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    Grasshopper 900D Grease zerk locations

    The front one is pretty much exactly like the rear. You found the one on the half shaft, so look further behind that, and find the pillow block that the bearing sets in, and then look around till you find the grease zerk, on my 725, its on the right hand side (right hand side if you were...
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    Worst weld ever

    As my Dad would have said, it looks like they welded it with a spatula and a can of sparks.
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    It sure depends on how much you plan to use it. I bought a new Grasshopper 725 front deck diesel in 2014, and at 990 hours and 10 years old and it still runs like the day it was new. The only repair has been a set of belts which is really just maintenance.
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    EA grapple not an option now what?

    Has anyone dealt with Quick Attach from Alexandria, MN? I don't have a tractor but I cut and stack eastern red cedars with a Bobcat, and I've bought 2 tree shears from them and a grapple and I've been happy with them, they seem pretty heavy duty.
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    Brown Tree Saw

    I think you will like your new saw. We have 86.6 acres of pasture and about 65 acres is covered in eastern red cedar trees. I opted for a tree shear on the front of our S650 Bobcat skid loader. I just upgraded from a 12 inch shear to a 14 with hydraulic rotation, and it will cut a much larger...
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    Greetings, new member from SD

    Hi, I just joined, looks like lots of good information on this site. I especially appreciate the posts regarding removal of cedar trees. We're planning to buy a tractor or skid steer to remove cedars on 62 acres, some areas pretty thick and some not, but lots of trees. Looks like I can learn...