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    ISO: Patu DC 40 Chipper Manual

    Try searching for a Junkkari HJ5M manual. I think that's the same chipper and manuals are available for download.
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    PTO clutch

    If you're asking specifically about the clutch lever for the PTO, it should always be down when the PTO is in neutral. The manual says to leave the clutch lever engaged (raised position) no longer than 15 minutes at a time.
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    Zetor 6441 Not starting

    I've got a Zetor 8441. I have to lift slightly on the PTO clutch handle in order to start it. The owner's manual refers to it as a safety switch. If I forget to lift the handle, it acts exactly as you describe. Greg
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    Case 580c steering problems

    We"ve got an early eighties model 580C. The seal on the top of the steering valve started leaking and it pumped oil up through the steering column. We replaced the seal with an OEM Case part and did nothing else to the valve. After reinstalling the valve, the wheels pull all of the way to the...