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    A new Texas delicacy

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    Looks like our 13 troops made it home

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    Second repair on B7800

    This tractor has be maintenance free beyond belief. The first repair was a leaking rear axle seal a couple of years ago. Pretty minor and cheap. Today I was trying to pull a T-post out of the ground using the 3 point and TNT. This particular post was put in 16 years ago in soil that is...
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    Sorry, duplicate post

    Duplicate post
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    Green Mojave’s are hard to kill

    I went to go outside today and when I opened the door to the Portico, there was a 3’ Green Mojave rattlesnake about 4’ outside the door. Green Mojave’s are one of the most deadly snakes in the world. Much worse than other rattlesnakes. So I grab my Rugar Single Six loaded with snake shot and...
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    Kitchen Roomba

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    I was young once

    My niece sent me this picture. Her father was the oldest in the pic. I’m the youngest. One brother is missing from pic. All have now passed. Early 50’s.
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    Finally, I’ll be able to perform properly

    I had Trigger Finger surgery on the middle finger of my right hand yesterday. My surgeon sez that now while on the freeway and someone cuts me off that I will be able to gesture that they should go first. :LOL:
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    #@%-*#. IRS

    When the second stimulus payment (debit card), my wife received one but I did not. When the third payment was issued, my wife got one but I did not. Married filing jointly. Tried calling IRS, but it was the middle of tax season and no answer from IRS. So there was a form that allowed you to...
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    This was different.

    Our “adopted” grandkids came over last night. I say adopted as they bought the house next (1000’) to us after the previous owner died. We met them and they turned out to be the greatest kids, both about 30. We say adopted because their age is about right to be our grandkids. Every time they...
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    May 21st

    Did you know? 5/21/2021 is the 21st day of the 21st week of the 21st year of the 21st century
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    Dogs wanna have fun too!

    Oops. Won’t load
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    Real estate values are going absolutely crazy!

    Double post
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    Now the rest of the story. CHUCK!

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    John, Paul, George and Ringo

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    No dogs please...

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    Horse can dance too!

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    Three day challenge

    I am challenging everyone to do the Three Day Challenge. No drinking alcoholic beverages February 29, 30 and 31 :D
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    B7800 neutral centering problem

    My B7800 has been failing to return the rocker pedal to neutral lately. I pulled the damper and it was very stiff, possibly inhibiting the neutral holder from centering. The neutral holder appears to be located within the center tunnel and can barely be seen through a small hole from...
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    Having all my friends over for Thanksgiving
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    The answer...

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    How often do you replace radiator hoses?

    My B7800 is 16 years old. Living in the desert with extreme temperatures, I think it might be time to replace the hoses. I am concerned that I might pop a hose and since I never check the temp gauge I might cook the engine. The hoses, five in total, only cost $35 so why not?
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    Watched a Roadrunner get its dinner

    I was walking across the yard this morning and about 10 feet in front of me was a Roadrunner attacking a snake. He was so intent on dinner that I dont think he even noticed me. He would grab the snake about mid point and slam it on the ground 2 or 3 times. Then let it go to see if it moved...
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    Strange things your pets do...

    My 10 year old rescue dog has this strangest habit. She will only eat the food from the front half of her bowl. I have to rotate the bowl before she will eat it all.
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    Cal fire creates its own weather

    This wildfire about 50 miles from me is creating its own weather.
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    My dog the hunter

    Yesterday I am working in the back yard and I hear this strange squeak. I look up and my 12 year old rescue dog has a jack rabbit (Black tail hare) in her mouth. It was still alive And dieing and I did not know that rabbits made a sound. Kali is a hunter and captures anything from lizards to...
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    Yup, its been that kind of year

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    A new one for me

    The pool pump on my above ground pool stopped working. First thing was to check the GFIC. Test button worked as it should and reset did too. Both clicked as they should. Plugged my 3 light tester in and no lights. Hmmm, reset usually wont work if there is no power to the outlet. Pulled...
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    Yup... it finally happened

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    Apple fire

    Smoke from the Apple Fire down towards LA has the sky orange and the air looks like fog. It is blowing all the way to Arizona. Up to 15,000 acres now with almost no containment.
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    Here comes August

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    The maintenance on my B7800 is getting out of hand

    After almost 16 years of ownership, Two years ago I had to replace a seal on the rear axle and now the neutral safety switch on the rocker pedal is acting up. This is a ridiculous amount of maintenance. Think I will get rid of this dog. :D:D:D
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    I found a new use for the forks

    Easy way to drop 24" container Palo Verde into the hole.
  36. orezok

    My dog...

    My dog ,who is a rescue is strange. With a rescue you never know what their situation was before, but she will not chase a ball or play with any toy. BUT she brought me this piece of pipe yesterday from the other side of the yard. Now I think she was a welding inspector in a previous life...
  37. orezok

    Bad week for equipment

    Last week I blew up the motor on my 15 year old flat plate compactor and today my 35+ year old electric jackhammer went terminal. I guess i am just too hard on my tools. Does this happen in threes? :eek:
  38. orezok

    Started my solar project

    I poured footings today for my 5250 watt ground mount solar project. Being a retired licensed general contractor, my intent was to do this project completely myself. I found out that San Bernardino county will not allow an owner/builder do solar even though they can build a whole house...
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    And they survived...

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    Dog booties

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    Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was...

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    Good deal

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    The bees are back

    Last year I only saw about a dozen bees all summer. Just now I went to look at my peach trees which are in blossom and they are covered in bees. YEAH! :thumbsup:
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    Kubota broke then repaired itself!

    My B7800 suddenly would not start in the middle of a grading project I was doing. I was shutting it down while doing grad checking. I checked the usual culprits, PTO on, pedal not centered etc. No luck. The solenoid would click, but the starter would not engage or turn. I suspected that one...
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    Chevy truck fails crash test

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    What happens...

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    Your first school

    My first school was in a small town in eastern Pennsylvania. It was a small stone and brick building that was very old when I attended in the 50s. As I remember, it was dog one shaped with 4 classrooms at the corners and 1 or 2 in the middle of the bone. It was 2 story so about 10 classrooms...