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  1. J

    What is this weed?

    It’s relatively succulent with red roots. I believe that it comes in the pig feed, as it started in the pigpen the first year that I raised them and is starting to spread. I’m not complaining at this point, they prefer green matter to grain and it keeps my feed bill down.
  2. J

    Fresh caught perch, chantrelles, zuchinni and summer squash

    I swapped two dozen eggs for the perch and picked the rest. It wasn't the fanciest meal, but after cooking everything up in my best cast iron frying pan it tasted pretty darned good. Dessert was from my mother, a type of cake with peaches from a tree that my father planted years ago. :p
  3. J

    Firing order for David Brown 996

    I'm just bringing this over for a new member who posted it in the wrong forum; Log in to forums Post #10 If somebody could help him out it would be great. Thank you in advance.
  4. J

    Does anybody follow the Olympics?

    I'm not a sports fan, but do find it odd that nobody has mentioned them here.
  5. J

    Sometimes it's worth it to hire a land surveyor

    I work for a forest management company with land all over the northern half of Maine. This includes several thousand miles of property lines varying from newly spotted and painted to non-existent. I consider myself pretty good about finding old lines and knowing when they are in the right...
  6. J

    I thought that I was the great procrastinator!
  7. J

    Speaking of woodchucks...

    ...has anybody ever tried filling their entry with concrete? My mother has one under her shed which had 7 babies in it all summer. They seem to have left and I want to discourage anyone from moving in. Of course I also would need to fill the other entrance. My father had a lifetime war on the...
  8. J

    New Ribbon across bottom of screen, blocking threads

    As in the screenshot above. Am I the only one getting it?
  9. J

    Would you return a defective $2.99 item?

    I would and did. With tax it was $3.16. I needed packing tape to hold a 30lb box together for return shipping, and bought a roll of duct tape at the local surplus/salvage store. (Mardens. to any Maine residents) It was "Military approved, 200 mph tape, Made in USA". I got out to the truck and...
  10. J

    Shop Vac is gone?

    I'm always the last to know anything. I went into the hardware store today looking for a filter and was told they are no longer in business. Now the store is selling Craftsman, which really had me baffled for a moment. :confused: In a nutshell, ShopVac got into trouble and were finding their way...
  11. J

    Walter Mondale passed away I don't remember him that well, but it seems like a former VP and presidential candidate rates more getting than stuck into our usual "passing" thread.
  12. J

    A federal warrant has been issued for my arrest! :-O

    That was the message on my machine, when I got home after two nights away. I wish they would wait until the beep to leave a message, so that I would know what I had done. I kept pressing "1" as the message told me to, until the operator came on and said that I had reached a disconnected...
  13. J

    I did it again! :(

    Sometimes I think that a "personal shopper" would save me money. I started rebuilding my Wyeth-Scott power puller (manual come-along) last weekend and realized that it needs everything except the main housing. That must be why they recommend using their safety handles, instead of a 30" length of...
  14. J

    Happy Easter 🐣

    This is the best I can do for a picture today.
  15. J

    Pipe in concrete slab, rather than rebar?

    We have some old 1 1/2" heat pipe which is somewhat pitted, so not suitable for anything else which I would use it for such as a flagpole. I've been thinking about using it for reinforcement, and am wondering if losing that much concrete would affect the structure. It will just be in a couple of...
  16. J

    Making ham in smoker from pork roast

    There’s a myriad of recipes available on the internet yet many just say something like “rub in sea salt and cook for two hours until done. Add liquid smoke if you want to.” To me that’s just seasoned pork; ham is soaked for days in brine, then slow smoked until done. And it’s PINK! I did an...
  17. J

    John Deere engine in a 1969 GMC 2500

    This is pretty amazing. They put a lot of time and thought into this, and really did it up right. Skip past the first minute and they get into the project.
  18. J

    $500 surcharge for tire kickers and lowballers

    I'm advertising my 2004 Ford Ranger for $800 and am going to let my bad attitude show on Craigslist again. The above is going to posted right in the ad. I'll talk to somebody who really is interested, but for the inevitable "will you take $200" the price will go up accordingly. It does need a...
  19. J

    "A" or "An"?

    I always have problems with this. The first example above is when the next letter starts with a consonant; the latter when it starts with a vowel. But what about abbreviations? Today I wrote "I'm thinking about buying an LX25..." Using the rule above my wording is wrong, yet it sounds much...
  20. J

    Finally, a generator powered EV?

    This is an interesting article which describes what has been mentioned here before; Nissan claims it's made a more thermally efficient gas engine, but there's a catch. Apparently Nissan has been offering it for about 5 years, just not on this side of the pond. A couple of things which weren't...
  21. J

    Where I was when the TBN lights went out, Feb 26 2021

    Just a fun thread which probably won't go anywhere, just before our Fearless Leader does the upgrades he's been threatening for some time. :D And the title should have read; "Where were YOU when the lights went out... maybe the new upgrade will allow us to edit titles.
  22. J

    What's with all of the funky "A"s in the headers tonight?

    They don't seem to be doing anything except looking weird.
  23. J

    Ordering seeds

    Traditionally I've ordered seeds when cabin fever starts setting in... in a good winter I start taking inventory around the last week in February and place it sometime in March. This year winter's late and I haven't even looked at the fruit tree catalogs yet... I just got a text from my sister...
  24. J


    :firecracker: :cool2: :applause: OK, maybe not for a few more hours. Yet that's way past my bedtime so I thought I would say it now. Hopefully 2021 will be a good year for you and yours, and we all will have hours of trouble free tractoring.
  25. J

    The right to bear arms

    I've been watching old westerns on youtube, and found this one amusing. THE RESTLESS GUN - BETTER THAN A CANNON - YouTube No doubt this thread will get perverted into a philosophical debate between black and white, but hopefully we can have some fun with it first. Skip forward to 5:12, and...
  26. J

    5 day waiting period to buy a chainsaw?

    You have to wonder what this guy was thinking. Portland man arrested after robbing a McDonald’s while operating a chainsaw It's finally getting cold out, could it be that he just wanted something hot to eat and a warm bed for the night? :confused:
  27. J

    First experiences at Cabela's website since Bass Pro merger

    I have been shopping there for almost half of my life, long before internet sales ; preferring them to the world famous company which was founded in this state. Recently I've been trying to find a rifle scope and find that every time I click on a page an annoying popup appears... "click on...
  28. J

    It just isn't Christmas without

    Harv's Classic Christmas Gif
  29. J

    Things which we are thankful for on this holiday...

    With all of the news about gloom and doom it's easy to get caught up in the momentum. Yet looking back on the last 12 months I still have plenty to be thankful for. First and foremost is my health, something which I still take for granted. I'm also thankful that I have a warm dry place to live...
  30. J

    Good Books.... Well, there are a few.

    They say mimicry is the most sincere form of flattery. I hope that OP doesn't mind this take off from his very popular thread. Twenty years ago while working out of Hamm's Inn in the Adirondacks I read a book titled "Three Against the Wilderness", a true story in the first half of the 20th...
  31. J

    How long will unused concrete mix last?

    With this unseasonably warm weather I may start next year's project, pouring piers for a deck. I believe that I have about a ton of premix plus a couple bags of Portland Cement which has been stored on a pallet for at least 5 years. It still seems soft but I won't know until I dig it out. My...
  32. J

    Home remedies

    I don't keep much around for medications... when I do buy something it usually gets old and I throw it out long before I use it up. So tonight when I had a bad case of heartburn I searched for home remedies and one suggestion was cider vinegar... a staple item here. It seemed counterintuitive...
  33. J

    $ My differential lock stopped working $

    I've never liked the way that it engaged as it never really stayed in the way that it should... probably because of that tiny lever that is hard to keep a boot on. I bought the replacement spring which somebody suggested this spring, but haven't installed it yet. Today I was out filling in a...
  34. J

    G80 Autolocking differential

    I'm just wondering what if any experiences people have had with this GM locking differential. They seem to be putting them into more of their truck based vehicles and it does seem to give extra traction, vs just kicking the truck sideways into the ditch like the more common "limited slip"...
  35. J

    Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian neighbors!!!

    May you find plenty to be thankful for. :turkey:
  36. J

    Rust as protective coating on bridge steel?

    On a discussion of steel in the long ago past, I vaguely recall a comment that bridge steel is designed so that it gets a veneer of rust which then protects the metal. Does anyone know about this, or is my memory just going whacky? (again ;) )
  37. J

    Just another bogus phone call thread

    For the past couple of weeks I"ve been finding 2-3 partial messages per day on my answering machine... their computer starts leaving a message before the "beep". Area code is in Maine, from a town about 150 miles from here. All that I hear is "...Federal Law prohibits disclosing your account via...
  38. J

    This could be a long night

    I was out in my greenhouse tonight for the first time in a while and found a book which somehow got left there before I read it. (Nowhere to Run, by CJ Box) It's been a couple of months since I picked up a good book, and tonight I'm enjoying myself. The biggest thing I miss about recent events...
  39. J

    Pinned by tree for 4 days

    This guy is tough! Minnesota man saved after being trapped under a fallen tree for 4 days Most of us work alone, but this shows the importance of having somebody to check in with at the end of the day.
  40. J

    Cleaning dead snakes out of a dug well

    Now that I've got your attention, how would you do it? My mother lives in the house which my paternal grandfather built in 1927. The water supply has always been spring fed into a 10x12 foot concrete enclosure, about 10 feet deep. 40 years ago we cleaned it out and put a foot or so of crushed...
  41. J

    How do you seal a brass fitting screwed into a steel carburetor or sediment bowl?

    Do I just turn them in dry until they stop or ? I just put a new sediment bowl and carb on my (gas) TO35 and ran new fuel lines. Tomorrow I need to move it back undercover and would like to just dump fuel into it and go. Does brass seal onto steel, or whatever metal they are made of? Thank you.
  42. J

    The best time of the year is coming up

    Of course I'm referring to the fall months; no bugs, cool comfortable temps, leaves changing color, gardens giving up their fall bounty, and apple season just around the corner. My chickens are in the freezer, the turkeys and pigs are getting fat. Before you know it hunting season will be...
  43. J

    More Musings and Random Ramblings

    This is a spin off of DigginIt's popular "Small Thoughts at Large" thread which was closed a month or more ago. I was at my mother's house watching an old rerun of "Jeopardy" a couple weeks ago, complete with a very young Alex Trebec. It's funny how we don't notice the little changes over time...
  44. J

    Then he said "Don't buy a bush hog that's wider than the tractor"

    This is one of those "I heard it from a guy who knows somebody who..." stories... . I was talking to a neighbor about his LS. He mentioned that his son, who works as a mechanic for a heavy equipment dealer downstate, told him to buy a 4 foot mower so that it won't stick out past the rear wheels...
  45. J

    Why are cookies "Necessary to enhance my experience" when looking up pickup tires?

    Why are cookies "Necessary to enhance my experience" when looking up pickup tires? All that I'm trying to do is compare specs and don't need some factory computer to tell me where to buy them... I already know the tire dealers in my area. I just want to see the stinkin' specs... Yet every time...
  46. J

    How much weight do you give CarFax when buying a used auto? (from a dealer)

    After several months of looking for a better vehicle I finally decided that I had to do something-after the brakes failed on my Ranger. Trying to find a truck of any size or vintage has been a challenge, and I gave up on Ford after driving 50 miles to the dealer... only to find that contrary to...
  47. J

    How often do you use your parking brake on a vehicle with an AT?

    I have an aversion to getting rolled over by my own pickup, so tend to use the brake on any type of slope... especially if I'm going to be standing downhill from it, such as when watering my garden from the 55 gallon drums. I've had discussions with two of my younger coworkers in the past few...
  48. J

    Which replacement carburetor for my TO35?

    I have the choice between an original replica aftermarket, Ferguson TO35 Carburetor - 181532M92 for $173.54; the imported "Zenith style" which "outperforms the original carburetors"; for 236.19; or the "New, aftermarket...
  49. J

    Call me Mr Jinx.

    Tonight I found an envelope of cash and turned it into the local police department. It's a small town force with the station shared with the Fire department, and since there's no weekend dispatcher I actually gave it to a firefighter. I talked with them for a few minutes and they said it had...