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    Best Matress for the money

    I do not know if they sell nationwide but in Ohio we have the original mattress factory. They make some damn good ones, Just make sure you have about 3 people to help you put it in the house because they are heavy!
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    Pros to having a riding mower over a zero-turn

    This is the exact reason why I do not own a ZT!!!!
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    Hi from Ohio

    Hello! I live in central Ohio. Welcome!
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    Mag drill, who has one, what brand, what do you do with oy and what brand of annular cutters do you use?

    Have you looked at Jancy Mag drills and cutters? I believe they were bought by Fein as labeled as such now. But are wonderful mag drills along with the annular cutters!
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    Deere 755

    Great tractors. From the 455 clear up to 955 I would still purchase one today and not think twice about it. As long as they were taken care of they will last a lifetime.
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    MIG Welder for Beginner/Light Use

    We still waiting for the final comment!!
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    MIG Welder for Beginner/Light Use

    I believe everyone get's your point about Inverter based machines. I certainly am not doubting that however, there still is real differences between inverter machine vs inverter machine regardless of where the parts come from. Here are some examples: 1. Wave Forms 2. Pulse frequency's 3. AC...
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    MIG Welder for Beginner/Light Use

    I'm glad we got our information right finally. Unlike the last thread about wire! OP: Cant go wrong with Miller,Hobart,Lincoln. There is a reason why they cost more. If anybody says those brands are the same as the HF or what you buy off amazon they are highly mistaken! It's kind of like the...
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    Bought a new Lincoln Mig 211i

    Like I said MOST wires.
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    Bought a new Lincoln Mig 211i

    Take a drive around Lincoln Electric in Cleveland Ohio and you will learn pretty quick they are not making everything in China! A lot of their flagship pipe line welders and still being made in Cleveland along with their robot cells and most of the welding wire.
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    Bought a new Lincoln Mig 211i

    Cant go wrong with a Lincoln, Miller or ESAB welder. They are the only ones worth buying IMO. What's the old saying "I'm too poor to buy cheap"
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    Ad Blocker

    Here is a screenshot of my screen this morning. 6 different ads. a little excessive IMO
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    Ad Blocker

    I have not been on this website for a few years. I came back and the forums are almost unreadable with all the Ads. TBN must be getting money hungry. I have always ran google chrome and it never used to be this bad with ads.