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    Slow Leak in Front Tire

    My L4310 has a slow leak in the right front tire. Not too bad. Needs refilling about every 6 weeks. This was not a problem during the summer as it was easy to refill as I drove past the garage air compressor. But now in the winter the tractor is in the barn. No compressor up there. If this were...
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    Electrical Conduit in Pole Barn

    Just finished my pole barn. It'll be used for tractor and other equipment storage. Spoke to the electrical inspector and he suggested using 1/2" EMT and 4" square boxes for lighting and outlets in the barn. After going to Home Depot I see there are other choices like metal watertight boxes and...
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    Generator  Hardy Diesel PTO Generators

    Anyone have any experience with the Hardy Diesel PTO generators. Web page: Despite what the web page says the generators are basic units with no 3Pt mount, PTO shaft, circuit breaker or outlets. But the price is not too bad. The 15KW unit...
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    Child Safety Seats on a Kubota?

    I've been thinking how to mount 2 child safety seats on my Kubota. Maybe one on each fender? The seat tether could be attached to the ROPS bar. Just joking but I think of these things when I've got tractor stuff to do and 2 kids that love tractors. But the rule is no kids on tractors.
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    Many years ago I read an article in, I think, Mother Earth News Magazine. The guy was saying you could make a concrete-like product by taking dirt at the site, cement, water and mix it all up with a rototiller and make concrete. Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone know why this would not work?
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    Price Check  Remote Hydraulics Pricing

    Does anyone have any suggestions which Kubota dealers would have the best price on a Remote Hydraulic kit(Valve number one) for an L4310HST? The kit includes the valve, hoses, connectors and various hardware. I've got 2 prices so far: My local dealer(NJ) is $800 (installed or not) and the next...
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    The Economy and Purchases

    For those of you that use your tractor for home/farm stuff and is not your primary source of income - I have a question. Is the slow economy affecting the purchase of any new equipment/attachments? For me it is. The rumour at the large company I work for is that there will be a 10% layoff...
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    Rake  Toothbar, Box blade, Rake, etc

    I read various posts about these attachments and am still sitting on the fence. I find stripping topsoil and digging to be a slow process with my FEL on Kubota L4310HST. It seems the biggest problem I have is getting thru and digging up the sod. Not too many rocks. I leave the 750 lb finish...
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    Cub Cadet 125

    I need two items for a 125 (12hp hydro, narrow frame). 1. The helper spring assembly for the mower lift arm. 2. The "float" button on the finger grip part of the mower lift arm.
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    Cracks in welds on FEL

    I just noticed that the welds on the posts (both left and right side) that hold the collars for the rear boom pivot pins have cracks just outside the welds. The cracks are very hard to see and required a bright sunny day to determine if they were just paint cracks or cracks in the metal. The...