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    Keweenaw snow photos

    John Dee of Snow Central – Snow Central has passed away. He will be sorely missed.
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    adding 3-point to New Holland 545d

    Expensive is an understatement. That said, it can be done but.........
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    ford perryshire conversion
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    Manuals ford 4500 and 753 backhoe

    The copyrights belonged to Ford itself, the writers were employees who received nothing in addition to their regular pay.
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    Ford tractor identification

    Based on the data in post 1, it looks like a 4400 utility with a 13 foot backhoe.
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    Tractor classification — HP vs torque

    Anyone remember the "Official Nebraska Tests"?
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    I'm just waiting to see how much of the 16" - 24" forecast you actually get by Sunday.
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    Thames engine

    Google is your friend. You tube has some videos that may be applicable and wikipedia has some information. If you've not tried these, have a go.
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    Gasoline Tractors are they coming Back ?

    They still exist up to 34 hp. I have one w/540 PTO, FWD & Loader. Sure is handy.
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    Ford 770 Loader

    Widowmaker got a tractor. :eek:
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    Need help identifying a Ford backhoe.

    The standard backhoe for the 3400/3500 was the 10 foot model 730.poer C = power class, eg. 3000, 3100, 3400, 3500., 340 etc U = Utility 1 = Diesel 1 = 8 Speed K = PTO, probably None This is tractor only, the loadet would be a Model 340, Backhoe 730 Don't remember so much anymore, been a long...
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    Looking good Arly. Boundary Road used to be one of my shortcuts. Good tracking snow. I no longer remember the year, but we did hunt deer in shirtsleeves once while I still lived up there. Hip deep the next year. I continue to enjoy your pictures. Thanks.
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    Ford 7600 LM

    Standard equipment of the 7600. Check the hydraulic lift controls.
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    Using the Bucket

    The above covers it. I once taught this to dealer and sale personnel.
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    Yup, my buddy did at his cottage. It was a shallow well so a pistol should be adequate. He didn't have one with him so he went to the neighboring game warden. He asked what my buddy was going to do with it. Reply, shoot my well. Response, You're that mad at it? They did shoot the well...
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    Need rivet gun recommendations

    I had one, did a nice job, even on blind rivets (on an aluminum boat).
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    Old Ford rake help

    Woods made them for Ford. The WD in the serial number is the give away.
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    Old Ford rake help

    That was made by Woods so they may be of some help.
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    Buying Advice SCUT/CUT for a newbie on 2.5 acre 15d slope, what should I think about?

    Depending on the convenience, or lack thereof, of hitching up the 3-pt implements, you might consider a quick hitch for the SCUT. Mine is miserable and the quick hitch saved a lot of bad words. The one I got is specifically designed for a SCUT.
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    Stamped marking on chain

    I have an unmarked 1/2" chain w/slip hook on one end and grab hook on the other. Just like the old logging chains when I was a kid. I'm 80 now.
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    Mattock Handles. Why?

    I and my logger uncles have made a lot of cant hook, maul and axe handles from white ash. It is very tough and durable.
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    That reminds me of the standard forecast when I lived up there, "Clear and Still" which really meant that the snow was clear up to your butt and still snowing.
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    Ford 8N starter issues

    Once had the ground cable clamp bolt break inside the clamp. Intermittent no start.
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    FWIW the last wolverine found in Michigan was a few years ago in the thumb. Dead.
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    An American company that stands behind it's products!

    I had the pleasure of visiting Fiskars Village at Fiskars, Finland. The old buildings had old machinery still powered by jack shafts which were powered by a water wheel. Quite an interesting historical place.
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    Ford 3000 3-point lift lever

    If all of the increments of lift are at the bottom of the range, about 1/8" increments, the position control cam may have been modified. In that case replacing it would put it back to original. That was a field modification for landscapers in the early 1970s to provide precision control of box...
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    God jul to everyone here

    Hyvaa Joulua !!🎅
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    Bought a axe to my self as Jule present

    There is some truth to that. Mine has a keen edge, but I like it like that. I also have a number of Martiini knives, some gifts and family hand-me-downs and some that I bought at the factory store in Rovaniemi.
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    Bought a axe to my self as Jule present

    I have a Fiskars hatchet that is very well made and great to use. It was made in Finland and gifted to me by a visiting relative.
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    Ford county identification.

    Those were built by County Commercial Cars in the UK based on a Ford power train. The Super 6 was a 6 cylinder and later the Super 4 was a 4 cylinder. I had the pleasure of perating a Super 6 in about 1965 which was built prior to the blue line introduced in 1964. The power trains were all B...
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    New hand tools

    Heh, my extension cord is a Ryobi 1800 W generator. Just toss it in the back of the Mule and away we go. (y)
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    What Model??

    This is an older MF Industrial tractor. The Loader Model No. is MF34A, Ser No 2206000481. The data for the tractor is not known at this time, mainly because we don't know where to look. Following are two pictures which may help. TIA.
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    Manuals Available (very reasonable)

    I have the following manuals which I am willing to part with. 1. Ford Operator's Manual, (SE3503) - Tractors 231, 335, 420, 515, 531, 532 & 535 2. Ford Repair Manual (SE4044) - Tractors 230A, 340A, 445, 530A, 540A & 545 I would expect the recipient to at least pay shipping costs. Anyone...
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    Wolf's Head 10W40 SM, SL/CF Oil

    I ran across this oil today after having not seen Gas/Diesel combo oil in years. It was on sale for $1.49/Qt. at a local hardware chain.