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  1. Underdog57

    Wheel Bearing Failure

    I have a 2013 LS R4041H that has been trouble free and I am very satisfied with it's performance so far. I have worked it pretty hard digging stumps, breaking concrete, hauling logs, etc. On April 16 with 602 hours on the tractor, the left front wheel bearing disintegrated and damaged several...
  2. Underdog57

    Need advice on gussets / bracing

    I want to weld some bracing and/ or gussets on the dog ears on my loader curl linkage (I've seen several bent badly!) 1st idea: I was thinking of welding a straight piece of 3/4" x 3/4" solid bar across the bend in the steel from pin to pin. 2nd idea: Bending some 3/8" thick x 3/4" flat bar to...
  3. Underdog57

    2013 LS R4041H Service Manual

    Just wondering if anyone has a PDF of the service manual for my machine that they could share? Thanks, I'm not in need of it right now, but would like one just in case.
  4. Underdog57

    *Sold* Bearcat 70554 (SC 5540) Chipper/Shredder

    I have a Bearcat 70554 PTO Chipper/Shredder for sale. It is the same model as the Echo/Bearcat SC 5540. It has been sitting in my garage for the last 5 years unused. I just put a brand new PTO shaft & brand new chipper knives in it. I just got done taking all the guards off, aligned the belts (...
  5. Underdog57

    Woodland Mills WC-68 wood chipper delivered today!

    Got my Woodland Mills WC-68 chipper delivered today! :) Ordered it online Sunday (1/24/21) delivered to Michigan on Friday (1/29/21). Great service, will put it together tomorrow.
  6. Underdog57

    Quick, Cheap, & Easy Mirror Install

    Bought some relatively cheap golf cart mirrors and some magnets from CMS magnetics. I didn't want something sticking out too far or too high.
  7. Underdog57

    Garage Sub-Panel Feed Cable

    I have a 200 amp main panel at my house and want to feed a 100 amp panel in the garage. The feeder cable will be buried about 20'. I know the sub-panel ground and neutral bars must be isolated. I plan on putting a 100 amp breaker in the main panel to feed the sub panel. I have several...
  8. Underdog57

    R4041 Headlight Fuse Location?

    I have a 2013 R4041 and the headlights quit working, everything looks good under the hood. Could somebody tell me where the fuse and or breaker is located? The manual is absolutely no help! Thanks
  9. Underdog57

    Broken Top Link Bracket Bolt

    I have a 2013 R4041 H. The bolt with 2 nuts broke on my top link bracket, it appears it is welded on the back side only. I was carrying my 1800# ballast box (my 3-point is rated for about 2700#). I just hit a bump and it broke. Question 1: the tractor is 22 months old and has 216 hrs on it...
  10. Underdog57

    O/A Torch Popping

    My O/A torch has a steady pop...pop...pop with the preheat flame and from what I have read here and at WW the cutting tip is not seated properly and is leaking oxy. I have cleaned everything including 2 different tips and still pops. My torch is 15 yrs old and used very little. It is a...
  11. Underdog57

    R4041 Worked Hard Today!

    Been hauling logs from down the street 1/4 mile back to the house for 3 days now. Probably have another full day or more to go (getting a little sick of it). The LS is performing very well, some of these logs are really heavy!!!! I don't know how much I'm lifting but I would guess it is near...
  12. Underdog57

    Pallet Fork Spade/Shovel

    I stopped by my local scrap yard and found this piece of 1/2" plate with a beveled edge on it and thought it would make a good spade/shovel attachment. They also had some nice 1/2" x 5.5" plate and some 5" channel. I have been wanting to build something like this to slip on my forks to pop out...
  13. Underdog57

    Modular Home Brands

    I am looking at 4 different Modular Home brands/manufacturers in the west Michigan area, Ritz-Craft Homes - Jones, MI GHC Homes (General Housing Corp) - Bay City, MI Fairmont Homes - Nappanee, IN Crowne Homes - Elkhart, IN I would appreciate any info, knowledge, experiences, construction...
  14. Underdog57

    Bending 3/8" Steel Hitch

    I bent my 3/8" steel draw-bar hitch pulling some big stumps, need some advice on how to straighten it. I have oxy/acet torch but do not have a press. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, or should I take it to a pro with a press?
  15. Underdog57

    Seattle.....what a comeback!!!!!

    Great game, congrats to all you guys in the Pacific NW.
  16. Underdog57

    2nd welding project

    Played with My Power Arc 300 mounting a grapple on my bucket, getting better! Let me have it guys!!!! :) Everlast PowerArc 300 Hobart 1/8" 7018 135 Amps Hobart 1/8" 6011 90 Amps These 4 are 7018 single pass; These 4 are 6011 root with 7018 cover;
  17. Underdog57

    Quick-Attach Alignment Guide

    I'm sure someone has done this before, but I wanted some marks on my pallet forks to make centering my hook-up easier. I bought some JD yellow and brushed 3 coats on it. I left about an 1/8" gap on both sides, should make attachment much easier.
  18. Underdog57

    Thumb Thumb install on Titan Forks

    T My first weld/fab job (58 yrs old). Bought my first Tractor a little over a year ago and my first welder (Pa-300....Thanks SA!) about 6 mos ago. I have the Titan 48" Forks and the 36" Thumb. I used 2"x3" x 1/4" angle, 1/4"x2" flat bar, and some 3/8"x2" flat bar from the scap yard (.40 #)...
  19. Underdog57

    Ideas for Hydraulic Line routing......LS R4041 H

    I routed hydraulic lines from the rear remotes to the front of loader over the top of the differential and up the left side of tractor. I had two 130" and two 48" L x 3/8" Hyd lines made and it fit perfect! There is a lot more room on the left side. I found 15' of hose protector sleeve at TSC...
  20. Underdog57

    Bearcat SC5540 Chipper/Shredder

    I am looking at the bearcat sc5540 chipper tonight. Quick thoughts, is a good used one worth $900. Don't have much time to decide, help please??? Thanks
  21. Underdog57

    Dewalt Dw872 or Milwaukee 6190-20 Cold Cut Saw

    I think I have narrowed my search for a 14" cold cut saw to either the Dewalt Dw872 or the Milwaukee 6190-20. I would value anyone's experience or opinions on either machine. I wouldn't be a real heavy user, just tractor stuff. I can get either one for a decent price. Also, does anyone have...
  22. Underdog57

    Michigan LS Owners

    Just having a beer and reading TBN on the iPad, and I got to thinking about how many LS owners from Michigan we have here? This would include current and former owners (TSO)! :laughing: Chime in, let's get a count.
  23. Underdog57

    Everlast PA300 Rookie

    I haven't arc welded in 30+ years but I bought a tractor last year and everyone knows you have to have a welder also. :). I had narrowed my search to the PA200 but got a great deal on the PA300, so I'm looking for a little help in getting back in to the "sport". I plan on practicing a lot...
  24. Underdog57

    Beet Juice Shower!

    Today i learned another lesson. I was checking the air in my loaded tires, I had the valve stems at the top, I checked the first side and everything went according to plan. I then went to the other side and started unscrewing the valve stem cap and I was not paying attention and the valve stem...
  25. Underdog57

    R4041/R4047 Grill/ Brushguard Mod.

    If you want to open your Hood without tilting the Brushguard forward, loosen the 4 bolts ( don't remove ) that hold it on, ( the nuts are welded to the frame ) Then take 1 out at a time & insert 3 nice thick washers between the guard and frame and tighten. The existing bolts are plenty long...
  26. Underdog57

    I like the Old Private Party Adds

    I really liked the way Private Party Adds used to be . I don't like the way it is set-up now. I like to quickly scan the adds to see if anything interests me, can't do that now I have to click on somebody's name to find out what they are selling. I wish we could go back to the way it was...
  27. Underdog57

    My Ballast Box Build

    Edit: I am reposting this, I think I kinda Hi-jacked another thread. :ashamed::ashamed: I am in the middle of building one with a 3pt bale spear ( Titan - $169. Rated 3000# ) The spears will slide into PVC pipe so the spears can be pulled out if need be. I will be cutting the center spear off...
  28. Underdog57

    Ballast Weight Question

    I have the LS 4041H with the LL 4101 Loader. The lift capacity at full height @ pivot pins is 2638#. My rear tires (R4 17.5 L x 24) are loaded with Rim Guard, according to the chart that adds 588# per tire x 2 = 1176#. The question is I am going to build a concrete counter weight (I am in the...
  29. Underdog57

    Firewood Storage Pallets

    For you guys that store firewood on pallets, check out these nice boxes I found on CL. For $15 looks like a pretty good deal. APPLE CRATE WOOD PALLET STORAGE BOX
  30. Underdog57

    Reading TBN is expensive!

    I had survived for 28 yrs of taking care of my 15 acres with just a 1986 Yamaha quad runner, a 4' x 8' trailer, Log splitter, and a Cub Cadet lawnmower. I started researching used tractors in Oct 2013 on TBN. In the 5 months since I've bought a new tractor (I couldn't find a good used one) and...
  31. Underdog57

    Wife lift (Work platform) build

    Decided to build a carry-all / lift platform with treated lumber. It is 5' x 4' with 3 removable sides, should be approx. 650# when done (should get lighter when wood dries). Copied some ideas from members here on TBN. I will post more when it's done. No safety police please, I know what I...
  32. Underdog57

    Pallet Forks

    Looking for a set of 48" SSQA Pallet Forks, preferably in the Western or Central Michigan area.
  33. Underdog57

    Super Trac 303 Hydraulic Oil

    Quick question, is "Super Trac 303 Hydraulic Oil" good enough for my LS 4041H ? I want to use it because i have some on hand and use it in my splitter. Thanks I value everyone's opinion.
  34. Underdog57

    Glow Plug Question

    Is there any harm to the glow plugs or the engine if I cycle the glow plugs 2 or 3 times before I start the engine when it is cold. I have been cycling them twice in this cold weather (15-20 degrees) and I think it really helps. The engine starts easily with not much smoke or knocking. I have...
  35. Underdog57

    Essential Wrench Sizes

    I just realized my Metric tool collection is very undersized. Is everything on these LS Tractors Metric? I am going to go buy some tools soon and would like all you LS Tractor Pro's to put together the essential wrench & socket sizes I need for basic service & bolt tightening. I have assorted...
  36. Underdog57

    Grading Rear Blade Recomendation

    I am a new owner of a LS R4041H and shopping for a good rear blade. The tires are 6' apart, is a 7' blade the proper size when angled? I will mainly be plowing snow, grading driveway and some scraping in the woods. Suggestions on make & Model #s would be appreciated, Also any body have any...
  37. Underdog57

    Loader Cutting Edge for Bucket

    I need some advice on the LS loader bucket. How sturdy are these buckets and should I consider installing a cutting edge? Does LS sell one, are they bolt-on or welded on, and who else sells them? I have only 6.5 hours on it so far and I dig a lot of small stumps with it and am worried about...
  38. Underdog57

    Close to buying

    Close to buying 35 - 38 HP Hydro & Loader with quick-attach bucket . The LS G3038H & R3039H are looking real good