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  1. Glowplug

    Kubota ZD28 Losing Power

    I have a Kubota ZD28F zero turn mower with 700 hours. I believe it is a 2005. Just recently it started losing power after a period of use. Basically it will run fine then after some time, maybe a half hour or so, it will start to periodically lose power, almost to the point of cutting out. If...
  2. Glowplug

    BATWING OWNERS: How do you have your hydraulics set up?

    I have often entertained the idea of some day getting a batwing. I have 3 sets of rear remotes. My dealer told me I didn't really need that for a batwing but I could basically spool the two wings to be controlled with a single remote. But I kind of like the idea of using a separate lever and...
  3. Glowplug

    ATTN FARMERS & AG GUYS: How do you grow grain?

    I'm mainly just curious. I really like the way wide open fields of grain look. Gives me a warm feeling of deep American pride. Abdundant amber waves of grain are just beautiful. I know what a grain drill, grain wagon, and auger are by appearance but that's about it. I've seen the big...
  4. Glowplug

    Really heavy 8' pull-type disc--Any Ideas?

    I have been looking to get a disc harrow for quite some time. I have always thought about getting a lift-type disc. But then I said to myself, "Self, the more weight on each disc the better it will cut." So I think a pull-type would be better. I just recently changed this philosophy from...
  5. Glowplug

    How do you clean a fuel storage tank?

    I am going to be acquiring a 200-gallon steel fuel storage tank very soon. It has been used to store off-road diesel for farm equipment. This is exactly what I would use it for. . .to store diesel for my tractor and mower. The previous owner has taken excellent care of it and it looks new...
  6. Glowplug

    How to ground diesel storage tank?

    I'm sure this has been answered here before but maybe not in its own dedicated thread. I did a search and couldn't find much. I am going to be attaining a 200 gal. fuel tank for diesel storage this weekend. I have heard that when you set it up it needs to be grounded to prevent ignition from...
  7. Glowplug


    I know that chain drag harrows are used primarily for pasture maintenance, dethatching, and seedbed preparation. But I feel sure they can be used for so much more. Does anyone have any good recommendations, suggestions, or experience with uses for a drag harrow? Both normal boring traditional...
  8. Glowplug

    How do you get rid of barn swallows?

    I have a rather large (~200' x 40') horse barn. Well, now there's no horses in it. But there are about 2 dozen barn swallows which have made it their home! Admittedly the barn is not in the best shape. One of the doors has basically fallen off as have many of the window shutters so there's...
  9. Glowplug

    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog SBX Box Blades

    Is anyone familiar with these box blades? I was at my local tractor/implement dealer just browsing (drooling) around as I sometimes do on a Sunday when I saw a whole mess of these BBs. They looked to be fairly heavy duty and sturdily built. I don't really have any plans for any severe harsh...
  10. Glowplug

    Grapple Grapple for pulling out fence posts?

    I have been wanting to remove a bunch of 3-plank horse fencing for about 4 years now. Just never got around to it. I have an open jaw type grapple; like the Millonzi type. I absolutely love it for picking up and moving brush. It is great. But it is essentially impossible to pull a fence post out...
  11. Glowplug

    Hydraulic Leak at Lift Arm

    This is not the usual "Leak Down" that people have had problems with at their 3ph lift arms where over time they will slowly leak down. I noticed yesterday that my tractor was leaving a spot of oil near the rear when it had been parked. It appeared to be near the left side of the 3pt hitch. I...
  12. Glowplug

    Bush Hog 2212 Batwing

    Does anyone have any experience with, or knowledge of, the new Bush Hog 2212 flex-wing rotary cutter? I was curious about the cost. It seems from their website that it is available this month. I think it would fill a niche that is void right now. It is a 12 foot cutting width flex wing rotary...
  13. Glowplug

    Photo Attachment Testing Thread

    I was wanting to experiment with different ways of inserting photos. If anyone wants to use this thread to do the same please feel free to do so. Now for another way to do it.
  14. Glowplug

    Box Scraper Box Blade Level Meter?

    Has anyone used any type of levelling meter (tilt meter) on their box blades when grading? I was thinking of a means of trying to keep the blade level when the tractor is not to make a level grade. This would be done through a top 'n' tilt type set-up. I was trying to think of how to do this...
  15. Glowplug

    Draft Control and Disking

    There have been a few disk harrow threads here lately. A couple are mine. I was just sitting here visualizing running a disk harrow and a thought, actually a question, came to mind. I can see how draft control is useful in pulling a 3ph moldboard plow. But is draft control useful, or...
  16. Glowplug

    Maschio Roto-Tillers

    I drove by a local farm equipment dealer today just to browse the lot. They had several Maschio tillers out on the lot. A good rotary tiller is high on my "Want List". Is anyone familiar with these tillers? Are they any good? Where are they made? I am particularly interested in the Maschio...
  17. Glowplug

    Disc Harrows: Tandem vs. Offset.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a tandem disc vs. an offset disc? It seems most people here have tandem discs. But it would appear as though offset discs would do a better job of soil disturbance. Anyone know? Anyone have experience with both?
  18. Glowplug

    Supreme Ultimate Plow!!

    I have wanted a good reliable moldboard plow for quite a while. Probably 3x14 would be ideal. Problem is, you can't hardly find them anymore. The other problem is nobody seems to make them anymore unless they're the (relatively) cheaply made ones you see at chain stores. But, from what I...
  19. Glowplug

    Changing Rotary Cutter Gearbox Oil

    I have a Rhino Turbo 120 10' rotary cutter. I would like to change the gearbox oil to put in NLGI #00 grease. Why? Just for the heck of it. But I can't seem to find how to drain the gearbox. There's nothing in the manual on doing this, at least that I can find. The manual says, "The gearbox...
  20. Glowplug

    Grapple Post Your Favorite Grapple Pics!

    After I got home from work today I got out the grapple to pick up some pine limbs I cleared out the other day to make room for mowing. Took a couple of photos. These probably aren't my favorite grapple pics but they're interesting. I was wondering if those who are interested could post their...
  21. Glowplug

    Rototiller Speed

    What's the best GROUND speed to run a rototiller? I'm sure it depends, to some degree, on the type of soil. I'm talking about over previously tilled soil to rejuvenate a garden. I'm wondering if I need to add the "Creeper" gearbox to my tractor. Right now with my tractor, when running at PTO...
  22. Glowplug

    Ultimate Fence Post Puller

    I have a lot of 3-plank horse fencing that I need to remove. I've done a small amount with the FEL but I've mostly been avoiding it. It's slow going. I came across an ad in a farm journal for Grace Manufacturing. They specialize in heavy duty brush equipment. They had listed a few...
  23. Glowplug

    Are these Rototillers any good?

    Through ebay I found a site that sells new rototillers. They are called Weixi IGQN heavy duty tillers. They appear to be manufactured in China. The pictures look like the quality is pretty decent. The price I was quoted is absolutely excellent. Has anybody here ever heard of these or have...
  24. Glowplug

    Ballast Adding Front-End Weights to M-series

    I was wondering if there is a way to add front-end weights to an m-series tractor that has a front-end loader. As you may know from my thread, "Orange Tractor, Green Grass" I had removed the front-end loader to have more maneuverability and better visualization while mowing. But now if I start...
  25. Glowplug

    Orange Tractor & Green Grass!!

    Got to do some mowing with the m7040 and new Rhino 10' rotary cutter this weekend! Man, what a blast. Took a little while to level up the mower deck, since it hasn't been used yet. I took off the front-end loader to mow. That was incredibly easy! It only took a few minutes. I was worried...
  26. Glowplug

    Backbreaker, Mankiller, Widow-maker

    . . .I don't care what you call it. But a push type rototiller is a pain in the *****. It probably doesn't help too much that mine has a slightly bent shaft. I was out trying to till our vegetable garden yesterday evening. Probably got a couple thousand square feet done. It almost killed...
  27. Glowplug

    BOTAZILLA REVISITED: More Grapple Pics!!

    I love combining two of my favorite pasttimes, photography and tractors. I was out a little while this afternoon "playing" on the tractor. Took a few more pictures. Just thought I'd share for your own enjoyment.
  28. Glowplug

    IH Plow Chief Plow

    A while back I happened to come across this plow. I had inquired if in the poor cell phone photo it had looked any good. Now that I've learned a little more about what to look for in an old plow I went back out there to look at it again. It's still there. From the little that I know it...
  29. Glowplug


    I love looking at pictures of tractor toys. Therefore, I am starting this thread so that everyone can contribute by posting a picture of their favorite implement. That way, we can have somewhere to look when we want to satisfy our tractor implement fetish!:D I'll start. Since I really only...
  30. Glowplug

    Movin' Dirt

    Well, this afternoon in Kentucky it was 72 F and not a cloud in the sky. So, instead of catching up on paperwork at the office I decided to take an early weekend and enjoy the weather. After I spent some time outside with my two little girls I decided to get out the tractor and MOVE SOME DIRT...
  31. Glowplug

    Carry All Choices

    I would like to find a basic 3-pt hitch carry-all frame like the one they sell at Tractor Supply but for a Cat II hitch. Does anyone know of such an item?
  32. Glowplug

    Botazilla is Born!!

    Well, I finally got my grapple rake installed a week ago and just recently got the hydraulic hoses to the 3rd function valve configured the way I want them. Some of you have asked me to post some pictures. So here they are. On one of the other threads I had stated that now that the grapple is...
  33. Glowplug

    Oh no!!! Flat tire already!!!

    I just went out to the barn to check on my baby. Something looked funny. The loader appeared to be unlevel. What the heck?!? I got up on the tractor and started it up, hoping that maybe one cylinder had just leaked down and starting it and raising the loader would help. But that didn't correct...
  34. Glowplug

    Grapple Grapples Galore

    Okay, I know there have been about 8 billion threads and posts on grapples. But, hey, what can another hurt? I am thinking about getting a stand-alone grapple for my m7040 soon for brush and stump removal as well as for loading up and piling up tons of plank fencing. I have looked at...
  35. Glowplug

    New Era Begins: m7040 Arrives!!!

    Welcome to the continuing story of my tractor purchase. For those of you jumping over from my previous thread, "M-Series Snag!!!", you probably are aware of much of the story of my tractor shopping and purchase. For anyone's benefit that cares to know I have summarized my overall tractor...
  36. Glowplug

    New Grand L-40 . . . Bigger?

    I was at my Kubota dealer's place today checking out the progress on my upcoming M7040. In the shop there was an L5040 they were working on. . .changing the tires. It seemed to me that thing is significantly larger than the Grand L-30 series. There sure did seem to be a lot of orange...
  37. Glowplug

    M-Series Snag!!!

    Anybody who has read my two recent threads Loader Arms Too Big and M8540 Loader Decision knows that I have been getting very close to getting a Kubota M8540. Well, yesterday I put in an application for financing. Kubota approved me but with one stipulation. I had to pay an unbelievable amount...
  38. Glowplug

    M8540 Loader Decision

    Now I'm more confused than ever. For 3 years I have been planning to get a tractor. For the past nine months I have been researching, debating, studying, and thinking about my options on a DAILY basis. For at least the past 7 months I had decided on an M8540 HD12 ROPS w/ canopy, hydraulic...
  39. Glowplug

    Mower Decisions

    I am going to be FINALLY getting my new Kubota M8540 very soon. Now I'm trying to make some decisions on what would be a good choice for rotary cutter. I have 16 acres mostly flat pasture with multiple plank fence paddocks. One of my first tasks with my new tractor will be removing all those...
  40. Glowplug

    Loader Arms Too Big??

    I am getting close to pulling the lever on a Kubota M8540. I was looking at getting a Quicke loader instead of the Kubota loader. Quicke loaders are the cadillac of loaders. Looking closely at the specs, craftsmanship, etc. as a side-by-side comparison with the Kubota loader the Quicke loader...
  41. Glowplug

    Blower vs. Plow

    I was wanting to get some opinions on which would be better for clearing snow. I know there have been a million threads on snow clearance this time of year but I figured, what the hey, let me start another! My specific question is which would be the preferred method of snow clearance. . .a...
  42. Glowplug

    Alphabet Soup

    Can anyone help me understand the basics of trailer weights? In particular, I find all the different weight abbreviations very confusing. What is the difference between GVWR, GCWR, GVW, ETC.? Even if there is a good website that I can be referred to that would be helpful. I don't think there...
  43. Glowplug

    Posthole Digger Woods PHD Price?

    I was wondering if anyone knew about how much a Woods PHD95 post-hole digger with 12"x42" heavy-duty auger costs. I know there are problems with asking for the price of an item such as regional variability. But I have no clue as to what one of these cost. I don't know if they are $500 or...
  44. Glowplug

    Tractor Family Tree

    Could someone please briefly explain the evolution and relationships in regards to Case, New Holland, Ford, International Harvester, and Farmall? I say "brief" because I have a very short attention span.
  45. Glowplug

    Safer Trailer?

    After I purchase my new tractor (Kubota M8540) I will quickly be looking for a trailer to transport the tractor. I would need something that could transport the tractor and a 7' rotary cutter (Woods 8400)safely. I was thinking along the lines of a gooseneck. I would estimate that the size of...
  46. Glowplug

    Adding Rear Remotes to M-Series

    I had recently started a thread on the general forums in regards to the utility and advantages of having 3 rear hydraulic remotes. Initially I couldn't think of many reasons to have that many remotes; but now, after reading about TnT systems, I would definitely want 3 remotes. I am looking at...
  47. Glowplug

    Dump Trailer: Improved Swinging Tailgate

    I have been brainstorming and would like to resurrect an old idea. MadReferee had previously taken a Country Mfg. Wagon dump trailer and constructed a swinging tailgate. Please seee this thread: Country Mfg wagon swinging tailgate. It's a beautiful set-up. My idea was to simply do this same...
  48. Glowplug

    3 Rear Remotes: Worth It??

    I had considered getting a tractor with 3 rear remote hydraulic valves instead of 1 or 2. If I remember correctly I don't think the price was that much different. But would they be utilized? I really can find almost no tractors that have the 3rd remote installed. 2 remotes tends to be the...
  49. Glowplug

    Pittsburg plow??

    Anyone ever heard of Pittsburg plows? Are they decent quality? What about automatic spring reset shanks? Are they beneficial?:confused:
  50. Glowplug

    Virnig Snowplow

    I know the topic of snow removal has been discussed to death on this forum. I figure probably the two best ways for snow removal are either a front-mounted snow blower or a dedicated snow plow blade attached to the loader. I have looked at Meyer snowplows designed for tractor loaders on their...