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    LX2610 Tilt Steering Wheel - moves without hitting pedal

    This is a VERY annoying problem with my LX2610. I have the belly mower and the steering pops out of position constantly when I mow. No more than about 30-seconds ever goes by between it popping out of position while mowing, especially on less than smooth ground. I briefly looked at the entire...
  2. J

    Kubota b2630 will not start

    I had time to take a look earlier this afternoon and I'm glad to say that I solved my problem. I just saw PrairieSoul's reply a few minutes ago and he has it right. My hydro neutral indicator switch was out of adjustment in its mount. The shaft that depresses the switch would not quite push the...
  3. J

    New Addition to the Family - M7040 Cab

    I've enjoyed Tractorbynet for a few years now. I mostly lurk, but post from time to time. I thought this new addition warranted a post. I took delivery of a new M7040 Cab with Hydraulic Shift and Loader the day before yesterday (Thursday). A new Bush Hog 297 (7') rotary cutter was also part...
  4. J

    New/Updated Kubota M-Series Models On The Way?

    I was at my local Kubota dealer yesterday and he mentioned that Kubota was supposed to come out with a new/updated M-Series line this year. Does anyone know anything about this? I searched the forum but found nothing.
  5. J

    RTV Cooling Problem

    I just returned form a 3 hour ride on my new RTV. It did a great job, even in a couple areas of somewhat rough terrain, but I had one problem. After a while, I noticed the temperature gauge was running very close to red area. So far, my gauge had only gone to the mid point, but I haven't...
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    BX Bagger and Pat's Easy Change Compatibility

    BX Bagger and Pat\'s Easy Change Compatibility I am thinking about purchasing a Kubota Grass Catcher for my BX2200 with 60" MMM. However, after reading all the posts about the grass catcher and looking at the photos, it would seem that my Pat's Easy Change (which I LOVE) would need to be...
  7. J

    BX2200 Project - Rear Work Light

    After pricing the Kubota work light for the BX2200, I decided I could do better on my own. I thought I would share my approach, since it is a little different than the approach taken by others on this board (see attached photo). Here is what is needed: NAPA Tractor Work Light #50-620W-3 $8.79...
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    BX2200 Project - Toolbox

    One thing the BX2200 is missing is a toolbox. I wanted to share with you my solution to this problem. Here is all you need: Sears Craftsman Compact Truck Box #965117 Two heavy duty plastic ties This box has double layered sides and bottom. This enabled me to cut 4 slots at the bottom just...
  9. J

    New BX2200 PTO Selector Problems

    Two weeks ago, I bought a new BX2200 with 60" deck and FEL (paid $12,200). I love the tractor, but there is one thing that seems to be a problem, and I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, and if so, how it was fixed. Here's the problem: My PTO selection lever is sometimes...