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  1. Hersheyfarm

    Got a new grapple that is a year old. Still crated. Condensation in lines?

    Before hooking the lines up to my machine I took the hydro lines off to make sure there was no water or anything in them. The lines coming from the part of the cylinders that were open/extended had a few drops worth. This was shipped dry. Now I did open and close the cylinder by hand by lifting...
  2. Hersheyfarm

    Grapples. Whats the best tine spacing?

    Probably going to go with stinger attachments grapple. They offer a 3”, 6”, and a 9” tine spacing. You guys with grapples what spacing is best. Do you find you tine too close or to far apart?
  3. Hersheyfarm

    Checking to see if upgrade fixed the iOS mandarin thing.

    Can’t I’ve You’re
  4. Hersheyfarm

    Deciding on grapple type, not brand yet.

    I am leaning towards a single lid instead of the dual lid, and the shorter bottom. This will be for a svl75. I have no ability to try them out so watching vids and etc.. my main thing will be woods cleanup, lots of old downed trees, honeysuckle, and undergrowth. I like the bigger rake style lid...
  5. Hersheyfarm

    I know everything attachments has a cult following here but...

    Dang what a price...
  6. Hersheyfarm

    Good weld?

    Good weld?
  7. Hersheyfarm

    Pick of my Frankenstein bucket.

    Frankenstein bucket. I needed a gravel bucket for my kx040 to backfill sewers. My dealer, like lots of dealers, have a bunch of pin on buckets that come on smaller tractors. Welded the adapter on, reinforced and made deeper. Works great for gravel.
  8. Hersheyfarm

    New addition. Svl75wc

    Picked up yesterday.
  9. Hersheyfarm

    Difference between t1855 and ta043 cab filters

    They are basically interchangeable and both end in 71600. The tao43 is better built and has 2 red lines running the length, and cost about $20 more. The t1855 has thicker looking element and cheaper gasket. Any information on the difference? Both are kubota brand factory filters.
  10. Hersheyfarm

    Tackling my kx040痴 horrible hvac filtration.

    Its mind blowing what kubota designed for a cab filter. The filters are a joke, same as the recirculate filters on a rtv1100(which I closed off on mine). So Im building a new filter housing for the kx. I found a engine filter for a Mercedes that is the perfect size. Im using 16ga metal which Im...
  11. Hersheyfarm

    Found and fixed leak on new kx040-4

    There has been a small bleed of fluid from the depth of my new machine. I washed and sprayed it out a couple of times to make sure it wasnt left over fluid spillage from assembly. It wasnt so i went in to find it. It was a return hydraulic line at the bottom of the hydro tank between the tank...
  12. Hersheyfarm

    7018 weld advise. Pics.

    I want to lay better beads with my stick. I go a wile not using it then a big project comes up and I have to start over it seems. I am making notes this time of amperage and speed. Right now doing the 7018. These welds are 1/8 rod at about 135 amp. I was closer to 160 but it seemed too hot. Next...
  13. Hersheyfarm

    Ok, lets spend some more money. Need to upgrade mig.

    I have a Hobart 140 and love it for small stuff, and I have a Hobart stickmate 235 ac/dc I use for most everything else. I壇 like a mig that goes up to 1/2? This forum led me in the right direction on the hypertherm 45 so lets see what mig I get. I致e had a miller ac buzz box then went to the...
  14. Hersheyfarm

    Hypertherm 30 vs Hobart 40i for first plasma cutter.

    Tired of not having one. Which do is better in your opinion. I want the 120v option for portability if I ever need it but will use it on 240 mainly. I have shop air but would like the pre installed air dryer and compressor.
  15. Hersheyfarm

    Advise on potential trade. M5111 related.

    I have a trade offer to trade my 4345 and m62 even for a new m5111/cab/loader. M5111 has been priced to me for $65k. I bought the massey new in 2003. Has 1500hr, everything works great. 1070 loader. . 2016 m62, 500hr. Currently asking $49k Link to my sales ad for it with pics. Attention...
  16. Hersheyfarm

    Kentucky 2016 m62 for sale 497hr

    Selling my m62, well taken care of, barn kept. Link to my sale ad... 216 Kubota M62, Tollesboro KY - 514577647 -
  17. Hersheyfarm

    Price Check Price for used m62

    How much should a 2016 m62 sell for? No real blue book to go by. 500hr, barn kept. All fluids/filters changed 50hr ago. Front remote and ce quick coupler. Some are out there for sale but generally rental units.
  18. Hersheyfarm

    rtv1100 poor design of ac recirculate filter.

    Changing my ac filters yesterday I notice the inside cab filter allows major dust intrusion into the system. Its not sealed and just sits in front of the recirculating opening. I don't use recirculate but its not a sealed filter and if the door doesn't shut all the way or the foam seal wears out...
  19. Hersheyfarm

    Found the wires in kx040 for rear light and beacon light.

    I assume this will be the same for the different models. Mine came with a beacon switch, no light. If you look behind the passenger side speaker you will find the wires. They are attached to the grommet closest to the antenna. Pop out old grommets and push these through and your good to go...
  20. Hersheyfarm

    New tool. Mini ex.

    It may be a complete replacement for the M62, I'll wait and see. But I'm wanting an M6111. Its seems great for what it does. I'll do mostly sewer and water lines with it, and need to use a lot of gravel, so I have a smooth 48" bucket coming. Quick attach will allow for quick switching. I've...
  21. Hersheyfarm

    Thinking about an m6101 or 111 with fel? Price and ownership?

    I値l replace my 4345 with it. Does anyone have any feedback on either model? What is decent price to expect for 16x16?
  22. Hersheyfarm

    Having hard time choosing between landpride 3715 and 4715.

    I can a fresh off the truck 3715 for $13750 or a 4715 left over from last April for $15900. The 4715 has sat for a year and looks it. Not a big deal. But I知 just not sure I need it but its always better to go heavier. Is there that much difference between the 2? The one thing I知 thinking about...
  23. Hersheyfarm

    4345 running out of power, stalling...

    This started the other day when I was cutting hay, the engine would make a weird, kinda ticking sound then run out of power. I stopped and looked at engine. Nothing out of the norm that I could see, but was still losing power. Best I can explain is it feels like it wasn稚 getting fuel or air. I...
  24. Hersheyfarm

    any places to get older Massey plastic cab parts?

    I have a 4345 and the plastic "cowl" around the steering column is broke. Tried to order through the dealer but they said it not available anymore. wondering if there is an aftermarket avenue for these type of things. Its actually 2 pieces part #3821469m1 and 3821470m1. Never thought they would...
  25. Hersheyfarm

    Pricing Kubota m62 thumb kits.

    Going to add a thumb to my m62. My backhoe is a bt1400, not 1400v so I need a bt2385 hydraulic kit and the thumb kit K7545. Any outlets for these kits online. They are kinda an inside Kubota thing I'm gathering and not really a public available part. Thought about bypassing the hydraulics and...
  26. Hersheyfarm

    What happened to my new trailer tire?

    Was parked at a jobsite today and someone asked if I new I had a flat on my trailer. No, I hadn't noticed anything driving that morning. Assumed I ran over something and got my plugs and compressor. As I blew it up I had several leaks on the tread and the tire was deformed. The tread was...
  27. Hersheyfarm

    Anybody know what is involved in installing M62 rear hydraulic thumb?

    Thinking about adding it. Has anyone plumbed in the kit? If so do you remember the part number?
  28. Hersheyfarm

    Deciding between 14k sure trac 22 tilt vs 15k 25+5 deck over dove tail w/mega ramps

    The sure trac is one of the best looking trailers I致e come across so deciding between these 2 models. Both are 15k(lowering to 14.5k) 219 Sure-Trac 12x2+5 15K Beavertail Deckover Trailer * FULL WIDTH RAMPS | Best Choice Trailers & RVs | Locations in Pittsburgh & Harrisburg Area Smith...
  29. Hersheyfarm

    Question about plugging loader lines off. Massey 4345.

    Getting the loader valve worked on so need to plug off the hydro lines. I took hoses off where they tie into the remote in the back and got 2 caps for the fitting. Question is should I have ran a hose in between the supply and return or is capping fine? This is all factory plumbed, 1070 loader...
  30. Hersheyfarm

    Is there a bolt on upgrade option for the m59/m62 seat? Or kubota tractors in general

    My back is not what it used to be and this thing will beat you to death. Ive adjusted it multiple different ways-Raise/lower back, set tension weight. The problem seems to be travel, so that in itself may limit options as a better seat may be taller. Has anyone upgraded their seat? This seat is...
  31. Hersheyfarm

    M62 hst pedal lever prototype.

    Tired of reaching my leg around to hit the go pedal forward. I will test out out tomorrow. Did not have any good bolts so I cut some all thread. Still need to cut and grind before I paint and put on safety tape. No ideal why pics are sideways.
  32. Hersheyfarm

    Just finished 50hr service on m62. Conflict on hydro fluid change.

    I changed oil and hydro/hst filters per 50hr service in manual. Hydro fluid doesn't get changed til 400hr. But when I was resetting the intellapanel it had hydro fluid listed under 50hr. Conflicted.
  33. Hersheyfarm

    Been working on trading my m59 for m62. Looks like the m62 backhoe is weaker.

    Got a couple of deals that are really great, but as I look at specs on the two backhoes it appears the m62 is detuned some. Maybe the 2 ft extra takes some away because of leverage. backhoes.. bucket force for m59 7602lb, m62 is 6572lb. That is 1000lb difference. digging force of dipperstick...
  34. Hersheyfarm

    M59 exhaust manifold leaks and turbo oil line.

    My m59 started sounding like valves slapping, especially under load at low rpm's. Kubota recommends valve adjustment at 800hr I think. We have a new kubota dealer here now so I scheduled with them. It's a very annoying noise. As I investigated I found the leaks. You can feel the leaks blowing...
  35. Hersheyfarm

    What's reasonable expectations on out of warranty repairs?

    So had dealer split my m59 and replace both transmission shaft seal and 4x4 shaft seal, picked it up last Friday and still dripping. Would like to think it's residual oil but a week and 6 hour runtime should be out by now. Sent pic to dealer to start conversation. He said just to run it for a...
  36. Hersheyfarm

    When setting main relief valve do you take engine to full rpms?

    My max psi is supposed to be 2950, at idle it's 2800, at full rpm it's 3050. Should I back it off?
  37. Hersheyfarm

    Any experience with etrailers hubs/brakes?

    Need to replace my brakes due to seals leaking. I always use Dexter but seen etrailers stuff on their website. Reviews are good, but I assume these are just China made stuff. They are 1/2 the cost of Dexter.
  38. Hersheyfarm

    ordering parts to replace m59 propeller seal and have run into parts issue.

    Kubota M59 Parts Diagrams That is the parts diagram for m59 propeller. First, I ordered part 180, its the 'updated' seal and sleeve kit for the m59. Went to pick up from dealer and it has the front drive shaft included. So in its was the seal(60) and 2 sleeves(70) and the front drive...
  39. Hersheyfarm

    nimco cv-452 leaks around spools, and locks up in dump with higher rpm's.

    It leaks around the cap where they bolt to the valve block. When you take the spool out is there just the white nylon washer that seals around spool? Or should there be an o ring with it? This valve also has the regen or 'quick dump' on the bucket dump, and under high rpms it will stick, causing...
  40. Hersheyfarm

    massey 1070 loader hydraulics stick in bucket dump.

    Its a nimco 2s-4835 valve. Its always been crappy on the bucket dump, I think it has a float or quick dump mode when pushed all the way to the right. But using it with elevated rpm's you have to pop it back to center from dump. Its aggravating. Ordered rebuild kit for that spool and put new...
  41. Hersheyfarm

    More M59 repair fun.

    not sure why pics are sideways, but if you click on them they expand straight. So the left side bucket cylinder top pin broke about 2 months ago. Broke right in half at the grease port. No biggie, because half of it slid out a little and I caught it. Today, not so lucky. Didn't notice that the...
  42. Hersheyfarm

    M59 front drive shaft leak.

    noticed hydro fluid leaking from the front drive shaft housing tube. Anyone changed one? This just showed up when I changed oil and added a little Hydro fluid because it was low. So I assume the fluid level was low enough to not leak from the seal oil I added because it seems to be a pretty good...
  43. Hersheyfarm

    4345 that goes into neutral when in gear.

    My 4345 with the power shuttle has started to go into neutral wile in gear. Wile driving along it simply 'pops' out of gear, and won't engage again till you put it in neutral with both the shuttle shifter and the gear selector, kinda like your reseting it. Im leaning towards the transmission...
  44. Hersheyfarm

    pulling gooseneck equipment trailer with tool boxes on bed.

    With an 8' bed can you put the crossover box with the topside boxes and still pull a gooseneck equipment trailer? The crossover is 30" and the topsides are 48", so realistically they would take up about 6' 8".That will leave about 16" to tailgate. They are about 7" tall on top of bed. Tired of...
  45. Hersheyfarm

    so kubota insurance gave me a new bucket for my M59

    I've welded the crap out of the original bucket. Teeth and cutting edge have broke several times. This last time it broke 3 teeth/shanks off. So I called kubota insurance and they gave me a claim number that I gave my dealer and they ordered a new one. Also, I needed a bucket now so they told me...
  46. Hersheyfarm

    Finally made grab bar for m59

    You can tell Kubota left provisions for one but don't offer it. This runs over top of the flat spot on the fender incase I want to run it down, but its sturdy enough to swing on so no need now. I was starting to make the console loose from grabbing it.
  47. Hersheyfarm

    My rtv 1100 has a ulsd only sticker on it. Really?

    Offroad is 500ppm and is what it came with so I assume its ok. Why do they put a ulsd only sticker on it?
  48. Hersheyfarm

    rtv 1100 overheating problem

    not sure but I think me and kubota just dont get along. so my 1100 has 17hr on it. was riding through my trails this evening and noticed the temp guage going to red. got to the house and it was steaming from under the bed. looked and the overflow bottles top was off and coolant everywhere...
  49. Hersheyfarm

    Rtv 1100 door pockets with pics.

    This is the stuff I got from tractor supply. Plenty of room between it and the driver. Took like 5 minutes.
  50. Hersheyfarm

    in-cab starage for rtv 1100

    wow, there is nothing in there. and as I look around to configure something, the only place is see that looks accepting is the doors. plenty of room foor a pocket. I'm thinking a 12"x 6" rubber box mounted to the door. what would be a perfect material is the black rubber buckets/feed bowls that...