep it plugged in. My tractor’s block heaters use about 400w each, and at my electric rates, about $1.40/day...
  8. J

    Boomer 35 Hood Repair

    Boomer 30 and 35 are in the same service manual so they should be pretty similar (S4L/S4L2 engines)
  9. J

    Boomer 35 Hood Repair

    If the boomer 30 is similar enough, I can take pics of mine.
  10. J

    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    Having two makes a lot of tasks that require implement changes be a lot more efficient. With two sizes and open vs cab it lets me choose the right one for a job. I’ve had my Boomer 30 for a decade, but needed more horsepower and wanted a cab for snowblowing so I got an LS MT347. I still use...
  11. J

    Cylinder Count? Are you a winner, I mean looser..... :- ) For your outdoors needs.

    Your friend sounds like a Garage Logic podcast fan. Their cylinder index is internal combustion cylinders both working and not. I think my cylinder index is around a pitiful 39 now. I was at my age a couple years ago before I sold off a few when I moved…and then I also got older.
  12. J

    Is a fully discharged battery now junk?

    Discharged batteries start to oxidize the lead plates. Leaving batteries discharged for extended periods is definitely bad. Single time and it was charged fairly quickly….may not be a certain death sentence.
  13. J

    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    That would be great, if it was an option. Minnesota state law requires between 5 and 20% biodiesel depending on time of year. I’m not aware of any exceptions for non biodiesel like we do for Non-oxy gasoline.
  14. J

    Hydraulic Cylinder Question

    Could be possible that the nut has started backing off the piston shaft. I had one ram on my excavator do that. Rebuilding it will definitely tell you what’s wrong.
  15. J

    LS XG3025 3-point lift Stabilizers

    Like other say, they work on tension rather than compression. But while you are still thinking about your 3 pt, change those square head pins to one with a flat face. Those stupid square heads tend to rotate, grab, and then bend your stabilizer bar...
  16. J

    XR3037 speakers

    I upgraded to 5.25” speakers and the sound still sucked. Turns out that wiring harness or the installer bridged the front and rear speaker wires together. After I cut the wires to separate them and just use the front speaker wires, it sounds pretty good.
  17. J

    LS MT357 Link petal

    If it’s on the Hydrostatic version, touching the brake pedal releases it. Is the brake on just enough to trigger the sensor?
  18. J

    LS MT468

    The Boomer 30/35/40/50 are the first LS made New Hollands I know of, and it was in 2010.
  19. J

    Anyone done a triple rear remote kit?

    My MT347 came with 2 rear remotes, but I had them add a front remote for a future grapple, and will just either T that or have a set of couplers on it so I can swap with the front and have it pre-plumbed to the back as a third. I’m making the assumption I will only need the third function in...
  20. J

    Oil & Fuel Hydraulic oil help

    A Fleet Farm, any farm store, and some auto parts stores like Napa should have a universal tractor trans hydraulic fluid compatible with 134. If you want something cold weather, amsoil has fn200 compatible and ships.
  21. J

    Do you get a better deal if you get everything at once?

    Yes, at least they were at the beginning of May.
  22. J

    Hole sizes in standard draw bar LSMT335H

    Checked the parts lookup, and you have the 50X25TX623L drawbar, so 2 1/8” long shaft should fit fine.
  23. J

    Hole sizes in standard draw bar LSMT335H

    Ball end hole is 1”. The pin holes are .80” They are actually metric so they are 26mm and 21mm Draw bar on my 2 series tractor is 25x50mm. On my MT347 it is 30x50mm. A 2” long shaft is just long enough for the 25mm. You will probably want one at least 2.5” long if you have a 30mm.
  24. J

    New Holland TC 40 (shibaura 4 cyl) vs Boomer 40 (LS Mitron 3 cyl)

    What year Boomer? The Boomer 30,35,40,50 from 2011 to about 2013 was made by LS Mtron but they used the Mitsubishi S4L 4 cylinder Diesel engine. I bought a 2011 Boomer 30. I forget the reasons they switched from the Japanese Shibaura to the Korean LS made in 2011, but it only lasted about 3...
  25. J

    Cheap quick hitch, no bushings needed.

    It comes with one set of bushings if I remember right. But it still had to buy at least 7 more sets for the other attachments.
  26. J

    Cheap quick hitch, no bushings needed.

    Looks like the same Speedo I have. You still want bushings though or you will have too much slop.
  27. J

    Bobcat X-change parts. Are they cast iron? or cast steel/ductile iron?

    Neighbor had a machine shop, so we used his Bridgeport Mill to true them up and then made inserts. People that don't grease their **** shouldn't be allowed to operate it. I think my bucket is pretty tight after you put in the pin. You might be able to shim the bucket a little to tolerances are...
  28. J

    Bobcat X-change parts. Are they cast iron? or cast steel/ductile iron?

    I bought an abused X about 5 years ago. The pins on your Green arrow piece were worn, so I had a local welding shop (recommended by the local Bobcat dealer) cut them off and welded new ones on. They even drilled it for the grease zerks. This went back together okay until I replaced all the...
  29. J

    fel loader oversize results

    Is a John Deere front end really that weak? I’ve had my New Holland boomer 30 almost 9 years now and it spends almost all its loader time in 4wd. If one dig into a pile destroys the front end, then I’m really glad the John Deere dealer I went to when I bought my cut wouldn’t give me the time...
  30. J

    Boomer 30 neutral switch

    Here are the service manual pages for the neutral safety switch.
  31. J

    Oil & Fuel B20

  32. J

    Oil & Fuel B20

    My truck has been fine so far as well. And my 2012 made tractor seems to be fine except for the fuel cap. But the cap is fine until you remove it and it pops. Makes me wonder how many other seals are under compression between parts and degrading the same.
  33. J

    Oil & Fuel  B20

    Minnesota introduced a state mandate of B5 to B20 depending on time of the year. How well is everyone coping? The gasket in the fuel cap on my New Holland Boomer 30 got warrantied the beginning of last summer, and I need a new one again this year since I started buying summer blend again...
  34. J

    3-Point Hitch Broke off a weld.. re-weld vs drill it out?

    This piece? Comes as an entire assembly. You can't order just the upper bar.
  35. J

    Boomer 30 broken stabilizer mount

    Can't say I have completely solved the issue, but I put in several food plots and spread a hundred yards of gravel with the box blade without bending anything else. There is invariably some slack in the rigid stabilizers. Assuming you have changed the pins so it doesn't bind when lifting, I...
  36. J

    Boomer 30 broken stabilizer mount

    I ended up having two things break or bend, depending on the thickness of the weld and the tolerances in the pins. On the left side, the stabilizer bar could not slide by the pin and it completely bent it ($80 assembly, bent part not available for order separately). On the right side, the...
  37. J

    Boomer 30 broken stabilizer mount

    Anyone else broken their stabilizer mounts for the 3pt hitch? I got the Boomer 30 (LS Made) in mid August and slightly bent the left stabilizer bar the first weekend I used it (with the tiller, as it was setup by the dealer). Being my first tractor, I assumed I must have done something wrong...