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    Pop Quiz

    Daddy Raised a Boy, Not a Man - Scott Miller & The Commonwealth
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    What is needed to add stereo to Grand L cab?

    Messick's sells a kit with the adaptors and an inexpensive chinesium radio w/Bluetooth and adaptors for less than $100. General: Messick Kubota Radio Package, Part # KURADIOPKG
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    Man lift for fel

    According to their web site Sunbelt rental has this available 30 miles away from you for $250 bucks/day, its tow-able by a small car. While you have it clean your gutters and trim a couple of trees. :thumbsup:
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    Hello, Greetings from Southeast PA. Long time lurker, now new member. I've been reading a lot for the last year doing research/shopping for a tractor. The forum has been a valuable resource. Since I just pulled the trigger on a new to me John Deere 4400, I figured I should finally sigh up for...