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  1. Sonny580

    Repairing an old cultipacker

    I also think they are made of some alloy, and not totally cast iron. could be malable cast which is way different and you might be able to cut some patches and get them to stick for no more than you are going to be using it for. Now IF you were going to use it for serious work----then it needs...
  2. Sonny580

    Educate me a bit on torches

    Victor torch set here and ws acty. tank but biggest oxy tank that Praxair has. keep them in the shed when not in use and never ever found need for ANY rose tips!!! IF ya cant heat it enough with the cuttin head,----you need a forge to do the job. Torches are only as safe as the person...
  3. Sonny580

    Ford 6.0 diesel; the good, the bad, the ugly?

    about 120,000 miles, on SECOND motor from the factory----these are a 60,000 mile throw away motor I was told, so no I aint gonna spend another dime on this POS motor. I love the truck but it dont do me any good without a motor in it. ---- I GOTTA have a gas motor and prefer a stick shift...
  4. Sonny580

    Satoh s650g carb

    Parts are out there BUT the $$$$$ is why my s-650 is in the junkpile right now! Great little tractor when it ran. needs major engine work I guess. Cant keep water in it, just blows it out and gets hot in a couple mins. runtime. shut it down and it went to the back lot where it sits today.
  5. Sonny580

    Ford 6.0 diesel; the good, the bad, the ugly?

    I got a 97 F-350 here in the driveway. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! its for sale as is where is! ---- And YES they were JUNK form the factory!
  6. Sonny580

    Blackberry Removal

    Round-up and mow will take care of them in a flash! ---got nasty stuff around here too and blackberries + raspberries, mulberry seedlings, etc. --- old Roundup did the trick along with mowing. Had a neighbor hired a small dozer with a root rake on it and cleaned his up. now he just spot sprays...
  7. Sonny580

    Ford 6.0 diesel; the good, the bad, the ugly?

    6.0 and ALL 7.3's were ALWAYS JUNK from the factory!!! Have a very large bank account IF you get stuck with one as I did!!!
  8. Sonny580

    Live Animal Traps

    X-2 ot that! ---had them here and yes they can blast thru that light wire with no problem!
  9. Sonny580

    Case tractor identification

    should be 4 speed with hi-lo lever giving 8 F and 2 R. 430 Utility would be industrial model.
  10. Sonny580

    Would you give up a tractor for a skid steer (CTL)?

    Well,--- I can live without tractors, but stay away from my skidloaders or we gonna have a problem!!!!! I use mine every day and have made about all the attachments for them. IF I need a tractor for 1 or 2 jobs, I go next door and borrow 1 of my neighbors tractors!
  11. Sonny580

    Case tractor identification

    Sounds and looks like a 430. I have 2 of the 580ck tractors with #33 hoe and loaders on them. #23 would be the right number for the older 430 stuff.
  12. Sonny580

    Belly mower does a ragged job - why?

    Dont drive so fast!!! --- THAT is the major problem with most guys--- ya cant mow at 10mph!! I use an old sunstar 20 and never get out of low range in the hydro. -- Takes a long time but it moes great,---- same with my 185 lo-boy and creeper gear----- get going too fast and ya it quits cuttin...
  13. Sonny580

    Farmall Cub-Still a Good Small Farm Tractor?

    I have an A and a SA and NEITHER of them use much gas----They are a much better tractor than the cubs and everything is standard on them.
  14. Sonny580

    Rebuild or Replace Troybilt Horse

    I put new luni Kohler 7's on 2 of mine that had cast iron Kohler 7's on them and now they are so light on the front end that they are useless! --- NO traction at all and the new luni's only weigh half as much as the good old cast iron motors did. The main problem I have is finding the right...
  15. Sonny580

    Clarkson’s Farm

    We watched it on Amazon----the guy is nuts!--dont see how he ever survived in the real world! lol! and yes I would watch another season IF they had one! LOL!
  16. Sonny580

    Farmall Cub-Still a Good Small Farm Tractor?

    I have 6 cubs and yes they are useless for any REAL work---- reasons? under powered , the gears are too fast for any usefull job in the garden and too big for most gardens.---- no standard pto, so that use is out. I made a 3-pt hitch for one of mine and use it for a sprayer with 12 gallon...
  17. Sonny580

    Skid steer with ROPS removed....

    My Case 1530 never had one from the factory and no I dont want one on it either, ----- cant see a damn thing with all that crap around you! --- ANY machine is only as safe as the operator! Go gittin stupid with them and you are going to get hurt! My New-Hollands have cabs on them and I totally...
  18. Sonny580

    What model and engine is in your Mitsubishi or Satoh?

    I only know what I was told about the car. I could have been told wrong. anyway my 650-g has a Mazda motor of some sorts in it. and yes its the original motor. I am still looking for a decent replacement motor to put in it. This one has major problems.
  19. Sonny580

    Gardens for 2021 season

    ours are not even close to being ripe yet----late start then slow growing this year. Hope to have late ones for juice,---late ones are never as good as early ones since the sun is not at the right angle to ripen them so they are never as good. More like store bought ones,---kinda nasty! lol...
  20. Sonny580

    What model and engine is in your Mitsubishi or Satoh?

    well, my Satoh 650-g has a Mazda 626 sedan car motor in it. Original factory installed.
  21. Sonny580

    Plane collision with tractor

    got sprayed in the face here a couple days ago by one of them idiots! Still trying to clean my eyes out----have no clue what he was dumping but he also got my neighbor. Got part of a video of him but cant find it right now. also still trying to find out where to report him.
  22. Sonny580

    Front end blade for a tractor?

    I had one at one time for one of my AC 440 tractors. They are extreemly hard on wheel tractors, even the big 4x4's. serious blades go on crawler tractors. Even smaller ones put major stress on the tractors. As for rear 3-pt blades----thats a whole different game! --no way you are ever going to...
  23. Sonny580


    same bugs that hit taters will also consume tomatoes, eggplant, or anything else in the nightshade family! I plant mine with my homemade planter and dig with my homemade diggers,---well, cept this year, diggers are useless in the muddy ground so dug the Norlands with a hoe and shovel. Hope the...
  24. Sonny580

    Farmall Cub tires

    Tires go by size and dont matter what color the tractor is. on the cub rear go for 9.5 x 24 on rear and 4:00 x 12 on the front and yes internet sellers have them at decent price,--- and yes 9 out of 10 sell tires made in chimna! IF you can find American made tires----they cost more than your cub...
  25. Sonny580

    Gardens for 2021 season

    In the process of diggin the Early Red Norland spuds ----- Rain is making that job a bit hard now!
  26. Sonny580

    PTO snowblower?

    My old blower is 540 and that works just fine. You can get them with 540 or 1,000 gearboxes on them----your choice. The blower will run at the same speed with either. Advantage of 1,000--- NONE! Some tractors only have 1,000 so thats why the different gearboxes.
  27. Sonny580

    Used Value vs Age

    No body wants that emission crap! --- AND I dont blame them , so older equipment is at a top dollar level just for that reason!
  28. Sonny580

    Do Tractor Hydraulics get Weaker When Warmed Up

    pump should still be good ---- I would say valve body wear beyond specs. Pressure test would be in order to check everything.
  29. Sonny580

    Gardens for 2021 season

    Have gotten wild cherry trees from Owens Nursery a few years back-----a lot of them sub wild ones for regular ones and get by with it!
  30. Sonny580

    Case 580ck

    3 foot pipe wrench for spanner here! lol! --- Some of mine came loose by sticking a punch in spanner hole and smack it. Usually not very tight, BUT be sure to remove that little lock screw before you move anything! Case was great for stickin them in there and most have been gotten rid of over...
  31. Sonny580

    Tuffy rebuild

    Tuffy is a bit smaller that pony and is excellent for cultivating around plants,----small light, narrow, and easy to use!
  32. Sonny580

    Mystery Tractor ? Alis Chalmers B110 ?

    Put a diff transmission in it! ---That loader is a gift from heaven!!! LOL!
  33. Sonny580

    Case 580ck

    You have to know which cylinder style you have, ---somebody may have replaced one of yours with a newer style and that will take a different kit! MOST of these old 33's had newer stuff put on them over the years making it hard to work on them! I never found any numbers on any of the cylinders on...
  34. Sonny580

    Troy-Bilt Horse-1, Tecumseh 8hp Air Filter Replacement

    Got a Horse here with 8hp. Tec. on it ---even got letric starter on it ---Motor is the biggest POS ever made! Wont run at all now---looks like some morph carb on it and I cant find a new one to put on it. Found several but they are totaly different design and wouldnt fit! My other 7 Horses have...
  35. Sonny580

    Gardens for 2021 season

    Picked over 8 gallons of cherries and made over 24 quarts of jam. been trying to keep up on the cultivating and weeding after we finally got 3/10'ths inch of rain. Onions a potatoes getting big. Cant walk thru the rows anymore and onions have big bulbs as of today. they will be pulled the last...
  36. Sonny580

    help with what radiator i need?

    Have the block boiled out and also the steering housing! Mud builds up in cubs and THAT is the cause of overheating 99% of the time and not the rad.! 2 of my 6 had the same problem and the only cure was to take out and boil! ---- problem solved!
  37. Sonny580

    Troybilt Stuck In Gear

    2 plugs on right side of tranny is the fill and check levels.
  38. Sonny580

    Gardens for 2021 season

    tryin to save a few pie cherries from the birds!Hope for enough for 1 pie anyway! tryin 2 nets but they dont quite cover the whole tree.
  39. Sonny580

    Help Identify Vintage IHC Wheel

    Was gonna say hay rake but it has the wrong axle for that. Possible surface cultivator.
  40. Sonny580

    Troybilt Stuck In Gear

    More than likely broken shift forks down in the transmission. could have also had the set bolt come loose on the rail. They are a btch to work on! ----been in many of them and finally quit fixin them for other people!
  41. Sonny580

    Case 580ck

    could be a 26. I have 2 1968 580ck's with 33's on them and a 35 hoe off a 580 B model tractor. There are a couple different style rods in them. The bolt on piston or the big nut threaded on the bottom. The number should be stamped on the tag with the serial number but seams to be missing on...
  42. Sonny580

    Crap: Diesel fuel tank leak

    As long as the leak area dont flex JB will hold for diesel ------ wont hold alki-gas!
  43. Sonny580

    Why are 7-pin connectors so sloppy?

    my 7-pin flats are sloppy too. I dont use them much so gotta fight them every time I hook up the trailer. Neighbor bends his so they fit better and has great luck with them, but then he uses his trailers every day. I still need to change mine to the type we had on our semi's way back when I...
  44. Sonny580

    Is there a new grease shortage around the corner??????

    Chinma needs to be banned from planet earth!
  45. Sonny580

    Gardens for 2021 season

    Tatoes tall and fell over making it hard to walk the rows and pick bugs! Might have to go to spray,---dont usually spray tatoes, just hand pick bugs and mash them. Onions for the most part have decent bulbs and will be harvested the last day of July. tomato plants range from blooming down to...
  46. Sonny580

    Ford 8N or similar older types

    LOVE that shiny plow!! --- cant invision the tractor its hooked to actually pulling it!!! LOL!!
  47. Sonny580

    Widening lower lift pins for mower?

    Add more brackets! ---done it many times on weird stuff, --- just takes time and iron, welder, torch or saw and go for it. 36 vs 30 will also make your mower more stable and get rid of side twist.
  48. Sonny580

    Ford 8N or similar older types

    I use IH utility tractors here. 340-u, 504-u, 574, they are great general tractors as long as you dont go hangin a loader on them----they then become useless! IF you need a loader---get a skidloader or small crawler loader---way more usefull. I have bigger tractors but rarely ever use them. also...
  49. Sonny580

    Anyone successfully gotten rid of Bermuda through tillage?

    Mix round-up at max rate ----- 4oz per gallon. ---- For most weeds/grass 1 or 2 oz does the trick. You have to spray it a couple times to finally get it down, Takes time and work but you can get it. After a week to ten days if it starts greening up---spray it again! --- trust me---it works!
  50. Sonny580

    Disabling Vehicle Alarm System

    Its built in and if you cut wires or try other means, then the car will not run at all! The wires themselves would have to be removed along with the switches, then the computer would have to be programed to not recognize that circuit and I dont think you can delete anything in the computer itself.