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    Incredible, Fastest Maximum (147) Snooker Break 5 min, 21 sec

    It's not tractor related but amazing if you're interested in snooker. This came up as a YouTube suggested video for me although I had not to my knowledge viewed any snooker/pool videos. It is a 147 snooker break by Ronnie O'Sullivan, taking 5 minutes, 20 seconds to make the 36 shots. The...
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    How do you warm your hydraulics

    Rather than divert the thread about block heaters shown here: I'll start this thread. I use an engine block heater around 32F/0C or below. I then let the tractor warm for about 15...
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    DK35 Broken Firewall Bracket and Excellent Service

    While refueling my DK35 I noticed the hood binding and found a broken firewall support bracket. I sent photos to my dealer. He replied within 15 minutes saying they could weld it. I replaced it with a simple temporary bracket to support the wall in front of the fuel tank (that the...
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    A Moose or BC's Homliest Horse

    Sitting here reading TBN and this guy just showed up for lunch. We don't get them a lot, and especially this close in. My wife saw two on the driveway the other day and the dog has been barking a few nights, so I guess they're visiting for a while. This one munched on the trees for about 1/2...
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    Tire Chain Tensioners

    I have close horizontal clearance to the fender supports (vertical clearance is fine) and don't want to add wheel spacers. Accordingly, my chains need to fit snuggly and fairly high on the inside wall (above the sidewall centre line). I used bungees for tensioning but found they deteriorated...
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    Filter for Diesel Storage Tank - water absorbing or plain?

    I purchased a 70 gallon Tidy Tank and pump for diesel storage and am in the process of cleaning and painting it. I intend to add a Goldenrod fuel filter as available at Northern Tool and Princess Auto. They offer water absorbing or plain filters. The water absorbing filter is just $5.00 more...
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    How Do You Determine When to Change Your Air Filter?

    My Kioti DK35SE service manual calls for changing the air filter after 6 times of cleaning or every year. For my conditions that seems much too often. My work is in virtually dust-free conditions. I finally did change my filter after 18 months with the tractor at 400 hours. But I'm quite...
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    DUO Chains - planned modifications

    My DUO chains are very effective but can be improved. The gap between the patterns makes for a rougn ride and slippage, and I had to fill the large gap at the end with a couple of ladder cross chains. Each chain now has seven DUO patterns plus two added straight cross chains to fill the end...
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    Backhoe  Kioti Backhoe Thumb

    I was browsing my dealer's new website and thought some backhoe owners may be interested in this backhoe thumb: Timberstar Manufacturing KBHT/KBMT Backhoe Thumb I don't own a backhoe and am not promoting the product, but thought the concept might be of interest. From a quick search of the...
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    Quick Attach Bucket Removal Incident

    I had a lucky escape while detaching my Quick Attach bucket today. My first instinct was to keep quiet and hide the carelessness/stupidity. Reason prevailed, and I'm posting a photo (of the recreated incident) so others won't make the same mistake. As usual, I placed the bucket on level ground...
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    HST operation - Low or Medium Range?

    I just finished a solid day of bush hogging on hilly ground and had lots of time to ponder this question, and I've often done so before. The tractor easily handles either low or medium range at the PTO 540 rpm throttle setting. So the option is to run in medium range with the HST depressed...
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    Options for dealing with pressure build up in disconnected hydraulic lines

    I was always able to deal with pressure build up in disconnected hydraulic lines due to warmer temperatures when reconnecting. But it was different last week when I reconnected the loader lines. The curl lines went on fairly easily. But there was no way I could release pressure on the arm...
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    An alternative to bungees

    I found one of these ski straps while hiking in an alpine area--likely dropped by a heli-skier. It is great to keep on the loader arm to hold the hydraulic lines when removing the loader. They are...
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    Cold..could not reconnect couplers until heated

    I know reconnecting hydraulic lines at a higher temperature than when they were disconnected can be difficult due to pressure from expanding fluid. But, is it normal to have difficulty (not due to hydraulic pressure) connecting lines at low temperatures? I disconnected my snowblower chute...
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    Tire Chain Repair and Cross Link Questions

    1. I need to modify my DUO chains to fill in a "blank spot" with two additional non-DUO cross chains on each 1/2 pair. One of the cross chains will need to be removeable and I am thinking of using a J-hook swivel hook which the catalogues say are useful for adding cross chains without tools. A...
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    Snow Attachments  Kioti's Magic Snowblower

    Kioti's brochure shows its snowblower on a driverless tractor blasting snow from bare pavement. Photoshop enthusiasm run amok? :D
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    Westwold BC 2011 Steam Show general pictures

    The Westwold Steam show is on an historic ranch/mill site on the weekend following Canadian Thanksgiving. It is free except for the $2 donation requested for parking to support the 4H.
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    Sawmills & baler Westwold Steam Show 2011

    Sawmills and baler (also had a threshing machine) run by steam tractors.
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    Steam Shovel Westwold BC 2011 Steam show

    This steam shovel was completely buried in a creek bed in the Cariboo where it was used for gold mining.
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    Westwold_BC_2011 Steam Show 1928 Case

    1928 Case tractor (running very smoothly) and 1936 Maple Leaf truck with an interesting rear end.
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    PTO Automatic "feature"

    I am very happy with my new DK35 HST, but I wonder why it includes the PTO automatic "feature" that shuts down the PTO if you raise the implement and re-engages as you lower the implement. Other threads suggest throttling down when engaging AND disengaging the PTO. I'm not sure about the...
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    Snowblower  MK Martin vs Lucknow snowblower on DK35 HST

    I am planning to purchase a pull-type snowblower and have narrowed the choices to MK Martin Meteor 68" or 75" or a Lucknow 72". I'd appreciate any opinions or recommendations about the manufacturers. I realise there are higher-end pull-type blowers such as Erskine and other possibilites such...
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    Kioti Operator's Manual Mystery

    I've deciphered most strange entries in the DK35/40/45/50 manual but this warning on page 4-29 still has me stumped: WARNING The durability of the axle can be deteriorated if only one brake pedal is depressed during the 4WD is activated. It is more effective to use the quick turn function...
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    Need help with metric bolts sizes and grades

    I've searched TBN and the internet and am unable to determine what the markings mean on bolts on my Kioti DK35. Bolts holding in loader pivot pins in place are 10 mm in diameter and have: DD 7T i.e. "DD" over "7T" Large bolts mounting the loader to the frame are 14 mm diameter and have the...
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    My DK35 modifications

    After several hours, and working at the absolute limit of my handyman expertise, I managed to complete a couple of modifications to improve my new DK35's functionality and reliability. Photos of my completed work are attached. Has anyone else had trouble with knees knocking out the turn...
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    Question: re: Breaking in new tractor & PTO

    I have 20 hrs on the Kioti DK35 I received a couple of weeks ago. The "work" (i.e. play) has been grading, raking, and using the loader. I have not yet used the PTO. I got thinking about the 50 hr service and changing all the oil and filters. Should I be running the PTO even if I don't need...
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    Oil & Fuel  Questions re: small diesel operating speeds

    I just bought a used 1984 Kubota L275DT. It is around 27 hp with red line at 2,700 RPM and 540 PTO RPM equal to about 2,400 engine RPM. I am new to diesels and have a few basic questions. 1. how long, and at what speed, should I idle the tractor to warm it up? 2. the Kubota rep said that for...