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    Looking for advice/input. 2003 TC33da potential purchase

    Any of the Shibaura 3cyl tractors are awesome. The biggest thing to look for is if it has been abused.
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    TC 45D HST Damper

    I have similar problem with my 1620. I could remove the damper and still have the stickiness. The damper functions similar to one of those drawers that has a cushion at the end before it closes. You can remove for test and see if it just slams to center. I ended up replacing my centering spring...
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    TC30 Starting Problem

    Theres a well known issue that if you can get it to start by jumping the starter with ignition on that the safety circuits are not allowing enough juice to activate starter. Repair is to add another relay at the starter to a direct line from battery. Did this early on with my TC33da and never...
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    Ford 1710 Rear Remote Valve

    Finally got a chance to install @tedward4's kit on my 1620. Pretty easy install. Minor fabrication for the hose support bracket. Also the actuation lever needs to be pretty much exactly the same angle as the one shipped with the valve, but 1.5" shifted to the right. I just banged the one that...
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    All TC owners, remove your start switch, open it up and slather the innerds with dielectric grease. Makes a big difference! Even on the ebay/amazon switches, which seem to be similar quality to OEM.
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    Modern Gas Tractor? What's the Chance?

    I think a lot of commercial buyers are reconsidering gas engines instead of diesels nowadays. Ford's 7.3 godzilla being one contender.
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    Oil & Fuel Hydraulic oil help

    Rotella tractor HD. Most people I know trust rotella in their engines, Their hydraulic oil seems to do well in my tractor as well.
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    TC30 Glow Plug Light

    Funny thing, Glow plug light on my TC33da started acting up the other day. First checked the ignition switch. Opened it up and found no fault, regreased it with dielectric grease. Then checked the connections with the relay. I could get it to light intermittently wiggling the connector. It...
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    Modern Gas Tractor? What's the Chance?

    Gas tractors are not a new concept, and I admit that fuel volatility and storage are issues. That being said I have a yamaha fuel injected jet ski I fire up for only a short time each year and I have never had problems. I do winterize it though. Some folks I know are switching to gas power in...
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    Modern Gas Tractor? What's the Chance?

    I'm a huge fan of old school injection pump diesels. They just seem so trouble free. Seems that with the strict emissions standards nowadays that diesels have become pretty complex. Conventional non-turbo 4cylinder fuel injected engines are rock solid. Especially if they have conventional OBDII...
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    NH TC30 electrically dead

    Don't underestimate the effect of resistance in a circuit. I have a small fishing boat with a deep cycle battery powering the running lights. What possibly could stop a big, bad deep cycle battery from lighting the lamps? Oddly enough, I was getting good voltage at the terminals, but there was...
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    Mowing 1920 is SO LOUD…why?

    If you could find a breaker that would sell you the parts from a TC30 at a reasonable cost. Looks to be the same layout as the 1520,1620,1720 tractors. Not sure about the 1920. I think that is a larger beast. Could tuck the exhaust under the hood. Looks like the main thing they moved is the air...
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    2002 TC 40 transmission heat

    Has anyone had a problem using Shell Rotella HD? I thought that was the good stuff.
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    Mowing 1920 is SO LOUD…why?

    I found the same thing to be true between the 1620 and the tc33da. Anyone ever put an exhaust from a newer shibaura onto one of the older ones? I like the clean hood line without anything sticking up. The exhaust manifold and muffler seem to be one unit on the TC. I think they both share the...
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    Ford New Holland 1720 (and others) Rear Remote Valve

    Got a kit from @tedward4 looking forward to installing on my 1620. Meanwhile I just did a 99% install on my TC33da of an OEM valve I found on the internet and parts I cobbled together. Overall cost was under $300. I got really lucky as the OEM valve is the most expensive part and is hard to...
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    New Holland 1620 - steering cylinder rebuild kit questions

    Ask a local hydraulics shop. May be inexpensive way to go. Please post what you find out. Thanks
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    Flail V belts

    5/8" belts are "B" belts. A 49" outside diameter is a B46. A B49 belt has an outside diameter of 52". Easy to find online. I found I had to crank the tension pretty high on my flail mower to keep the belts from slipping and self destructing. You can also buy a matched set that are exactly the...
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    Ford 1910 leaking fluid from front differential

    Probably should get a manual. They are all over the place online. It will show you all the maintenance points on the thing. The front axle has 3 points to lube. The main axle which should have a fill point/dipstick, and the dropdown gears on either side. Either 80w90 or Transmission oil are ok...
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    How do you replace the case seal under the PTO shaft.

    I know this is an old post. Looks like a simple pull n replace repair. Perhaps back the tractor up a steep incline so you don't have to drain the trans fluid.
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    Ford New Holland 1720 (and others) Rear Remote Valve

    I assume the rear remote valve is a spring to center valve. loader works fine if remote valve is in center. You won't need to use both at the same time. That is if you are actuating the rear remote, you probably are not simultaneously activating the loader.
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    Ford 1210 put a hole in rear axle housing. Pics. Fix ideas?

    Also, My TC33da came with these monster cotter pins. Never had them come out like the snap pins. part 86523778
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    Ford 1210 put a hole in rear axle housing. Pics. Fix ideas?

    I once fixed a hole in a vw gti transmission once, about the same size with JBweld. Cleaning both sides and roughening very well. it was in a corner so I used aluminum duct tape to hold the resin. Worked like a charm and never had a problem. On This one I'd put a roughened piece of aluminum with...
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    Ford paint color

    messicks has color match paint New Holland #9624698DS WHITE/16OZ
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    TC-30 Hydro leak

    Here are some clips from the Shibaura ST333 manual. I believe all these tractors are similar.
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    TC-30 Hydro leak

    I suspect that if it isn't the orings on the hydraulic lines you may have to split the tractor.
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    TC-30 Hydro leak

    I think you are on the right track. It could be a leak from any one of the seals on the HST. Popping the lines and replacing the Orings would be an easy start over splitting the tractor. Are you still having a sticky pedal under load? May be something to LIR if it's only weeping a bit. I'd love...
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    Venting Leaky Ford 1310 Front Axle & switching to 85W-90 Gear Oil

    Here's a link to Messicks explanation for what oil to use in front axle. ie. 80w90 is ok
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    Ford New Holland 1720 (and others) Rear Remote Valve

    Ok, How much do you want for the kit? Personally I don't really need it but I would want to support your efforts. Also, this kit could be adapted to many other models. If I get around to it, I got hold of a OEM valve and want to apply it to my TC33da. I also have a 1620 that would probably fit...
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    TC33DA & others - Dust Valve/Aerator on Air Cleaner?

    More opining... When I was a youngin I fell prey to the lure of performance car magazines and the parts they sold that would uncork or improve the poor design of the manufacturers. In reality the manufacturers spend millions of dollars to get the best overall combination of performance...
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    TC33DA & others - Dust Valve/Aerator on Air Cleaner?

    For $28 i'd get the part. There's a reason for it, and your tractors engine is worth a whole lot more. I believe it's function specifically would be to let moisture drip out, but I could be wrong.
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    death of regular cab pickups

    I guess I can't get rid of my old turd F350 srw manual. Sure I'd like the extra room of a Crew cab but it turns the truck into a mothership.
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    Ford 1920 antifreeze leak at block fitting

    One more post on this job. I just took some channel locks and broke off the hose barb on the old fitting. My new brass fittings are 3/4" npt to 1/4"npt. and a 90degree 1/4"npt hose barb. I had no problem turning the old one out. No lube or heat. I put a new hose clamp just because. Thanks for...
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    Backhoe 758c hydraulic stabilizer cylinder scratched

    I couldn't say for sure but I bet a careful buffing of the scratched area to smooth it would at least limit the leaking to when the seals are over that spot, and keep the scratch from damaging the seals.
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    Ford 1920 antifreeze leak at block fitting

    Tidy looking fitting. Where did you get it? Also could it save some time to pinch the radiator drain hose with some gripper pliers and just drain the block? Seem to have this problem with my recently acquired 1620.
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    Scut with mid mount mower

    The mulching deck is amazing at chopping leaves. I never rake anymore. I just run over them a few times till they virtually disappear. May be a different story if you have an extremely heavy leaf layer. The downside is that I believe the mulching deck is more prone to clogging in heavy wet grass.
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    Ford 1620 HST pedal sticking under load/faster in reverse

    The heavier spring didn't help that much. If your pedal functions properly with the engine off, I bet there's something in the HST that makes it sticky under load. Seems to return pretty well on a level or down hill grade.
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    Ford 1620 HST pedal sticking under load/faster in reverse

    Right now I'm just setting up a heel-toe plate so I can manually control the pedal position on the 1620. The reverse pedal is too far away for me to position my foot both on the forward and reverse simultaneously. IMO There must be some internal HST issue. Perhaps wear? @skrammer360 How many...
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    Ford 1620 HST pedal sticking under load/faster in reverse

    Additionally here's a link to a video I made on the work so far on the pedal sticking issue.
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    Ford 1620 HST pedal sticking under load/faster in reverse

    Kind of a boggling situation. I've done the internet research and fiddled with this thing a bit. It's a new to me tractor with 1250hrs. HST seems to be strong and responsive. I've pulled the covers and inspected the linkages, lubed them all except the one disappearing into the case. Pedal...
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    Scut with mid mount mower

    Gotta consider your terrain. I know about the mowing efficiency of the zero turn, but I've also seen them get stuck. I have a New Holland with super steer and a 72" deck. That thing is a mowing machine. At the time of purchase I didn't have the money for several machines and knew I was going to...
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    New Holland Boomer 37 in DPF Shutdown Mode

    I've done a bit of research on this topic. Concerned about my LS xr4150 (boomer 50) This is an EFI tractor. Not so easy to circumvent the DPF filter. From what I understand, one can just punch or bore a few holes through the filter so the sensors never detect a clogged system. I assume one would...
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    Ford Compact Water pump.

    Perhaps I'll give the fan a wiggle and just keep an eye on them. Thanks!
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    Ford Compact Water pump.

    I have a TC33da with 1k hours and recently acquired a ford 1620 with about 1250 hours. Trying to go over the ford completely before putting into service. Any thoughts on when the water pumps go on these tractors? Or, preventative replacement?
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    New Holland 1725 PTO

    Is the case cracked? If not he could try re-inserting the bearing. I've shimmed various things with metal from a soda can. find the right amount and reinsert. There are also loctite compounds he could try. Please post the final solution. thanks!
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    TC33D transmission/hydro issues?

    Thanks for the reply, glad you got if fixed, albeit probably a learning event. I've had a friend who works for Deere tell me, If it's green, blue or orange take it easy. If it's yellow go for it! Meaning yellow is the color of most construction equipment. Tractors, as tough as they are aren't...
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    HST pedal not returning to neutral

    Super old post but this seems to be a problem. I'm going to attempt to fix on my ford 1620. Sticky pedal, also goes faster in reverse. I believe that the hst link has to be lengthened and the return spring re-adjusted to correct. See attached description. It may help.
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    Fluid Type, Ford 1620 Hydro

    I've done pretty well with Shell rotella TractorHD. I also use rotella 15w40 for the motor in all my diesels.
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    TC33D transmission/hydro issues?

    Did you figure it out?
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    TC33DA - bent 3 point hitch arm

    Not going to say how I know this but if you bent it crooked using your tractor you can bend it straight as well. Do it nice and easy.
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    Regen delete kit

    Just my 2cents. I have a 2017 xr4150 with around 250hrs now. I usually run it over 2k rpm as that's what the pto asks for. Not sure If I've experienced a regen yet. Did have an electrical problem that put it into limp mode. Dealer had it around 3 months. Also had a wheel bearing fail. Probably...
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    Ford New Holland 1720 (and others) Rear Remote Valve

    what valve were you using for your kit? Also, is there a solenoid variant for that valve? Would simplify fabrication to just a 3way toggle switch mounted somewhere. Any thoughts? thanks.
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    Ford/New Holland Filter cross references.

    I have bought all my filters from NH in the past but they're getting really expensive now
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    Ford New Holland 1720 (and others) Rear Remote Valve

    I suspect that a kit may apply to many of the shibaura compact size tractors. I'd definitely be interested. Interesting that I think the kit cost $500 when I bought my TC33Da in 2004. I think new holland wants $1800 for it how. Wow! Just to confirm, I looked at how much a kit for one of their...
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    Ford/New Holland Filter cross references.

    I own a TC33da and just picked up a ford 1620. Both are similar tractors and transmissions both HST. Are all these filters pretty much the same or is there a real difference. Looks like theres slightly different part numbers for a lot of the models. I've seen kits such as the Cross kit but the...
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    NH TC33DA Starter Problem

    I did the starter relay mod about 15yrs ago and never had a problem since. 2004 tc33da 1000hrs. Recently had to replace the ignition switch. I've often taken those types of things apart and fixed them but this one was too gone.
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    2017 xr4150 tractor limps/dies codes f3,f4, f11, f31

    Really? This thing has only 230 hours. Was cutting grass today and it all of a sudden throttled down. Hard to start and dies. limp mode? From research here looks like it might be something to do with the throttle pedal sensors. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!