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    Steering box replacement 1801

    Just wanted to share with everyone my steering box experience in case it helps someone else. My 1801 had steering issues, likely due to the lack of access to filler plug, a poor design, I found this aftermarket box on eBay and despite it saying not for 4 wd it works fine on my 4x4. New...
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    No 3pt on 1801

    So I have a Mitsubishi 1801 I believe, I bought it non running and after an injection pump and engine rebuild it's now used and running. It has a loader but it is currently off the tractor and the lines simply coupled together to feed the three point. I have hydraulic flow from the pump but the...
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    Rebuilding Mitsubishi k3d sleeve question

    So my tractor I bought non running appears to need a rebuild. The previous owner said it kept getting harder and harder to start then wouldn't. He had removed the injection pump, I got it rebuilt and also noticed a hole in the air cleaner hose and to my fear it appears the engine got dusted and...
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    Tiny heat vent on dashboard

    My Mitsubishi tractor, 1601 I believe, has a 1" diameter thing on the dashboard labeled heat, at first I expected it was a buzzer or something to tell you the glowplugs were on, but upon further inspection it's simply a small heating coil underneath. Why? To warm your fingers or something?never...
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    New Mitsubishi owner unknown model

    I purchased a Mitsubishi compact tractor, the decals are missing from the hood but the previous owner thinks it was a "16... something" from memory before the decals peeled off. I had a K3D engine and 52" wheelbase. All sheet metal is blue, chassis gray, and the serial number is TL8E-5923 can...
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    what does it mean being a "advertiser" member?

    do these users pay a fee to have push there products here? and do they have other rights such as deleting posts that dis there product etc? just curious as i know there is one advertiser who has realy been stirring a couple forums lately
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    homemade diesel tank

    heres a few pics of my homemade fuel tank. i used a verticle propane tank, cut off the top and bottom collars and plugged the original hole, and welded in 3 tank fittings, 2 inch pipe thread, along the top, formerly the side of the tank. it holds about 120 gallons. the wheels are just for moving...
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    why no four post rops on tractors?

    i recently bought a JD210c loader backhoe and it has a 4 post rops, factory made, got me wondering why not have rops like that on a compact or an ag tractor? seems like a great thing, protects ya better in a rollover, and from a log or pipe rolling off the bucket and down the loader arms, and...
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    JD 210 backhoe bucket same as 310 mount?

    i just bought a JD 210C and was curious if anyone knew what other machines may share the same bucket mount, i wasnt sure if the 310 and 410 used a larger mount or not and figured surely one of you guys has tried this before!
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    homemade maple sugar evaporator with pics

    i wanted to make a little maple sugar this coming spring but didnt need anything too big, just a touch bigger than the way we did it when i was a kid, a campstove and a pan, so i set out to make a small wood fired evaporator for next to nothing using stuff i had around, the body of it is a...
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    89 dodge with cummins overcharging battery

    i have a 89 dodge D250 truck with the 5.9 cummins. it has been overcharging the battery, i put a new voltage regulator on it, its the external type mounted on the firewall, and it was then charging well over 15 volts, i put the old one back in and it was back to a bit under 14.5 volts which is...
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    redneck auto lift

    found the easiest way to work on those darn low to the ground front wheel drive cars!
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    gradall buckets, G660 size attachments fir G3 size machine?

    i have a gradall G3XR excavator, its a 35,000 lbs machine and i have been looking for a narrow trenching bucket for it, i see alot of stuff for the larger G660 size machines but dont know if the quick tach setup is the same, anyone familuar with gradalls? i havent found one around that i could...
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    hardfacing a loader bucket

    just thought some of you might like to see some pictures of a loader bucket i have been building up at work. the bucket goes to a brand new john deere loader. the loader was bought for loading trash at a transfer station. the bucket is an oversized bucket designed just for trash, as ya can see...
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    rolled over gradall excavator

    heres my latest project, its a gradall excavator that had been rolled over about 7 years ago, it sat ever since then cause the owner planned to repair it but finally decided he wouldnt get around to it so he offered it to me, the price was right (free) so i took it. it has both the excavating...
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    portable LED worklight

    i have found so often this time of year when its dark practicly by the time i get outa work that i end up working on stuff outside in the dark, since most of our equipment doesnt fit in our garage. lighting is always an issue, the makita flashlight works ok but isnt real bright and most of all...
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    bandsaw mill blade speed question

    anyone know how fast most portable bandsaw mills in the 10 hp range run there blades? im finding most regular woodworking bandsaws are about 3000 to 4000 feet per minute and was thinking to make mine about the same but wasnt sure
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    start of my homemade sawmill

    i started machining the wheels for making a bandsaw mill, i used alloy rims and cut them down with a skilsaw, they are 16 inch rims pic 1 then i took and mounted them in my poor mans gap bed lathe, which is my cincinati horizontal mill pic 2 pic 3 Edited inline pics to links
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    new toy...i mean tool

    bought this at the pawn shop saturday, paid 70 bucks it just needed a little carb tuning, sure is handy tho i have been using it for all sortsa stuff, no more taking the hacksaw to get stuff from the junk pile outback, and besides any tool that runs on gas would make tim taylor proud!
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    cant reply in rural living

    i tried to reply to a post i rural living called "bad bad neighbor" and when i click the reply button it takes me back to "my home for markct" screen, seems to be some sorta programing glitch i guess, i can still post fine on other threads, did i do something that got me banned to responding to...
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    dozer root rake

    i started to make a root rake for our dozer this weekend, for the square cross tube that the teeth all will attach to i am using two C channels that were the outer channels from a forklift mast, and for the uprights that will go up to pin it to the top of the blade i will use some of the inner...
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    "show all users posts" feature is not updating

    \"show all users posts\" feature is not updating i noticed that when i click "show all users posts" on my profile it doesnt have any of the ones i have posted in the past few days, like its not updating
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    kawasaki mule heater

    i made a heater for my kawasaki mule, its a sheetmetal box with two 12 volt fans that force air thru an automotive heater core, i was originaly planing to just tee into the two radiator hoses and run coolant lines to it that way but then i noticed that in the factory made heater kits they have...
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    kawasaki mule 2500 heater instalation

    i made a heater for my kawasaki mule, its a sheetmetal box with two 12 volt fans that force air thru an automotive heater core, i was originaly planing to just tee into the two radiator hoses and run coolant lines to it that way but then i noticed that in the factory made heater kits they have...
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    Backhoe  backhoe control pattern

    does anyone know what the standard positions of the levers are on a 4 lever backhoe control setup, we have an old hoe that we are putting a newer valve block on and im not sure that the levers were setup to the standard originaly, so i would like to set them up to the standard now when i change...
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    heavy duty windchimes

    heres a few pics of a little project i did the other evening, i uses some parts from an old iron gate for the hanging frame and then used an eyebolt from a telephone pole anchor in the center, and for the chimes i used the tanks from discarded CO2 fire extinguishers, they are a high pressure...
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    kawasaki mule drive system

    well i got my 2wd 2500 model mule home today, drove it around the yard a little before i dissasembled the front hubs which needed new spindles and hubs, but luckly i have that pretty much taken care of after a few hours on the lathe and some new bearings. if i bought the parts from kawasaki i...
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    pto air compressor

    heres the start to my latest project, i got this for free its a 15 hp compressor im gona mount it on a trailer and convert it to run off my tractor pto with a jackshaft and large pulley to gear it up from the 540
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    first choice 3pt forklift

    i noticed that on the carver equipment website they list a first choice brand 3pt forklift, it has no picture tho, and i dont see it listed on the first choice website. maybe its new and hasnt been added to there website yet, i see the copyright on there website is 2002 so i guess they dont...
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    making two 5ft brushogs into one 10ft brushog

    well i got an idea recently, i have 2 woods 5 ft brushogs, the decks are shot on both so i had been thinking of making a new deck that was 10ft wide and mounting the 2 gearbox assemblies side by side. i would offset it a bit to one side so i could cut up close to the treelines and fences etc. i...
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    what were the engineers thinking, why no road gear

    i have noticed that alot of compacts dont have a road gear. i have been considering purchasing a MF 1020 from a friend to use for raking and tedding hay mostly. after looking at the plate on the dashboard it shows high gear as being only a hair over 8mph. at that rate it would take me forever to...
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    massey ferguson 1020-live pto?

    does anyone know if a massey ferguson 1020 came standard with live pto, i am looking at one and it has the manual tranny but i was just wondering if they usualy had live pto or not, the guy says it does but im not sure if he knows exactly what live pto means
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    massey ferguson 1020

    does anyone have any experience with a massey ferguson 1020? i have the opurtunity to purchase one for around $2500. it is 2wd and has a front grader blade on it and only has about 600 hours on it, it is an early 80s model i believe. all the tires are good and it runs and works great, i know...
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    what did i do wrong now?

    i havent been on the forum most of the weekend, and when i checked on some posts i had responded to they were gone, i know once before i made some comments that had upset some people and were sensored, but i dont believe i said anything inapropriate at all in the recent posts i made, is this...
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    what did i do wrong now?

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    ford 8000 tranny noises

    i have a ford 8000,the tranny makes a groaning sorta noise in 3rd and 4th gears, and also 7th and 8th since they are the same set of gears, it has done this ever since i got the tractor last year, also 3rd gear can be a bit hard to "find", like the lever has to be in exactly the right place to...
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    NH 469 haybine roller adjustment and gearbox lube

    i got my haybine working today, its supposed to rain so i cant cut any hay yet, but i did a few passes in the edges of the field just to try it out. i was wondering how are ya supposed to know how tight the rollers should be adjusted together? there are 2 cranks for adjusting them, but i dont...
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    ford 8000 rops? are they available from NH

    i have an early ford 8000 with a cab on it, i was wondering if NH offers a rops that willwork with the cab, it looks like there is enought room inside the back of the cab for the rops bar, i would just need to cut a few holes in the bottom of the cab. i know they were making rops kits for...
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    tractor tire running over hay windrow

    i have a ford 8000 and i am going to be using a NH 268 baler with it,the one thing i have noticed is that when hooked to the baler my right rear tire will be running over part of the windrow,the tire could be moved in another 5 inches,but i want to keep them out for stability with the hills we...
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    tow behind boom pole

    i found this in farm show magazine, it looks pretty neat. i have been thinking of making one to lift stuff thats too heavy for our ford 3400 loader tractor. i do kinda wonder if that much up force might break my drawbar on my ford 8000. but still i suppose some counterweight could be added to...
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    ordinance to ban tractors

    i saw this post on another discusion board, i thought it might be of interest to some of you guys here,it is happening in the town of prospect connecticut which is not too far from me, i didnt write the original post below, i just coppied it from another board The town I live in(Prospect,CT)is...
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    homemade hydraulic toplink

    here is the home made category 2 hydraulic toplink that i made last weekend. i happened to have a hydraulic cylinder around that was 2 1/8 bore and 18 inch stroke,well the problem was that it was way too long for a toplink, so as you can see in the pictures i have cut out about an 8 inch section...
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    forged category 2 drawbar

    does anyone know where i can find a heavy duty forged cat 2 3pt drawbar,the drawbar i have right now is just one of those cheap ones that the farm supply stores like TSC sell. i have bent it numerous times,its just too soft to use with a 100hp tractor like my ford 8000. i have seen forged...
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    what a real mans set of pallet forks look like

    i bult these outa the carraige from an industrail forklift and some flatstock, they are made to fit a category 2 3pt
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    Toplink  category 2 hydraulic toplink

    does anyone remember what company it was that manufactured a category 2 hydraulic toplink that cost around 99 dollars i belive. i recall people talking about it a while back, mostly people were saying it was too bad that they only made category 2 not category 1, since the majority of the people...
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    this is my ford 8000
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    what has happened to this site

    i guess it all started when they went from an open forum to a member only thing, i registered but this is the first message i have posted since then and will probably be the last, i dont want to be bothered with passwords and logins. then afterthat they got all uptight about the off topic...