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  1. MiserableOldFart

    Toolbox for NH Workmaster 40

    Used a cheap plastic ammo box, bottom reinforced with plywood inside and glued. L bracket and piece of 2x4 cut to fit underneath to support it if it ever wants to slide down. Obviously need to get shorter bolts and probably, when ambitious, will lower the whole thing a couple inches. The...
  2. MiserableOldFart

    Early observations, Workmaster 40

    With a whole 10 hours on the tractor, I can see, hear and feel that the machine is somewhat less user friendly than the TC26DA it replaces. The loader doesn't appear to have true dual function capability, something that in a little time will be a non-issue once I get used to it. They put the...
  3. MiserableOldFart

    Close to a deal.

    After much self debate, soul searching and number crunching, I'm close to trading in the esteemed 15 year old TC26DA on a new Workmaster 40. It came down to the Workmaster 40 and the Kubota L3901, and the deciding factor was the stronger loader. Two questions left: which dealer, and getting...
  4. MiserableOldFart

    Close to pulling the trigger.

    After much self debate, soul searching and number crunching, I'm close to trading in the esteemed 15 year old TC26DA on a new Workmaster 40. It came down to the Workmaster 40 and the Kubota L3901, and the deciding factor was the stronger loader. Two questions left: which dealer, and getting...
  5. MiserableOldFart

    How long before Compact Diesels are obsolete?

    Let me know if this is the wrong place to put this, but IMHO, the advantages of electric powered tractors in the smaller sizes (under, say, 100hp) will be so massive that even though cars are ahead in the development, new small electric tractors will begin taking over the market somewhere around...
  6. MiserableOldFart

    Time to Rant abvout this.

    I'm sure it has been done before, but I just want to rant about the idiocy that one end of the drive line of an implement is standardized while the other is not. Now, I realize that the drive line you use for a post hole digger is not the same length as the one you use for a rotary cutter, but...
  7. MiserableOldFart

    Kubota Gr2120 hour meter stuck.

    This one has me puzzled. The meter reads 384.8 hours and isn't changing. Any ideas? I would have thought if it didn't work, it wouldn't show hours at all, being electronic.
  8. MiserableOldFart

    Bearcat Chipper / Shredder

    I wonder if anyone out there is using the Bearcat PTO chipper/shredder with a smaller than optimal tractor. I have a 30 year old Troy Bilt super tomahawk, that still works ok, but is getting long in the tooth, and is really too small for what I need. I seldom chip anything over two inches in...
  9. MiserableOldFart

    Pricing Boomer 35-40-45

    Looking at those three possibilities for the future. Can't find any data on a price. Anyone out there who can give ballpark on each of these with loader?
  10. MiserableOldFart

    Cracked tranny case on TC26DA

    After 12 years and 824 relatively reliable hours, it looks like there is a hairline crack in my hydro transmission case. Replacement part is over $2700 (at Messicks, most likely the best price there is.) Emailed the nearest NH dealer. I've done some business there since my original dealer...
  11. MiserableOldFart

    Buying Advice Was looking at Kioti ads online

    This was last summer, and the prices I saw quoted online for brand new Kiotis were quite reasonable. I have seen mixed reviews about their quality, but they did have a 40 hp machine with loader specs that were better than orange and green tractors of the same size. So I contacted a couple...
  12. MiserableOldFart

    Kubota Synthetic UTF in New Holland

    This is just a note to say that I replaced the UTF in my TC26DA with Kubota Synthetic, which is an extremely expensive upgrade, especially in view of the fact that I was only halfway to the next change and had to add the two filters, bringing the entire cost of the procedure to just under $200...
  13. MiserableOldFart

    Tips on taking front wheel hub apart???

    I have a problem in one of my front hubs in TC26DA, at a minimum a shot seal. Won't know more until I get in there. But it doesn't want to come apart, and, unlike other makes I've seen in videos online, there are no "notches" to put a prying tool into. So how do I get it split apart without...
  14. MiserableOldFart

    The eternal problem of snow sticking to loader buckets..

    For the first time this year I have tried a product called Turtle Wax Spray and Dry. It's not expensive, and a little goes a long way. It doesn't last, but takes only a minute to put a coating on the bucket and I've had very good luck with it. I previously tried a spray product from Toro that...
  15. MiserableOldFart

    Why my next tractor won't be New Holland

    I have to say I am absolutely happy with my NH TC26DA tractor. It does all I ask it to do, but I have to say I am appalled by the incredible, over the top, insane prices of their parts. The little pads that are on the HST foot controls wear out rather quickly, which shouldn't be a big deal...
  16. MiserableOldFart

    L Series questions

    I was looking at the L series tractors today, and didn't think to ask the dealer, but am wondering about a few things: I didn't see any lever on the tractors for 2 wheel / 4 wheel drive. They are part time 4 wheel drive, aren't they? The dealer had both 00 and 01 series tractors and they...
  17. MiserableOldFart

    Asking for the Moon..

    Since a loader is a $3000 and up item, and since most CUTS are bought with one, and whereas loaders require very frequent lubrication, would it be totally out of line to suggest that manufacturers should include some kind of clamp or receptacle on the loader or the tractor to hold a grease gun...
  18. MiserableOldFart

    Tire studs - again.

    Hi all. There are a bunch of threads on this, but I think most of them are quite old, unless I missed one or ten, which is possible. Anyway, after thinking about it for two years or so, and looking at the prices out there and reading about people's experiences, I decided to try myself. In...
  19. MiserableOldFart

    Replacing lower seal in a Bush Hog RDTH 60 Mower.

    Lower gearbox seal - Anyone ever done this? From the parts diagram it looks like if I can get the castle nut and big main pulley off, there is just a ring holding in that seal? Is this right? Or would I be better off just taking the gearcase to a dealer? Any info would be appreciated. I...
  20. MiserableOldFart

    Is the verdict in on the "new" Boomers vs. the TC's?

    Wondering if the new Boomers are as reliable and well made as the ones from a few years ago. I have a TC26DA and am thinking about trading up to a slightly larger machine, mainly for bigger loader. Very happy with the TC26DA though and don't want to make any very expensive mistakes. Looking...
  21. MiserableOldFart

    Husqvarna garden tractor - mass confusion.

    I was looking at Husqvarna GT garden tractors yesterday at an authorized dealer who didn't know squat about the tractors he is trying to sell. Was on the phone with another, more experienced, dealer today and emerged with both him AND me more confused than when I started. Husq ad tags on the...
  22. MiserableOldFart

    B26TLB Price?

    Ok, I had this crazy idea about trading up to a B26TLB for the backhoe and heavier duty construction. I contacted the only dealer in the area (50 miles) and was told it would be around $34K. My heart sunk. Is this right, or should I be looking for a better deal? If $34K is reasonable, then I...
  23. MiserableOldFart

    First use of Allied 3pt. snow thrower

    Finally had to use the snow thrower the other day. We had about 4 inches of icy, crusty, wet slushy mess that I was concerned would freeze. Considered actually taking off the snow thrower and using the back blade, but that would be too much like work. The machine did a good job throwing that...
  24. MiserableOldFart

    What to Look for in Used 110 TLB

    See an nice looking 110 for sale at a price that is way beyond anything I should consider, but actually would be fair given the prices I'm seeing out there. 1000 hours. What should I be looking for other than the usual drips, leaks, and broken stuff? Anything specific to this model that I...
  25. MiserableOldFart

    Rear Wheel Spacers for wider stance?

    I've seen online a dealer that sells spacers for some select John Deere and Kubota models, but none for CNH. Is there such an animal? I would feel a whole lot safer if my wheels were two or four inches more apart, and the extra clearance for chains would be a blessing as well. I've seen some...
  26. MiserableOldFart

    Loader Are you shuttling me? The Joys of Joystick..

    Ok, I'm not complaining here about the failure of a small part. Small parts fail. A pin of some kind (I never saw it all together and the part that broke off is gone) in the "shuttle" control broke and at 338 hours on the tractor, my 12A loader was non functional. Stuff happens, and I kept my...
  27. MiserableOldFart

    Tie rods/ball joints?

    I'm having a problem with replacement tie rods/ball joints for the steering in my C-125 tractor, and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same.. The originals lasted about 20 years or so under heavy use. Since I purchased a bigger tractor to do most of the work around here, the...
  28. MiserableOldFart

    Antifreeze (again)

    OK, it's that time of year, and as every year at this time, I dutifully drain, flush and replace the coolant. The dealer where I bought my tractor is no longer in the New Holland business, and the one where I buy parts sells a generic green antifreeze. After reading so much about the...
  29. MiserableOldFart

    Heads up to TC26DA Owners!

    The TC26 DA is getting old enough now that there might be some owners out there who are not original owners and not on the mailing list from CNH, so I thought I'd put this up as a warning: There is a service bulletin out on oil: When you add oil, or change oil in the TC26DA (don't know about...
  30. MiserableOldFart

    DR now in the inertial log splitter game

    This is interesting. They are still very pricey, but might be popular. I love my Huskee hydraulic splitter, but for people who split wood for a living, the flywheel splitters make an awful lot of sense.. DR Power Equipment - DR RapidFire Log Splitter
  31. MiserableOldFart

    Farm King Snow Blowers?

    Anyone with experience with Farm King snowblowers? I'm considering a 3 pt. blower for my NH TC 26DA and the "local" (25 miles) dealer carries them. The price is reasonable, but I haven't taken the ride (50 miles because they aren't at the 25 mile location) to see them. Anyone know where they...
  32. MiserableOldFart

    Countdown to Plug in Hybrid CUT?

    With the plug-in hybrid cars beginning to come to the fore, and Volvo's diesel plug-in on the market now, it would seem that tractors would be a natural extension. The extra weight of the batteries is virtually meaningless (or even a plus for some duties) in a tractor. Most CUT owners have to...
  33. MiserableOldFart

    What to look for in a used tractor

    Ok, all ye experts out there.. this is a hypothetical question, but I think a good one. You have been looking at used tractors for about a year or so, and find one in the size range you want, at a price you can afford. It is a diesel, of a major brand, 10-15 years old, has 1500-2500 hours on...
  34. MiserableOldFart

    Deep Philosophical Question about Tractors

    I was on facebook just a little while ago and looking at a facebook friend's pictures of Ford Mustangs, and it suddenly occurred to me that there is this ridiculous custom of posing half naked young women with the cars. Why don't they do this with tractors? They are more expensive than cars...
  35. MiserableOldFart

    Wood burners: Ordered a pair of these babys today.

    If these work as advertised, they are going to be a very big help to me in the woods. Lots of places I just can't get any equipment in due to steepness, and have to carry out short distance to my truck, tractor or DR Powerwagon. I have been eying a $1300 capstan winch, but these might save...
  36. MiserableOldFart

    Confused: CVT vs. Hydro??

    I have been trying to find out what the advantages of a CVT over a Hydro are, and just don't understand, probably because I'm old and thick in the head. Now, if it weren't for loader work, I would certainly have a manual shifting tractor of some kind, but the loader makes the hydro a nice...
  37. MiserableOldFart

    Flywheel logsplitter

    This is probably best suited for commercial firewood operations that have a steady supply of modest sized wood, because it's horizontal and I don't think for those really big gnarly stump pieces, plus they are about twice the price of hydro machines, but the simple fact of the matter is they are...
  38. MiserableOldFart

    New Chainsaw Question

    Hi All, I am considering upgrading my 25+ year old Echo CS500VL, which is about as good as new and a fantastic saw to something a bit more modern with a longer bar and a chain brake. I was impressed by the Husqvarna XP372 I looked at today. It isn't overly heavy (except on the wallet!) and...
  39. MiserableOldFart

    Chains Chain clearance on TC 26 (or 23) DA

    Hi all, Last year I put chains on the front wheels of my TC26DA and they helped a lot in the snow. I would like to add a set on the rears, but I'm concerned about clearances. Anyone out there have rear chains on 26 or 23? Do they clear the fenders and the hardware ok? Last winter was an...
  40. MiserableOldFart

    Oil & Fuel Oil question

    I have NH 26 DA with about 220 hours on it. It's a great tractor but I have one question about the oil. It seems that the oil in the tractor gets very dirty looking very quickly after an oil change, much faster than in any of my gasoline equipment, truck or car. Is this normal? Is it...
  41. MiserableOldFart

    Observations on NH TC 26 DA

    I thought I'd drop a note here about my experience with my TC 26 after three and a half years of ownership. I haven't put anywhere near the number of hours on the machine I expected to, though I am using it more now. I'm a bit embarrassed to say it's only got 170 hours on it after all this...
  42. MiserableOldFart

    Tire Chains on industrial tires?

    Do tire chains for a light (26hp) CUT make sense in the winter? I have industrial tires and sure would like a little more traction in the snow and ice. Is there any danger that tire chains might hurt the hydro tranny? I'd appreciate any info. John NH TC 26DA
  43. MiserableOldFart

    Snowplow that mounts on loader bucket?

    Hi all. I wonder if there is such an animal as a snowplow that mounts on a loader bucket for a compact diesel tractor. It would seen to be a fairly easy thing to design and engineer, (of course with manual angle adjustment.). It just seems to me that the hassle of removing the loader and then...
  44. MiserableOldFart

    Oil & Fuel Fuel Storage Questions

    I seem to remember somewhere reading that it's a good idea to store diesel fuel in non-metallic containers. Is this true? I have a 10.7 gallon metal container I got from northern. It's gravity feed with a hose on the bottom. It's made for gasoline, but I'm currently using it for diesel. The...