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  1. K5lwq

    Branson Assembly Plant Locations in US?

    Does anyone know when Branson moved the Assembly plant in TX from Plainview to Tyler? Is Buster Jenkins still the Branson Rep for our region? I had heard there was a Branson place on 31 in Tyler but have not driven by yet. I see now on the Branson website they list Tyler TX and not Plainview...
  2. K5lwq

    Branson 4520 rescue project!

    As many of you already know, I committed to taking the challenge of getting a 2003 Branson 4520R back to work! What a big dummy I am! :laughing: The easy way would be jack this dude up and drive a new tractor underneath. This poor thing has been abused! It looks like it spent a few years at the...
  3. K5lwq

    Flail Vs Finish Mower for Mulching Leaves?

    First, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Today I think I will have a little fun and do a side by side comparison on which mower mulches leaves better. The flail has hammer knives and the finish mower is a side discharge with gator blades. Test will be one pass with each mower. Flail on the Branson...
  4. K5lwq

    Kioti Parts Finder

    My go to for parts has been Michigan Iron and Equipment. They have temporarily suspended the parts look up feature on their website. This is a feature I use a lot for trouble shooting. If you need to look up a part, Paige Tractor still has the parts finder active. OEM Parts Paige Tractors...
  5. K5lwq

    Branson throw out bearing concerns.

    Does anyone with a geared Branson hear the throw out bearing rattle when clutch is disengaged? Mine has rattled from the day I brought it home. I asked my dealer to adjust the clutch to see if it would help but it still rattles. I find it strange that it rattles on a new machine. Thoughts?
  6. K5lwq

    Victory Ditch Bank Flail or Bush Hog 216 Rotary Mower?

    I posted this in the Let's Talk Flail Mowers thread but thought a new post might get better feedback. I need a little advice from the flail mowing community. Has anyone dealt with Victory Implements out of California? I am looking at their ditch bank mower. The reason I am interested is they...
  7. K5lwq

    What engine oil are you using in your Branson?

    I want to use Rotella T6 15W40 in the 4815C. I have always had good luck with Rotella and think I will use full synthetic for the life of this tractor. In an effort to keep things simple, I am converting the Kioti to the fluids I will use in the Branson. The problem I have is I was only able...
  8. K5lwq

    COVID19 Changing The Used Tractor Market?

    For the last few months I have been watching our local Craigslist postings and am seeing a huge influx in equipment up for sale! It is sad to see as I know these people are trying to survive in these unprecedented times! Some really nice equipment starting to hit the market here. If you are...
  9. K5lwq

    Any Guesses to HP Loss With Emission Control?

    I thought this might be interesting to see what others think. Tractor is a Branson 4815C with a claimed 48HP engine and 40HP at the PTO. I had it put on a PTO dyno and it was producing 35HP at PTO. I replaced DPF with a turbopack style performance muffler. Today I am having it tested...
  10. K5lwq

    Branson 4815C PTO Dynamometer Test Results

    This thread will be the results from a series of PTO Dyno test before and after modifications to the Branson 4815C. All thoughts and comments are welcome. Also, please feel free to post any Dyno results you may have for your tractor. I have been guilty of speculating or taking manufactures word...
  11. K5lwq

    Dealer BigTex Tractors, Great Dealer Selling Great Tractors!

    Leon and his Team at BigTex Tractor in Caddo Mills Texas are impeccable! Their commitment to excellent customer service shows at every level! I have been looking for the right cabbed tractor going on five years. My needs are a bit unique and I spent a lot of time looking at many brands from many...
  12. K5lwq

    4815 C Available

    I was traveling through the Texas Panhandle today and decided to stop in at Panhandle Tractor. The owner, unfortunately I failed to get his name, was great! Anyone in that market would serve themselves well by doing business with them. Anyway, he asked if I would like to see the distribution...
  13. K5lwq

    Lock-n-Lube worked well once.

    I bought a Lock-n-Lube grease coupler and it worked great the first and only time I have used it. Today I was going to grease the finish mower and the collar on the Lock-n-Lube will not move. I do not see any reason it will not move. Anyone have this issue?
  14. K5lwq

    Lk2554 Instrument Cluster

    A couple of months ago my tachometer started vibrating very aggressively and before I could shut the tractor down, every needle on the gauges broke off. Well, I figured I would order a new panel as I needed some other parts anyway. Turns out the instrument panel is no longer available. Now I...
  15. K5lwq

    JD 170? Worth Messing with?

    Today while visiting one of our venders for a project at work I ran across this. The owner said he is not sure if it runs or not as he just parked it in this warehouse years ago. He purchased a newer, modern skid steer and just parked this one. I did not talk about purchasing it but am fairly...
  16. K5lwq

    Kioti Parts Diagrams?

    Does anyone know why the parts diagrams are missing from all the dealer websites? The lists are there but no diagram.:thumbdown:
  17. K5lwq

    Kioti LK2554, LK3054 & Kubota L2500DT Power Steering Units

    It appears that Kubota and Kioti use the same power steering unit on the LK2554, some LK3054 and the Kubota L2500DT. Kioti Part Number T2540-A0030 Kubota Part Number 35270-16100 Kioti does not have a complete parts list for the unit that I have found. Kubota has a nice parts list. Parts from...
  18. K5lwq

    Added Rear Remotes and Fit Rite T&T!

    I started this project back in November and finally it is now complete. I added three sets of remotes to control T&T from Fit Rite Hydraulics. I am very impressed with the quality work from Brian @ Fit Rite. The cylinders came built just as I ordered and package very well! The angles and...
  19. K5lwq

    Suggestions for a Generator/Welder?

    I have been considering buying a generator/welder. I have never owned one before and need some advice. Most of my welding has been with MIG. I have owned Lincoln and Hobart 250 MIG machines. I currently have nothing. Main use would be repairs and small fab projects. I like the idea of backup...
  20. K5lwq

    Purchased 3pt quick hitch.

    Stopped by my not so local Kioti dealer to grab so filters today. As I was waiting for them, I noticed a quick hitch sitting on the floor. I have been considering getting one so I brought it home. I mounted it on my LK 2554 and it turns out they sold me the hitch but forgot to include the...
  21. K5lwq

    Loader Valve Recommendations?

    I have a 3 spool Youli MB3 valve and would like to replace it. My system has a 10 GPM pump and would like to keep in that range for the valve flow rate. Issues are there is no load checks in the valve and the valve body has a flaw that will not send full flow to the first spool. Instead it...
  22. K5lwq

    Temp Gauge for Hydraulic Fluid

    I upgraded the pump on my LK2554 to a 10 GPM pump from a 7 GPM pump. With the increase in flow, I became concerned that the hydraulic oil might overheat. The only way I had to keep a eye on it was touching one of the fittings. It would get hot enough that I could not hold my finger on the...
  23. K5lwq

    Plastic Pallets Uses

    I am looking for ideas for making a carryall out of a plastic pallet. As I was playing around with the idea, I thought of several things I do with these pallets. I can get these at work, so I might just bring home a couple and have them for specific uses. First question is would you add plywood...
  24. K5lwq

    Grapple EA 55" Wicked Root Grapple Cylinder Pin.

    I must be getting old! At some point, I have no idea when, I lost the pin that attaches the cylinder to the grapple. How I did not notice this is beyond me! Has anyone else had this happen? I will have to order a new one from EA as I doubt I will find one with grease ports like the original...
  25. K5lwq

    What is your favorite tractor and why?

    I thought this would be interesting. I will start with my two favorites. 1. John Deere 4020. Although we never owned one, my best friend did. Growing up, when I would help his dad on their farm, the 4020 was the one I drove. That tractor is still going strong today and is worked on his farm...
  26. K5lwq

    Loader LK 2554 and LK 3054 Hydraulic Pump Upgrade

    The purpose of this thread is to hopefully assist others with slow hydraulics on the LK 2554 and LK 3054 Kioti tractors. I am in no way an expert on this subject, but have a mechanical background and years of experience growing up on a farm and owning tractors. First the background. I bought my...
  27. K5lwq

    LK2554 Hydraulic Pump Question

    I have been researching hydraulic pumps for my LK2554 and ran across an old thread where someone upgraded their LK3054 to a 10GPM pump. Does anyone know if this pump would fit on the LK2554? Tractor Joe is suggesting that their replacement pump fits both models. The issue I am having is that...
  28. K5lwq

    Youli MB3 valve question.

    Merry Christmas! I installed a Youli MB3 valve with third spool on my loader in anticipation of a new grapple from EA. I posted a picture and thats when I noticed it was missing a screw on the joystick. I am not sure when or where it came up missing but I don't see it in the box or around where...
  29. K5lwq

    LK 2554 injector pump question?

    I would like to turn the fuel up on my LK 2554 just a bit, maybe 10%. Does anyone have advice or procedures on how to accomplish this?