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    Ballast  Front weights?

    I have a 3320 and am considering a 5 foot Frontier rotary mower. I'm sure it will have sufficient power but am wondering if I will need any front weights? I have a loader but would rather not have it on for mowing work. Checking to see if anyone out there can give me any advice from...
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    Gator windshield

    Does anyone have any advice on the gator windshield? I have the XUV and want to know if the $350 price tag will keep the wind out of my face. I am also considering the half windshield but am not sure how well that would work.
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    LX 5 cutter

    I know its not the season but I have a 3320 and a MX 6 mower. I actually bought the MX 6 for another tractor but would like a LX 5 for the 3320. The MX 6 is a little heavy for the 3320 when in big grass. Any experience out there with a 5 foot chopper on the 3320 (or comparable 32.5 hp) and...
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    XUV noise

    I know this topic is an old one but when everybody was talking about it I didn't have the problem. I bought one of the first XUV's in March of this year. I didn't have a problem with it until early fall when I started getting "that noise" under the front differential that many were talking...
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    2007 Tundra vs F250 5.4

    My son and I (he is a huge diesel fan) took off last week to trade my 2004 Super Duty F250 5.4 on a diesel. I have always been a Ford man and have had the F250 for a year. The 5.4 is totally underpowered for this size truck. It feels like the truck can barely pull itself. I put on a K&N cold...
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    3320 polish, wax or what?

    I have a 3320 and the hood, fenders, etc. are all made of plastic. I want to shine it up. The manual only says to use a non-abrasive polish. Does anyone have a particular brand that works well for them? I am afraid of marring the surface with small scratches if I do not use the proper product.
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    XUV noise

    I know this XUV noise has about been talked to death but now I am experiencing it so I am looking for some other instances others may have had. I will pay attention this time. I have had the new XUV since about February or March when they first came out. I like the machine and would buy one...
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    RTV 1100

    I'm not sure what model it is called but it is the newest Kubota UTV with the cab and factory air. I saw it yesterday at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL. It sounded like at good idea but the seating area is so small. I am tall and my knees pushed up against the dash. I don't know if...
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    New XUV Arrived

    I picked up my new XUV late yesterday afternoon. I haven't had too much of a chance to drive it yet because is got so cold. Tuesday it was in the 70's, yesterday and today the high is in the 30's and in the 20's overnight. I traded in an 06 HPX. I can tell it is quicker and definitly...
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    Gator XUV

    I am about to order a new XUV this week. I know they have not been out long but would like to hear from anyone who has one. I currently have an 06 HPX I will be trading in. Any time you trade a fairly new anything you take a hit on depreciation. I don't think it is too bad of a trade but...
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    F250 5.4 gas mileage

    I saw the post on the 6L Ford diesel regarding fuel mileage (which is what I really wanted) but had to settle on a gas. I am pulling a gooseneck on rare occasion so had to upgrade from a V6. I have a 2004 Super Duty Crew Cab 4x4 with the 5.4 liter gas engine and 4 speed automatic tranmission...
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    1950 Farmall M

    I have a 1950 Farmall M that was my fathers only new tractor. He died when I was only 2 years old, back in 1956. I have managed to hang onto this tractor for the past 50 years and had it restored last year. I take it around to a few local parades but would like to get into some type of...
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    Mowing  Frontier Finish Mower

    I know its not grass cutting season but I got a 3320 and was wanting a finish mower. I have the chance to get a Frontier GM1060E which is the 5 foot economy model. I looked up on the JD web site and the economy model has a 30hp gearbox and 11 guage reinforced deck. The regular GM1060R...
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    Has anyone had any problems with the Cub Cadet 5252 sub compact tractor. I have always been a Cadet person but the 5252 I had was the worst new motorized piece of equipment I ever had. My model had the 25hp Kohler which worked fine. It was the other components I didn't care for. The throttle...
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    Canopy  3320 Canopy

    I have a 3320 and am considering the canopy but do not know if it is worth the $400 plus price tag. I can get the JD canvas umbrella for $100 which seems a better deal. Checking to see if there are any opinions out there, looking mainly for shade in the summer. I am tall, so getting on and...
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    Canopy  3320 Canopy

    I have a 3320 and am considering either the factory canopy or the 4 point frame JD canvas umbrella that fastens to the rops. I've seen a picture of the umbrella but am not sure how it is fastened. It looks like about $400 plus for the canopy and about $100 for the umbrella. Shade to me would...