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  1. Hersheyfarm

    Got a new grapple that is a year old. Still crated. Condensation in lines?

    Good point. I can see water blow out cylinder vent when lowering my bush hog sometimes. I store it in the up position.
  2. Hersheyfarm

    Got a new grapple that is a year old. Still crated. Condensation in lines?

    I wonder how much condensation gets into equipment? Some mornings in the barn everything metal is just dripping with water. Probably why rarely started equipment is considered severe duty by some manufacturers because of water intrusion and not getting up to running temp often.
  3. Hersheyfarm

    Got a new grapple that is a year old. Still crated. Condensation in lines?

    Before hooking the lines up to my machine I took the hydro lines off to make sure there was no water or anything in them. The lines coming from the part of the cylinders that were open/extended had a few drops worth. This was shipped dry. Now I did open and close the cylinder by hand by lifting...
  4. Hersheyfarm

    Grapples. Whats the best tine spacing?

    Thanks. They had a landpride 4 in 1 bucket that had been there for 4 years. I thought hard about it but this was the way to go. $3800 on the 4 in 1 I think.
  5. Hersheyfarm

    Grapples. Whats the best tine spacing?

    well I went with the land pride/kubota grapple. Stumbled on rg3068 and got a good price I believe, $3500. The land pride stuff is very well built. Steel hydraulic lines and 3/4 tines on the grapples and 1/2 on the bottom. The tines are are spaced 9". The info in this thread tells me 6" would...
  6. Hersheyfarm


    There is a screen there for spark arresting. I cut mine out.
  7. Hersheyfarm

    Grapples. Whats the best tine spacing?

    For me it will be used on a svl75. Ill use it my woods, or maybe on a construction site. First on order will be cleanup after a pond build.
  8. Hersheyfarm

    Grapples. Whats the best tine spacing?

    Probably going to go with stinger attachments grapple. They offer a 3”, 6”, and a 9” tine spacing. You guys with grapples what spacing is best. Do you find you tine too close or to far apart?
  9. Hersheyfarm


    This is the fan switch. Not much will come out when you change it but the hose above will drain.
  10. Hersheyfarm

    you dont use hardox on that? Is it all grade 50? 1/2” grade 50 is some strong stuff.
  11. Hersheyfarm

    Oh. Well that’s on par with bradco and landpride weights and price.
  12. Hersheyfarm

    Will the wicked 72 work for on a svl75? I see your picks for it on the website and it looks like it would.
  13. Hersheyfarm

    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    The cash savings doesn’t come from dealer.
  14. Hersheyfarm

    Will 0% Financing Be Around Again This Year?

    It costs about $3000 interest to do zero % on them.
  15. Hersheyfarm

    OVER TIRES TRACKS questions hands on experience ???

    Um, it basically the same as a rubber. Same sprocket, idlers, and rollers. Same grease piston that keeps track tension.
  16. Hersheyfarm

    KX057 Excavator: Track wear question

    Small world, I have the same exact set up.
  17. Hersheyfarm

    Grease for excavator

    It is not local for me either but there are good sources online to buy cases from. eBay is one. and actually it is local for me now, one of the Napa’s i frequent had a Schaffer oil/grease display when you walk in. I didnt price it but its good to have options. this thread reminds me of an oil...
  18. Hersheyfarm

    Grease for excavator

    It did take me hundreds of hours to figure it out. Digging equipment is a good easy gauge of wear over a length of time, its slop you can see and feel. Had a 2001 case I didnt grease as much as I should have. Lots of slop. Had a 2008 m59 that I used a free Mobil 1 grease not meant for equipment...
  19. Hersheyfarm

    Grease for excavator

    Yes, any grease is better than no grease, but some greases are better than any grease. It’s something that takes 100’s of hours to figure out. I would recommend using a grease that has an easily to get compatible grease. One reason I stay away from polyurea. Lithium complex is probably the best...
  20. Hersheyfarm

    Grease for excavator

    bearings generally refer to high speed bearings. Our low speed swing bearing isn’t the same as wheel bearings.
  21. Hersheyfarm

    Grease for excavator

    I use the Schaeffer 238 also. I switched over back in 2016 after noticing what I thought to be too much slop in my m59. I used it solely on my m62 I traded for and when I got rid of it last year it was as tight as new. I now use it on my kx040 on all joints. It’s aluminum complex but compatible...
  22. Hersheyfarm

    Who makes a good trailer tire?

    After 2 blow outs on my new diamond c I switched to good year. Has been great. Other than those I used titan heavy duty tires on other trailers with zero issues.
  23. Hersheyfarm

    Checking to see if upgrade fixed the iOS mandarin thing.

    Sweet. I just got in the habit of trying not to use apostrophes. now i feel free’d and can unleash my Kentucky high school level gramma.
  24. Hersheyfarm

    Checking to see if upgrade fixed the iOS mandarin thing.

    Can’t I’ve You’re
  25. Hersheyfarm

    Skid steer/CTL daily/weekly/Monthly check list for great upkeep..?

    I have a new svl75-2. My biggest concern is the hvac, kubota is notorious with crappy filtration. So tbd. I will probably take it apart and reseal and upgrade the recirculating filter as its just the 2 joke of filters kubota uses. Other than that the svl’s seem bullet proof With regular maintenanc.
  26. Hersheyfarm

    Buying New | KX-033 vs. KX-040 | Compact Excavator

    I bought a kx040-4 a few months ago. I sat on the 33. It’s a little smaller from what I remember. The thumb is great, my first after having many digging machines through the years. I do wish the thumb was wider for small debris pickup. The heater will absolutely run you out of the machine. I...
  27. Hersheyfarm

    Deciding on grapple type, not brand yet.

    This is the style I’m thinking. The duel lid seems useful but not for raking. But then again the longer tine bottom would allow you to see what you digging into.
  28. Hersheyfarm

    Deciding on grapple type, not brand yet.

    I am leaning towards a single lid instead of the dual lid, and the shorter bottom. This will be for a svl75. I have no ability to try them out so watching vids and etc.. my main thing will be woods cleanup, lots of old downed trees, honeysuckle, and undergrowth. I like the bigger rake style lid...
  29. Hersheyfarm

    I know everything attachments has a cult following here but...

    Dang what a price...
  30. Hersheyfarm

    Good weld?

    Good weld?
  31. Hersheyfarm

    Pick of my Frankenstein bucket.

    Frankenstein bucket. I needed a gravel bucket for my kx040 to backfill sewers. My dealer, like lots of dealers, have a bunch of pin on buckets that come on smaller tractors. Welded the adapter on, reinforced and made deeper. Works great for gravel.
  32. Hersheyfarm

    New addition. Svl75wc

    Picked up yesterday.
  33. Hersheyfarm

    Tackling my kx040痴 horrible hvac filtration.

    Those familiar with the cheap way kubota sucks fresh air, which helps with positive cab air flow, I didnt just want to block it off. So I had some thermo plastic and molded a cover that connects it to the filter.
  34. Hersheyfarm

    Difference between t1855 and ta043 cab filters

    They are basically interchangeable and both end in 71600. The tao43 is better built and has 2 red lines running the length, and cost about $20 more. The t1855 has thicker looking element and cheaper gasket. Any information on the difference? Both are kubota brand factory filters.
  35. Hersheyfarm

    Tackling my kx040痴 horrible hvac filtration.

    Its mind blowing what kubota designed for a cab filter. The filters are a joke, same as the recirculate filters on a rtv1100(which I closed off on mine). So Im building a new filter housing for the kx. I found a engine filter for a Mercedes that is the perfect size. Im using 16ga metal which Im...
  36. Hersheyfarm

    7018 weld advise. Pics.

    Just stacking coins on top of 7018 with 6011. Preparing for test(joking lol)
  37. Hersheyfarm

    Found and fixed leak on new kx040-4

    There has been a small bleed of fluid from the depth of my new machine. I washed and sprayed it out a couple of times to make sure it wasnt left over fluid spillage from assembly. It wasnt so i went in to find it. It was a return hydraulic line at the bottom of the hydro tank between the tank...
  38. Hersheyfarm

    7018 weld advise. Pics.

    I did some hotter and faster ones. Little flatter. Need to practice arc size and rod position i think.
  39. Hersheyfarm

    7018 weld advise. Pics.

    I want to lay better beads with my stick. I go a wile not using it then a big project comes up and I have to start over it seems. I am making notes this time of amperage and speed. Right now doing the 7018. These welds are 1/8 rod at about 135 amp. I was closer to 160 but it seemed too hot. Next...
  40. Hersheyfarm

    Ok, lets spend some more money. Need to upgrade mig.

    I have a Hobart 140 and love it for small stuff, and I have a Hobart stickmate 235 ac/dc I use for most everything else. I壇 like a mig that goes up to 1/2? This forum led me in the right direction on the hypertherm 45 so lets see what mig I get. I致e had a miller ac buzz box then went to the...
  41. Hersheyfarm

    Hypertherm 30 vs Hobart 40i for first plasma cutter.

    So I messed around just a little with it. Here’s a 1/2” ar500 bar I cut through. I am going to have to practice cause this thing just burns right through stuff. I find myself pausing to try to see the plasma tail.
  42. Hersheyfarm

    Hypertherm 30 vs Hobart 40i for first plasma cutter.

    Tired of not having one. Which do is better in your opinion. I want the 120v option for portability if I ever need it but will use it on 240 mainly. I have shop air but would like the pre installed air dryer and compressor.
  43. Hersheyfarm

    Advise on potential trade. M5111 related.

    I have a trade offer to trade my 4345 and m62 even for a new m5111/cab/loader. M5111 has been priced to me for $65k. I bought the massey new in 2003. Has 1500hr, everything works great. 1070 loader. . 2016 m62, 500hr. Currently asking $49k Link to my sales ad for it with pics. Attention...
  44. Hersheyfarm

    Kentucky 2016 m62 for sale 497hr

    Selling my m62, well taken care of, barn kept. Link to my sale ad... 216 Kubota M62, Tollesboro KY - 514577647 -
  45. Hersheyfarm

    Price Check Price for used m62

    How much should a 2016 m62 sell for? No real blue book to go by. 500hr, barn kept. All fluids/filters changed 50hr ago. Front remote and ce quick coupler. Some are out there for sale but generally rental units.
  46. Hersheyfarm

    New tool. Mini ex.

    first day actually on the job. Its far superior to my m62 but I need a larger bucket for gravel, the 48" grading bucket is barely twice the capacity of the 24" trenching bucket. I'ver ordered a weldable quick attach adapter and am on the hunt for the perfect gravel bucket.
  47. Hersheyfarm

    rtv1100 poor design of ac recirculate filter.

    So I removed the actuator door and sealed the recirculating opening. It’s ignorant. The door does not seal at all when its closed and filter just sits in front op opening, no seal whatsoever. You can see the door in my pics but I vacuumed it before I took it apart. It was completely covered in...