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    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    If you take the valve out to check for broken gasket\o-ring please take pics as you go and share :) It appears it's not too much effort, and that's my plan to tackle in the coming weekend. Also, did you check your hydrualic fluid level? I did, mine was at the bottom line I'm going to top it...
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    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    I went out and tried on my m59, and it acts like everyone elses... I can push it back by hand or my wife pulling on it to re-center\go left, works fine! Did that a few times and now I have power (10%) to move it left, but it won't go more than a little past center to the left now, ha! I'm...
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    M59 backhoe problem - no power side to side

    Did you figure this out and get it resolved? Mine started doing it this year over 800 hours, at first it would just slowly move to the right, and now it wont let me go left... randomly fixes after I force it back, then randomly does it again! Trying some of RScott's tips, but curious what you...
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    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    Thanks rScotty! Funny you mention the pushing it back, that's what I did once on a stump already, just hooked it and drove around to straigthen it out... I don't mind it being random\weird but when I'm going 10mph down a 1 lane road with 200 homes and it randomly slams to the other traffic...
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    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    Wouldn't me physically moving the lever\valve into another position test this, or no? I didn't notice anything, but with your suggestion I'll take again and take pic to share.
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    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    There is no pump sound, no humm or usual sound... like if my thumb foot pedal is stuck. All other backhoe functionality work 100% fine, aside from the ability to go left\right, since it is stuck in far right position. Problem is not 100% all the time, it comes and goes. The only thing that...
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    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    I was digging a hole with my Kubota m59 Backhoe and suddenly it went to the right (when facing rear) as far as it could go, and is holding itself there touching my stabilizer. I cannot reposition it. I came back the next day and it had no problem, started up centered, and it stayed there for...
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    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    I was digging a hole with my Kubota m59 Backhoe and suddenly it went to the right (when facing rear) as far as it could go, and is holding itself there touching my stabilizer. I cannot reposition it. I came back the next day and it had no problem, started up centered, and it stayed there for...
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    Quick Attach Engagement question

    I'll have to test out adjusting springs or stops, mine hop for sure even with my good fitting Kubota buckets. That wouldn't surprise me. My Fork attachment (and Grapple for that matter) are Titan, chinese import... They lack Qaulity Control, and the Grapple is 1\8" slop on the bottom, I plan...
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    Quick Attach Engagement question

    Good to know that angle isn't unique to my m59. I'll clean up the grinding dust and metal shavings and take another pic, you can see a pretty good spot where the paint is gone from engagement. I do think my grapple engages more than this kubota bucket and will get measurements from that too...
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    Quick Attach Engagement question

    Thanks @rScotty for the detailed reply. The visible line is a score mark I made to highlight current position, as you can tell it's a bit nasty with grinding dust right now :D I'll check if it's level, but this is the Kubota Bucket and so far their attachments have been much better in terms of...
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    Quick Attach Engagement question

    I've had to cut and weld my torque tube a couple times, and I'm thinking my QA is still slightly out of alignment due to engagement I see and before I tweak something again I'm looking for info to make adjustments again, if possible. I've attached an image with a line I put on it which is the...
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    Trailer Moving & Lifting Attachment - Ideas & Input Wanted

    Correct. Backhoe... and I use it a lot, so much that I've never removed it since I've owned it, and I can't convince myself to get a 3pt chipper knowing I'll need the backhoe at that same time while doing tree work :/ Scratch, and overkill and this will likely be a small 'boom' for the...
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    Skidding winch sizing? and Pat's Easy Change

    Appreciate the detailed the answer. My most recent acquisition is a bandsaw mill... so getting more wood in less time & effort is something I'm investigating too :D and you've painted a picture that's going to keep me going back now to these setups :D :D Jealous of your 700+ acres, we're hoping...
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    Trailer Moving & Lifting Attachment - Ideas & Input Wanted

    Thanks for the feedback! I too use my bucket and\or fork attachment currently but it's gotten to the point I've ran into situations repeatedly where I have issues and have to rig it up and make it work... which is fine, but at this point I'm thinking I need to save time and be a bit safer :D...
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    Trailer Moving & Lifting Attachment - Ideas & Input Wanted

    Aside from the issue of my forks being too long, and trailers too heavy to make that a viable option I need to use it for lifting and moving more things than just a trailer.
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    Trailer Moving & Lifting Attachment - Ideas & Input Wanted

    That was my initial thought and plan, but the fork attachment itself (not the forks) I have isn't exactly the strongest or thickest material and I do move trailers with enough weight that I'm not comfortable using a fork to do that kind of moving as my forks are over 48" too, and I also work in...
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    Trailer Moving & Lifting Attachment - Ideas & Input Wanted

    Up until now I've used the receiver on my fork attachment but it's got issues... like it's near impossible to remove so when I move pallets my receiver can cause damage to what's on the pallet or not allow me to load that extra 4" which does matter sometimes. I have a spare blank\empty quick...
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    Skidding winch sizing? and Pat's Easy Change

    Curious... if this is for home use why do you need a full-on skidding winch\system? I've been felling on my extremely over grown and dense 20 acres for 10+ years, 5 of them much more than the past.... 100s and 100s of trees 8" to 38" that I cut into 10, 12, 14 pieces but have also moved some...
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    What MIG wire for Hardfacing ?

    Thanks everyone! Based on some searching and the price it does seem like using normal wire + scrap steel will do what I need. The replacement cost for some of my buckets don't even exceed $400 😁 I can't see paying $300+ for a 33lb spool. I may end up just grabbing some hard facing rod to use...
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    Front snow chains for M59

    Thanks! I wasn't aware of that, good to know. We usually deal with 2-3' for storms with anything over 3' you have to be sure to clear before trying to drive through or you may end up stuck and clawing out with the backhoe 😆 that slight grade becomes a hassle, and then I also risk digging up my...
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    Grooving Industrial Tires

    The tires on my Kubota M59 are chunked pretty severely already from catching edges of stumps and misc stuff I may run across not visible in the snow... By comparison @RjCorazza your tires look brand new. I assume you didn't notice any additional chunking as I don't really see any right now...
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    What MIG wire for Hardfacing ?

    More of an I want than an I need to do this :) at this point... but I'd like to get some wire for it. I'd like to add hardfacing to my backhoe buckets as well as for my auger bits. No crazy patterns or 50lbs of weld... more of edge repair and strengthen. What MIG wire is everyone using for...
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    Front snow chains for M59

    This last storm where we saw almost 4' and about 3.5' was on top of ice\snow I had a hell of a time making it back up my driveway after plowing and the warm\freeze cycle turned it into an ice rink :D looking to put some chains on the front of my m59 now... I don't want the super aggressive...
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    Quick connect coupler recommendation

    Anyone finding this in the future... Kubota front 3rd function on my Kubota M59 the parts diagram shows the CAP on FEL hydraulic as 1\2-14 NPTF (where factory parker QC are hooked up or a CAP) so you can use 1\2 NPT Skid Loader \ Flat Face coupler WITH Teflon tape (rated for hydraulic...
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    Quick connect coupler recommendation

    To tag onto this thread as it's 100% on target as I'm wanting to do the same to my Kubota. - Are Kubota 1\2 NPT ? - What about the Summit brand on Amazon? - Some are labeled "pressurized" QC ... are they worth the extra $10\ea? Seems like it if they work as expected.
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    M59 Quick Coupler Question

    I'm looking to change my quick couplers to flat face just in case I need rental equipment for something. I also want to change my backhoe thumb to a quick coupler so I can use my auger on the backhoe. Questions: For the FEL coupler and backhoe coupler -- are they the same size? What size...
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    Hydraulic Auguer Attachment Questions before I buy

    Good to know, I was looking at getting an 8" and 12". I have a PTO Auger - the bits, and never invested in finishing it out due to it's size relative to my tractor and the time to swap backhoe off to drill some holes :D I hear you about concrete, I'd rather hire too but for deck, small fences \...
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    Kubota Backhoe attachment Questions and hydraulic fitting question

    Some drive motors can run on as low as 7gpm, they'll be less torque. With the M59 we have approx 15gpm front and rear outputs which supports various augers on the market.
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    Kubota Backhoe attachment Questions and hydraulic fitting question

    FYI - Messicks wasn't sure if they'd fit or not. They also said some augers\drives are 3-7 months back order right now :/ too
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    Kubota Backhoe attachment Questions and hydraulic fitting question

    Thanks for the feedback! That looks like a good option. I'll investigate. Do you know if Messicks can tell you by Serial# or? if it will fit your M59? I assume it's the later versions it works with? Looks like under $800 here --> QA Coupler - Excavator buckets
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    M59 hydraulic tube replacement

    Can you give some back story on the issue \ cause ?
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    Kubota Backhoe attachment Questions and hydraulic fitting question

    Does anyone have a brand or know where I can buy the plate that quick attach to my kubota backhoe that I can mount a hydraulic auger to? I think I'll also need to convert my hydro-thumb to a quick-attach connector to facilitate switching between thumb usage and auger... favorite place to buy...
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    Hydraulic Auguer Attachment Questions before I buy

    I need to pull the trigger on buying an auger + attachment for my Kubota M59 as soon as possible... please help me make the choice on which way to go :D My plan is to have it with quick-attach for the front-end loader, and either build or buy an attachment to swap position and also use on the...
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    Came here to ask him that too. We use biocide already.
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    Great info. Luckily cold here would be the teens... so not that cold. I am usually only operating when it's in the 20s-30s for snow clearing anyway, I think the 5w-40 will be great for winter\summer usage for me.
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    I'll let you know what I notice and update this after I change the oil again before it starts getting colder.... luckily for now mid 40s but even that is noticeable on the kubota oil. Then again I see a lot of threads about the m59 and kubota in general smoking and stumbling the first 4-6...
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    Great! I look forward to comparing... going to run my Kubota Oil (just changed) for some projects then swap before it gets really cold. Great to hear! I spent hours upon hours reading over a dozen forums from small engines to cummins and motorcycles the T6 5w-40 seems to be used and LOVED in...
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    Anyone switched from the Kubota Brand oil 15w40 to T6 5w40? I noticed my jugs of kubota 15w40 over the last few years are not identical oil types anymore so I'm not sure what may have changed... but I did notice when it's < 45*F it's noticeably rougher starting. I have T6 5w40 on hand already...
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    New Water Setup

    Instead of using a large booster pump (after 3000g water tank) has anyone installed 3+ smaller booster pumps at their destination/connections? Water Tank --1.5" Fitting--> Manifold--> Gravity Pressure -- 1.5" Pipe--> House Pressure Pump --> 3/4" House Connection...
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    Backhoe  Backhoe Thumb FOot Pedal Sticking

    I'm getting ready to order replacement pins and sleeve and a hydraulic cylinder rebuild kit and want to fix my sticky foot pedal while I'm at it. I have no clue what part I need to replace though? The problem: When using the backhoe thumb and foot pedal to operate if I step nearest me on the...
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    Auger attachment for backhoe on M59 Kubota

    Looking to get an auger for my Kubota m59 to mount on the backhoe... they seem to be rated in torque. What's the max torque I can put on the backhoe of the M59 before I pretzel the backhoe or twist the whole backhoe :laughing: :laughing: The price difference between 2900LB and 6000LB is <$1000...
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    m59 replacement part

    Where can I find the part # and cost of this part online? retaining bolt came out, and when I dropped the bucket to unload it slipped off, and collided with the attachment are.... :( yes. this pin has no lube, now is a good time to fix the zerk ;)
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    Hyraulic Fluid of Choice

    I started a thread in the Rural Forum about fluid for my new logsplitter. $27 for 5G at TSC. Any reason to spend $$ on synthetic high-end for log splitter? (I run Super UDT/2 in my Kubota, and have a little Super UDT (not 2) left and lots of 2 for my tractor). Debating if it's at all worth...
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    New Splitter On the Way -- Questions

    I recently ordered a: LSED14534 34 Ton Commercial Grade Log Splitter - Swisher What hydraulic fluid would you guys suggest? I have a Kubuta and will be changing fluid, is it not advised to use that fluid even though it's filtered? Any other 'favorite' lube for splitters I should be aware of :D :D
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    Where to buy H / I Beams?

    Looking to build a wood splitter and want to do it right, and extra beefy. Looking at acquiring some: w8 x 48 or w10 x 54 Going to pair with a 5x30 cylinder, 28GPM pump, etc... Is everyone buying at scrapyard? Places I'm finding are $500+ for that beam :(
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    Remote Hydraulic Control Vavles - Question

    My M59 is equipped with the "Remote Hydraulic Control Valves" pictured: Where can I find specifications for these ports? Trying to figure out how they work exactly so I can determine if I can use them for a Log Splitter ???
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    Grease Question... again ;)

    I've got two cases of Amsoil grease. The "Off-Road" grease I know I use for the FEL, BH, etc... But is the other grease for the front axle or do I have it for something else? (Sorry! I've been ill for 2 years and haven't used the tractor really until now, and it's time to get her lubed up again!)
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    Stop the rain in my shipping container... :)

    Has anyone been able to prevent the condensation in a shipping container simply by using solar ventilation ? How many CFM is needed? 2 weeks ago we had snow, now it's 70* -- one of my containers in the shade is practically raining inside, all metal is wet not just the walls/roof... a roll of...
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    m59 sale price -- help

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    Front Output Hydraulic Log Splitter

    I plan to make a log splitter utilizing the front outputs on my Kubota M59 by utilizing this cylinder, and making an extension to the electronics on my joy stick to operate it. I`m wondering if I need to add an aux. hydraulic tank for additional fluid or if my tractor has enough :confused...
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    Chain Hooks - Made in USA

    So I can easily find Made in USA chain. However, finding Chain hooks made in the USA has proven difficult. Anyone know of a company still manufacturing chain hooks in the USA ? Also, where is everyone getting their chain from for the best price (made in usa) ??
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    M59 Hydraulic Question

    Anyone have a chart that will show the following: RPM - Front Aux GPM - Front Aux Pressure ### ### ### Just curious :D
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    NON-Tractor Oil Question

    We recently acquired a porter cable construction class generator with a Honda 13HP engine in it. We plan to use it on our property throughout the year with temperatures ranging from well below freezing in winter, to around 100 in summer. The manual calls for 10w30 but we don't use 10w30 in...
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    m 59 oil change

    time to change my kubots oil. recommendations from tractor oil gods?? :D
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    M59 Hydraulic Fluid Capacity

    I can't seem to locate my tractor manual (well the part I need)... Those with a M59 what is the amount of hydraulic fluid it requires? Thanks!
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    Super UDT

    What's everyone paying for Super UDT? Local place wants $69 + Tax for 2.5g which seems ridiculous. They don't stock 5g, or 50g drums either... I`m thinking I can get much better rates ordering it even with shipping!! So... What's everyone paying for Super UDT? 2.5g - ? 5.0g - ? 50g - ? Trying...
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    Will this work?

    Stopped by Autozone to get some grease and here are my options. > Products > Grease Gear Oil > Grease > DuraBlend® Synthetic Blend Grease Green Grease....The Best Grease Money Can Buy!....Just ask anyone who has used it!..... For lubing FEL, and BH. What does everyone think?
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    M59 Backup Beeper issues

    I haven't been able to figure out what is up with my backup beeper. I start her up, warm up and drive away.. no beeping. I then backup, and the beeping starts. I then go forward and the beeping starts. Going backwards/forward no matter what the beeping continues. Only way to stop it was to...
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    M59 Backhoe Lifting Capacity...

    With the backhoe extended almost all the way about like --- how much weight can it lift w/out curling? Talking about going UP. :D
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    Wood Shed Pictures

    Looking to expand or completely re-do my wood sheds... Looking for ideas :D Post up pictures please :thumbsup:
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    Kubota Snow Plow

    I`m looking for a snow plow to stick on the front of my M 5 9 tractor. I'd like one to go on the FEL quick attachment not the bucket. Where to look? Who makes them? Can my tractor push an 84" plow up hill/gravel road?
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    Cargo Container

    Anyone rent a cargo container? Looking to see what standard rates are monthly for a 20' and a 40' :confused: Did you have to pay a delivery fee too? I`m trying to work out a deal for a 40' to buy, if that fails then I`ll want to rent one with hopefully option to buy it. Need to clear up...
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    M59 Arrived

    Well my M59 from Barlow's arrived :thumbsup: this week. Definitely a step up from the 40hp rental I was used to :D the breakout strength of the FEL and BH were noticeable improvements and will drastically increase productivity! The dirt/clay/dust we have here is TERRIBLE, sure hope the...
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    4-in-1  Bleed new 4n1?

    EDIT: Got it :thumbsup:
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    International TD6

    What's a running international TD6 worth? and how hard are parts? cost of parts? -No restoration. -Looks like home made dozer blade with hydro (works). -Running condition, possible clutch slipping. Also, what is their gross weight?
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    What's everyone's thought on Amsoil GHD (HD Grease) ? AMSOIL - Synthetic Heavy-Duty Grease (GHD) Is there something better (similar cost or less) for FEL/BH and general use on tractor and other things requiring grease ?? I prefer to spend more for quality, but don't want to pay more if I don't...
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    M59 Manual

    Anyone have a M59 owner manual in .PDF or .DOC format? :D
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    Pneumatic Grease Gun

    Looking at getting this grease gun anyone have any experience with it ?
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    HST Engine RPM

    Is it best to use the RPM that gets the job done or up the RPMS for all work? Just curious what everyone does to determine the correct RPM for their HST tractor.
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    Electrical Limitations

    What is the best way to determine the electrical requirement of the tractor "as is", and then figure out how much more you can add to it w/out utilizing alternator 100% or more, and draining the battery, and potentially ruining the alternator. Looking to add some work lights, and maybe a CB...
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    Binder & Chain

    Looking to replace my old, loose, binder's and get some new chain. Suggestions? Can I get binders NOT made in china anymore? What about chain? What manufacture is considered top quality? Is everyone using 3/8 for their tractors/loads :confused:
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    Chain, Chain, and more chain....

    Looking for some quality chain for moving logs, disabled vehicles, steel pipes, and just general chain usage etc. (not for binders) I see the same labeled chain go for different amounts at harbor freight, northern tools, tractor supply, etc.. How the heck do we know what's good quality stuff...
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    Price Check  USED M59 Price Check

    Between different models, new, and used, I`m now curious what a used Kubota M59 would go for. 250 hours standard features + 84 inch bucket, backhoe thumb, 30 inch bucket, the rear remote valves, air cleaner and a 3 point hitch. No other implements or additional features. Anything specific to...
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    Buying Advice  KUBOTA L5030 or New Holland TC45D

    I've rented the TC35D, and it gets the job done but not efficiently, and makes me smack my head sometimes. I need something relatively the same size to fit on my roads in the woods, I have some room to play here, but would prefer to stay as close to this size as possible. My purposes/usages...
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    Buying Advice  TC45D Opinion / Advice requested.

    Hi Everyone, we have approx. 20 acres of heavily wooded land with elevation change of maximum about 85-100 ft. Probably 3-5 acres of cleared land that's relatively flat where all my work has been done at, and an area between our mountains where the pond work has started. (And hopefully another...
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    Hi All, new to the forum. I've been renting a New Holland TC35D w/Loader & Backhoe, and have started my search for owning my own tractor.