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    Battery damage

    I went to start my Ford 3000 this weekend and the battery seemed completely dead and would not jump. I had not run it since December, I believe. I was removing the battery today to take into Napa to try to recharge it and noticed that the casing on one end was cracked and pushed out. I will...
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    What's chipping up this tree?

    While walking in my woods a couple months ago, I came across this tree that had been chipped away considerably to about 8 feet up its trunk. I am attaching pictures. There was a pile of chips on the ground. My guess is that woodpeckers have been going at it, and particularly the large...
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    Rear Finish Mower  Non-dealer mower belts

    I just bought a new belt for my Land Pride rear finishing mower from the dealer -- about $80. I see that there are belts available on the internet ranging from $35 to $55 in price and wonder if anybody has experience with the "internet belts" and if they hold up as well as the dealer belts...
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    Whose bone is this?

    I walked the creek in the back of my property this afternoon to see if there were any dead deer as we are having a problem with Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) in the county. I didn't find any dead deer, but found a bone half buried in the creek bed. Obviously too short and thick for a...
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    Where are the gnats?

    I'm not complaining, but I've noticed a dramatic absence of buffalo gnats so far this Spring. I've been working in my garden during the past two weeks planting tomatoes, etc, which over the past several years has been done with a cloud of buffalo gnats buzzing around my head dive bombing by...
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    Changing wheel bearing on RFM

    One of the gauge wheels in my Landpride 2572 RFM has seized up, so I assume that the bearing is bad. I'm trying to get to it to the bearing, but would like suggestion on how to remove the outer cover to get to the bearing -- #1 on the attached diagram. Anybody done this before?
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    Rear Finish Mower  Problem with Landpride RFM

    I have a Landpride FDR 2572 rear finishing mower. My belt is either broken or loose, as the blades stopped turning. When I tried to get the cover off of the belt assembly, I find I'm not able to unscrew the knobs holding it on. One of them unscrews and comes off. The others (5 of them) I got...
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    Ford 3000 hard starting

    I have a 1968 Ford 3000 gas tractor. This past week it has been difficult to start. Starter cranks fine but have to crank it six or eight times, and about the point I'm about to give up it takes off. Up to that point it cranks without any response. Once started, it runs fine. Before it...
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    Tractor related death

    Man killed while using tractor to "support" tree that was being cut. 75-year-old Highland man killed when tree falls on him - Metro-east news -
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    Adding air to a loaded tire

    I have a 1968 Ford 3000 that I've owned for seven or eight years. One of the rear tires has a very slow leak that over several years has gotten to where I want to add pressure to it. The tires are apparently loaded -- liquid comes out when I try to check pressure. This is with the valve stem...
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    Is my dog crazy?

    I've been battling the local wildlife trying to grow fruit trees and gardening since moving to the country ten years ago. The deer made growing fruit trees nearly impossible, so I built an 8 foot high fence a couple of years ago that encloses about 3/4 acre of garden/orchard area, and that has...
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    Apple thieves

    I've been losing apples off of my apple trees. I finished an 8 foot fence around the orchard/garden this Spring so didn't think I could blame the deer. I put up a trailcam in one of the trees and caught them in the act. Now what to I do? I wouldn't be opposed to shooting them, but they...
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    Ford 3 pt crane?

    There's a sale coming up later this month advertising a "Ford 3 pt crane". Would that be an auctioneer's description of a boom pole or something else?
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    Snake identification

    My wife almost picked this up thinking it was a stick. Let out quite a squeal. Can anyone identify?
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    Hunting leases

    Does anybody here have experiencing with leasing land for hunting? I have lots of big corn-fed deer and wild turkey on my place and know that people come from all over the US to hunt deer in this county. I'm sitting here listening to gunfire on the neighbors property. How much can you make...
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    Long wall mining

    My mother and aunts are facing the prospect of having a long wall coal mine go in under some farmland that they now own--my grandparents' old farm--in southern Illinois. The situation was that a coal company had bought up mineral rights years ago (mostly in the 60s I believe) but recently gave...
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    Rural trash

    I've lived in the country for 5 years and recently ran into a problem with what to do with our garbage. Up to this point, we had an arrangement with the trash hauler in county seat (8 miles away) who had a dumpster behind his house where he allowed trash to be dumped for a monthly fee. He had...