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    Italian CAST tractor

    As I know, the forklift and loader as well as other attachments were made by the kuchyt company out of ft Erie Ontario. Mine is forsale as well.
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    Italian CAST tractor

    I have a 430l with Forklift...and an original owners manual that I believe has the 435l in it.
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    Blowing Pump Seal on Pasquali 988

    Hi Everyone - Have a problem that I cant seem to get past. The seal on my hydraulic pump keeps blowing and I'm not sure why. First off, I'm no where near a hydraulic expert to be sure. I just want it to work. I have a Pasquali 988 with FEL, PS and 3pt. The system is set up with a 5.4 GPM pump...
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    Pasquali 988 Hydraulic Issue

    Hi Everyone - Got a 988 with Front end loader, 6' tiller and dual wheels. She runs great with one huge exception....the hydraulic Shaft seal keeps blowing...and when it does all the hydro fluid runs into the crankcase. I have changed the bypass valve that feeds the 3pt and PS...I have...