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    Fuel additives

    Is there any restriction on the fuel additives. For the ford psd, you can not use any additive that will emulsify(sp) water and cause it to pass through the filter to the injectors. I thought that the Kubotas did not have this regstriction. Rich
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    Kubota air filter Amsoil?

    It has been two years now on the l3000dt and I noticed that the air cleaner should be replaced. I am thinking about using an amsoil filter instead of the OEM type. What are the downsides of this? Thanks, RJA <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by rja on 11/12/01 01:35 PM (server time).</FONT></P>
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    Freeze plug Removal?

    How do you remove a freeze plug? Rich
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    block heater install?

    How do you punch out the freze plug to install a block heater?The tractor is a 1999 kub L3000dt. Thanks, Rich.
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    L3000dt 50 hr service

    I have a couple of questions on the 50 hr service. With the tranie oil change, 1. do I need any gaskets or teflon tape for the oil drain plugs? 2. how many screens are there? The manual shows only one. 3. can I clean the screen without draining out the oil?
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    Screen filters only?

    On my Kub. L3000dt tractor (manual drive) there are only screens to filter the hydralic fluid, no real spin-on filter. Can anybody explain why this would be done and if it is sufficient to keep the oil clean. Thanks Rich.
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    No Filter on trans!

    I have a l3000dt which is a manual drive tractor. This unit does not have any spin-on type filter for the hydrolic system, only (I believe) two screens. Is this enough filteration for the system? Does anybody know why a good filter was not used in this application? Thanks. Rich.
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    Problems with synthetic oil?

    Has anyone had problems using synthetic oil in their diesel motors? I have a Kubota so Kubota expierence is welcome. Thanks Rich.
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    Synthetic oil befor 100hr?

    Has anyone used synthetic oil in a Kubota tractor prior to 100 hrs of use? I have been told that diesel motors don't need the brakein that gas ones do and that it is ok to use synthetic oil almost from day one. However, when I spoke to the Kubota factory tech, he said that I should NEVER use...
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    Synthetic oil in motor n/g

    I just spoke with the Kubota factory tech about when to use synthetic oil in the diesel motor. His response was that Kubota does NOT recommend the use of synthetic oil in their diesels. He had no explanation as to why, just what they were told. This is totally opposite to what I have been told...
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    With large diesels there is a problem with bubbles in the cooling system that cause erosion of the block. There is an additive that used in the coolant to counteract this process. Does this Cavitation problem exsist in the small diesel motors? Rich.
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    L3000, synthetic oil?

    I have a L3000 and would like to change the tranie fliuid. This is a manual tractor (no HST). Can I use Amsoil oil. If so, is the stuff I need the automatic transmission fluid ATH? Is there a way to put on a aux tranie filter? Thanks for the Help. Rich.
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    Has anybody used the product Mo-Deck? This is a polymer spray that is applied (spray can) to the underside of the mower deck and it should keep the grass from accumulating. Last year I started using diesel fuel/motor oil mixture sprayed on the deck and had good results. Thanks, Rich
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    Battery Blanket?

    I have read about using a battery blanket to help keep the battery warm in the winter. Sounds like a good idea. Does any one know where to buy these blankets. The auto store told me that they were dealer only items from the auto manufactures. Sounds like he did not really know anything. Thanks, Rich
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    6 volt light on a 12 volt system?

    I have always been told that the stupid question is the one not asked. Thus said, here goes... I have a 6 volt tractor light which was left over from my Ford 8N. I need a rear light on the Kubota L3000. The 6 volt light fits nicely and there is a hot wire already directly underneath it (nice...
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    Amsoil dual remote filter?

    OK, I am getting sucked into this whole synthetic mindset. Amsoil has a oil filtration system that connects to the original oil filter connection and runs two hoses to a remote filter base. This base consists of two canister filters. The oil is pumped to this remote location and cleaned then...
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    Dusting the engine?

    I read some posts that talked about "dusting" as a cause of engine failure. I find it hard to believe that these diesel engines are so delicate that a little dust introduced into the system when the air cleaner is changed will cause them to die. I am not saying that we should be slobs when the...
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    Mixing oils.........

    To all of the oil/chemical experts: I changed the hydro oil in a ZTR mower and switched to Amsoil syntheitc. This was blessed by both the engine and mower manfgs. While changing this fluid, I also changed the heavy gear oil on the cutting deck (also with syntheitc). Now the problem, since both...
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    Best synthetic oil?

    I am convinced that Synthetic oil should be used over pet. oils. Now, which is the best brand? I have been reading the posts on this board and Amsoil seems to be the Syn. of choice. The only problem is that I think that some of the people singing the praises of Amsoil are also dealers and may...
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    Anatomy of a COLD start?

    Does anybody know why engine damage occures during a cold start? Is it due to the oil being cold and not flowing for the first couple of seconds or is it due to the oil draining off of the internal engine parts and thus causing a nonlubracated environment?
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    Oil additives?

    Has any body used the Lucas Oil additive products. I am wrestling with using synthetic oil or pet. oil with some additives. As in a prior post, I have some long term storage concerns with small HP gas engines. Thanks. Rich
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    Clean my deck, please.

    Can anyone give me some advice on mower deck maintenance? I read in one of the posts that mixing diesel fuel with motor oil in a 75:25 ratio makes a good spray for the underside of the mower deck. This was done as a 'barrier' prior to mowing which allowed for an easier clean up. BRILLIANT ! (if...
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    Winter Fuel Additives ?

    To the panel of experts.... What do you do to the fuel in the winter? Some of the posts referenced 'dee zol plus' as a preferred treatment but I have not been able to find it locally. Is this stuff so much better than the products that the local automotive stores carry? Thanks.
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    New Kubota winter usage questions.

    Some advice please. Background: Kubota L3000 tractor with 10hrs of use and original oil in engine/trans. The tractor is housed in a closed barn in central NJ. Winter usage includes monthly horse manure dumping and removing snow from a 500 foot gravel drive way two or three times a year...