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    YM1700 Hard Steering

    My 1700 is getting hard to steer. It steers fine but the wheel has a lot of resistance. I greased all of fittings but it did not seem to help much. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be? It’s like the old saying about power steering. It takes all the power I have to steer it.
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    Oil & Fuel  YM1700 - Lost power won’t restart

    I was box blading my driveway it lost power and won’t restart. It has fuel. I bled the fuel line using Hoyes instructions. Still no go. There appears to be a good flow of fuel to the injector pump. I did replace the fuel filter a couple of weeks ago. I probably put about 5 hours on it since...
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    Calirornia- Are you OK?

    Have not seen a post since the quake. I believe he is in Sonoma County. That is not too far from quake. Hope all is well. Bob
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    Dirt Moving  YM1700 front rim problem

    A few months ago I replaced the tube and now tire will not hold air any more. It looks like there is rust around the valve stem hole. I suspect that the stem hole has cut the valve stem. Has anyone ever had this problem? I was thinking about putting some kind of grommet in the hole to protect...
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    Frozen drive shaft tube on rotary cutter

    I decided to use my cutter today after it has set up for about 2 years. When I tried to pull the shaft coupling out to attach it to the PTO shaft it would not budge. The shaft turns fine but it will not extend. I suspect the the grease has been washed out and rusted. I considered forcing it by...
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    Oil in hydraulics

    Hi guys. I have not posted in quite a while. My tractor (YM1700) sat up for over a year due to personal issues. Anyway, i charged the battery and it fired right up and ran great until the good fuel ran out. I then realized that I had water in fuel. I drained and flushed the tank, replaced the...
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    Rear tire size for YM1700

    I need new tires for my YM1700. The rears are currently 8.3-24. What is the largest tire that i can use on my current rims? I would like to go to the 9.5-24 if possible. One of them is starting to separate. I think that it has probably dry rotted. I have heard that the rice tires are hard to...
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    Bought another Yannie Today

    Actually, I bought another sailboat. It is a 32' Endeavour with a Yanmar 3GM engine (20 HP 3 cylinder marine diesel. It sounds a lot like my tractor except a little smoother and quieter. It has no glow plugs and a compression release just like a tractor. Being familiar with a Yanmar engine...
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    Another Tragic Death

    Another sad story and example as to why children and heavy equipment don't mix. Bulldozer accident injures 4-year-old, who dies at Mobile hospital | Breaking News from the Press-Register -
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    Wild dog problem

    We have a pack of wild dogs that keeps harassing us. I don't know if you would really call them a pack but, it is a German Shepherd female and her 3 puppies. The pups are about grown (about 6 months old i suspect) now. I suspect that some jerk dumped the female because she was pregnant. We get a...
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    Sticking brake

    I have a brake that just started sticking. It is just on the right side. It comes back up all but about 1 inch. I have to reach down and manually pull it the rest of the way. The brake does engage if I press down the pedal and disengages when i pull it up. If i keep the pedal interlock open. I...
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    50 hour rebuild report

    Some of you may remember my story about overheating my YM1700 which resulted in having to rebuild my engine this past summer. I decided to tackle the rebuild myself. So, I pulled the head took it to a machine shop had it magnafluxed, resurfaced, and pressure tested. I purchased new valves, stem...
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    Trailer tongue too short for tractor

    I have a small 4' X 8' utility trailer that I would like to use with my Yanmar tractor. I have a ball on the draw bar and can hook it up and use it sort of. The draw bar does not extend past the rear wheels and lower lift arms. This keeps me from turning the tractor very sharp at all without...
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    I hate love bugs!

    This weekend I was mowing and had to stop and clean out the radiator screen about every 30 minutes. It was not chaff stopping it up it was love bugs. They are like a plague this year the worst I can ever remember them being. They are just swarming everywhere. You can't even open the door to your...
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    Tractors with firewalls

    I was just curious if tractors with firewalls or some kind of separator between the engine and the operator area are any cooler to operate than open types. I can't believe how much hot air my little 2 cylinder diesel puts out in the summer. I was bush hogging yesterday in about 95 degrees heat...
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    Battery for YM1700

    Last week I needed to start my tractor in cold weather (about 32 degrees F). I know that is not cold to many of you but, it is for me.:D I don't see how you guys get out there and plow snow. Anyway, the tractor would not turn over fast enough to fire off. (I did use the compression release.) I...
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    Radiator - YM1700

    Since the board has been so quiet lately I have a question. Since rebuilding my engine I have determined that the engine still wants to overheat. I am not going to take a chance on running it hot again. I have replaced the temp guage twice so I am confident that the guage is accurate. I had it...
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    Had some bad luck this weekend _YM1700

    I encountered a problem with my newly rebuilt engine (7 hours). I was mowing along and heard an awful racket coming from the engine. I immediately shut it down. I removed the valve cover and the problem was obvious. The valve spring for the #1 exaust valve had broken in two. Needless to say I...
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    YM 1700 - It runs!! It runs!!

    For any of you who have been following the saga of the rebuild of my 1700 I just wanted to let you know that I finally got it back togother this weekend. I have read a lot of threads where no one ever posts their results. It fired right off first time and runs great. Lots of power, no smoke...
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    Stuck Cylinder Liners YM1700

    I have everything I need now to put my tractor back togother but, I can't get the old cylinder liners out. I searched the forum and found a thread with someone with the same problem with a 1500 but, he never posted a resolution. FYI, I did not split the tractor and have not removed the crank...
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    YM1700 - Engine Reassembly questions

    Some of you may have seem my thread on the Parts/Repairs Forum ("Overheated Tractor - Where to start?"). I am picking up the head today from the machine shop. I had the head magnafluxed, pressure tested, and resurfaced. I also replaced the valves, springs, and steam seals with new ones. I have...
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    Overheated Tractor - Where to start

    The tractor is a Yanmar diesel but, I decided to post the question here since it is more of a general than a Yanmar specific question. For the bad news. I severely overheated the tractor. The temp guage never showed the tractor to be hot. I was using the rotary cutter and noticed the engine was...
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    Hydraulic Fluid coming out Filler cap

    Hydraulic fluid has started coming out of the filler cap on the top of the transmission. I has just started doing this. The 3 point lift seems to be working fine. (YM1700) I saw a thread about this that said to check the vent tube under the seat. A dirt dobber may have clogged it up. My real...
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    Low Oil Pressure YM1700

    It appears that the working oil pressure has recently dropped. It used to run between 30 - 45 psi when working the tractor doing normal things like mowing. Yesterday, I looked at the gauge and it was reading about 19 - 20 psi. The engine was running fine and did not seem any louder than normal...
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    Does anyone have a Drink holder?

    Has anyone figured out a way to put a drink holder on a Yanny? It is awfully hot in the summer time here. I tried an insulated drink holder hanging from the dash but, there is so much heat coming under the dash it does not stay cold very long. I hate to drill holes in the steel. With the salt...
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    Rotella Synthetic Oil --- Bad?

    I know this may be contraversal but, about 50 hours ago I switched from dino 15w40 Rotella to their "so called synthetic 15w40. I noticed that tractor started using oil...just a little about 1 pint every 15 hours or so. Now that summer got here I also noticed the tractor running warmner than...
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    Keeping throttle tension

    On my 1700 the throttle tension keeps working loose. It only has the hand throttle -- no foot pedal.. I have to tighten it about every other time I use the tractor. When it gets loose the engine speed will drop if I don't hold the throttle lever with my hand.. There are 2 nuts and a washer that...
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    Bought a disc

    I bought a disc yesterday and even had the wife's blessing. I have never used one before but, I was amazed how much you can do in a short time. It is just a 4 footer (12 X16) but, I was able to do in about 30 minutes the same work that it hours to accomplish with my walk behind tiller. It is...
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    Steering Wheel spinner

    Just bought me a spinner a for my little manual steering tractor. It did not come with any instructions. I believe it will make backing and manuevering much easier. It appears that it would be best installed at the 6 o'clock position. (Assuming the wheels are facing straight ahead). Can anyone...
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    Anti Corrsion coatings

    What do you guys use for protectiong and lubricating tihings like 3 point ball joints, lynch pins, couplings etc on tractors that do not have grease fittings. I have tried using chassis lube but, it just makes a mess. We have a problem around here with salt air causing everything not coated to...
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    YM 1700 PTO will not disengage

    Fortunately it is stuck in th 540 rpm range but, I cannot shift it into neutral. Everything seems to work Ok ecept for that. When I depress the clutch the pto does top turning. I wonder if something has vibrated loose. I noticed that the clutch pedal has linkage attached to a lever on the side...
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    Cleaning up branches and debris --Survived Katrina

    The good news is that I survived Katrina. The bad news is that I have 16 trees down on a my property and a ton of limbs and debris. I saw a fellow with what appeared to be a rake of sorts attached to a small Kubota yesterday. I have a small Yanmar (20 HP). That looked like just the thing I need...
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    API grade CB CC

    Does anyone know what the new grade is that replaces CB and CC? My tractor manual calls for those grades but, I know the specs have changed since the manual was printed. This is for a diesel engine.
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    Help!!! Snake!!!!

    Okay, I cannot figure out a way to solve this problem with a tractor but, I thought someone might have some ideas. I have a small Koi fish pond (about 350 gallon size) in my back yard. I have a water mocassin that has take up residence in it. My grandchilden were playing there the day before I...
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    Yanmar Deere?

    I was driving dow the road and saw what I thought was a Yanmar painted JD green. It also had John Deere on the tractor. I could not see the model number. It was not a lime green Yannie. Does anyone know if JD ever just sold Yannies and put Deere paint and decals on them. I swear you could...
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    Power Service Diesel Fuel additive questions

    Okay for you fuel gurus out there I have a few questions. When I first purchased my used Yanmar diesel tractor the guy I purchased it from advised me to use this fuel additive in my fuel. I am not having any problems with it all. In fact if runs great. However, my question is rather which one of...
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    YM 1700 Seat

    Okay guys after about 10 hours of seat time this weekend I have decided that the factory seat has to go. My seat is killing me. It is obvious these seats were made for the smaller Japenese behinds. Does anyone who has upgraded their seats have any suggestions?
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    Rear Lug bolts on YM1700

    I decided to take the plung and turn my tires around on my YM1700 only to discover that I did not have a lug wrench big enough. The largest wrench in my tool set 26mm was too small. Does anyone know what size I need and where the best place purchase one. Thanks
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    YM 1700 -Wheels

    I spent some time digging back through this forum and found it quite enlightning. (There's gold in them thar hills!) I noticed a number of posts about turning the wheels around to give the tractor a wider stance . It does make sense that wider would be more stable. Does that apply to the...
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    New YM1700 has questions

    I know this is probably a stupid post but, I am a new tractor owner. I have had the tractor for about 3 months and so far I love it. I cannot seem to find the proper coolant mixture. I noticed some posts regarding overheating due to improper coolant mixture. I decided to perform routine...