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    Custom work on a 2 horse power skidder

    A little custom work. The Amish were logging out my neighbors woods here a couple years ago. A wheel bearing went out so I installed a new wheel bearing. I ended up doing the other wheel bearing a little later on. They also had a aluminum cant tool that I welded up. I really surprised myself on...
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    How cold was it?

    I took this picture this morning at 6:15 AM at the intersection of Rt. 89 and Rt. 430 in PA. It was in the parking lot of the Colt Station Restaurant. When I pulled in it was -35 degrees F. It took me a couple of tries to get the picture focused and then the temperature went up to - 32. So that...
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    What do spark plugs and toilets have in common?

    The attached photo's show what I use to start spark plugs into the cylinder heads. It is part of a PVC toilet service line cut to the length I need. It has a .25 I.D. the slips tightly onto the terminal of the spark plug. I have several lengths in my tool box plus I pick up a spare toilet...
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    Another work/weld table

    Just an FYI on the work/weld table I built a couple of years ago. It is an upgrade from a smaller one I had. This one is 2" x 4' with the same 8" casters from my old table. It is made from 2"x2" X .19 " wall tubing with a .31" top plate. The bottom shelf is .19 thick with .19 belly bands. This...
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    Coolant leaking John Deere 4320 4520 4720 compact tractor

    Does anybody have a coolant leak on their John Deere 4320, 4520 and or 4720 compact tractor? I have had a leak, some where on my 4320, for about as long as have owned the tractor, which is 9 years. I bought the tractor new in April of 2006. It is the cab model with the 72 inch 7 Iron mowing...
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    compact 4320 coolant leak

    FYI this post concerns the coolant leak at the upper radiator hose connection on the 20 series tractors. They maybe called a 4024 ( 4 cylinder version/ 2.4 liter ) and or a 4030 ( 5 cylinder version/ 3.0 liter ). As noted in some other posts this is some what of a problem on some tractors.. My...