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  1. J.Wal

    Converting bucket from pin on to SSQA, got a question.

    Ok folks. Need some feedback. Converting my pin on bucket to SSQA. We have cut the factory pin mounts off the bicker and I have mocked the universal plate in place. In the photos you can see the white line on the bucket. That represents the level the top and bottom pin mounts were located on...
  2. J.Wal

    Planning to get a Millermatic 211 pros/ cons?

    Planning to get a Millermatic 211 for DIY stuff around the house/ tractor. Like the ability to do 120/ 240 with a simple plug change, multiple sizes of are both regular and flux core. I played around with welding back in high school and loved it but got into law enforcement and finally got...
  3. J.Wal

    Portable generator powering most of house in power outages.

    Really excited to finally get everything set up. Figured I would share my setup with everyone. Using a portable generator to back feed panel. Safety panel interlocks in place! Total cost right at $2,570 I often loose power due to living so far out in the country. Until now I have had to run...
  4. J.Wal

    New camp chef woodwind smoker

    Got my new smoker in as the title shows! The woodwind by camp chief. First thing I am gonna do is poor mans burnt ends. Using a 2 to 1 mix of competition blend pellets and cherry pellets. I will update as it goes!
  5. J.Wal

    Help me decide on a welder

    I would like a 110/ 220 capable welder. I want one that will allow me to grow as a fabricator from minor projects to heavy work if ever needed. I used a 110 Lincoln when I was I was in HS auto body class and loved it. I now have a tractor and want to be able to add stuff and fabricate stuff as...
  6. J.Wal

    Idea for a 2 in one attachment. Thoughts?

    I am wondering if anyone else would be interested in a rear blade / landscape rake combo. They would use the same frame and you could detach one in exchange for the other. I am hoping to get enough good feedback that E.A. might pick it up and make it happen with their current 6 way blade frame...
  7. J.Wal

    Security & Theft Trailer size feedback wanted

    I have a Grand L 3130 Kubota with FEL. I am not buying a trailer any time soon, but always watching the market places for sales and private sales. If I find a deal, I want to know what I need. It’s no deal if it won’t do what I need it to. My tractor is 3,200 lbs ( not sure if this includes...
  8. J.Wal

    Rotary Cutter Hoping for some help with Sidewinder Brush hog

    I have found a 6’ Sidewinder Brush hog for sale locally for $800. It is said to be in working order, no issues. I love the design. Simple yet effective. I have read great reviews of it eating anything the tractor can go over.... but from people pulling 7’ ones behind 70HP tractors. It’s said to...
  9. J.Wal

    Rotary Cutter Trying to decide on brush cutter.

    I am comparing the Bad Boy 5’ cutter the Everything Attachment 5” cutter for my 04 L3130 shuttle shift. ( 31HP, 25HP at the PTO) I will be using it in wooded areas and will need as heavy duty as I can get for a 5’. Both are very similar. The bad boy comes with a higher Hp gear box ( 50 vs 45)...
  10. J.Wal

    To level ground or not

    I am planning on putting one of the metal carports up to cover my tractor. It will be long enough to cover FEL, tractor and bushog with a few feet overhang in front and back. The ground slopes slightly from right of photo to left. I plan to put down crushed concrete from my existing driveway...
  11. J.Wal

    Loader Quick attach adaptor

    Is there a reasonably priced quick adaptor for the loader side? EA has one for $830 but really hoping not to have to spend that much for the ability to change attachments faster.... I understand it cost to play but seems like a lot for the product. Anywhere I should look for a used one or...
  12. J.Wal

    Finally a KUBOTA owner!

    Picked up this 2004 Grand L3130 shuttle shift yesterday! 900 hours, documentation of services and the dates of service. Payed $13,800 plus a 3 hour drive one way to get it! No implements yet. Got to decide between a 5’ or 6’ brush cutter, then a grapple and extra hookup to run it.
  13. J.Wal

    Buying Advice Planning to buy used.... got some questions.

    I recently used my uncles Kubota L4400 to bush hog my back yard area. I am on 5.5 acre. I plan to buy a used tractor in the 35hp range. I am located just outside Memphis TN and want a brand that has a dealer within a hour drive. I for sure have to have 4x4 and a FEL. My first question is, how...
  14. J.Wal

    Shuttle vs hydro, differences?

    Am looking at getting a 3616 and need to know what's the best/ preferred drive? I am maintaining 5.5 acers, bushoging, using bucket to move wood and stuff like that. I am on a hill also. Just looking for a explanation of differences and all that.
  15. J.Wal

    Buying Advice Need some info/ tips in south west Tennessee

    I am in Shelby county and planning on buying a Mahendra in the winter, around Christmas to be exact. I live on 5.5 acres, wooded, hilly, and afew gullys ( to be fixed later) I at first was interested on a 3016 but am now leaning toward a 3616 with cab. I am 23, will be 24 when I make the...
  16. J.Wal

    Comparison Tell me what is similar in price & size

    I made a post talking about a Mahindra 3616, but while saving money I might as well see what else is out there that is similar in size and cost. I would like a list of models I can review and check out. Can someone help me with this?
  17. J.Wal

    New member, looking to have some questions answered.

    Am fixing to buy a Mahindra 3616 4x4 shuttle. I live on 5.5 acres and it is just on top of the mississippi river bluff just north of Memphis TN. My land is all woods and hill/ gullys. I know there are some parts I won't be able to bush hog but I am planning on using it to push downed trees ( cut...
  18. J.Wal

    New member looking to get a Mahindra 3616

    Hey yall, I am a new member, from just north of Memphis Tn, I have bought my childhood home and the 5.7 acres its on. It is all woods, has hills and gullies. I am 1 mile off the Mississippi river and on top of the bluff. I am looking at the Mahindra 3616 with bucket (quick detach) and a bushog...