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  1. MossRoad

    What were you doing when you were 11 years old?

    11 year old Nandi Bushell kills it with the Foo Fighters. Keep an eye out for this kid in the future. ;)
  2. MossRoad

    B29 Overheard

    Sitting in my living room at 8:30pm EST and hear radial engines. Look on flight radar and there she is. Anyone south of Chicago might hear it in a few minutes.
  3. MossRoad

    Transparent Carburetor

    I though some of you might enjoy this.
  4. MossRoad

    Happy Independence Day!

  5. MossRoad


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    Solar Eclipse at Sunrise tomorrow morning for most of the northeast US and Canada

    Get up and watch the sunrise tomorrow (don't stare at it!). There's an eclipse right at sunrise that'll be visible in much of the northeast U.S. and Canada. Read up on it here for times and places.
  7. MossRoad

    How to compost 107 dead hogs

    Pretty interesting video...
  8. MossRoad

    Scrapping the Chrysler Turbine Cars

    Remember the Chrysler turbine cars in the 60's? Chrysler built 50 of them. When the program ended, they gave 6 to museums, 3 remained in private hands, and they scrapped the rest. Here's a video I ran across showing them scrapping them. Sad bit of history there...
  9. MossRoad

    Here's to a more articulated new year!

    Happy New Year PT folks. :thumbsup:
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    When Men Built Their Own Tractors

    Found this while surfing around youtube. Thought some of you might be interested. Enjoy. :)
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    Chuck Yeager has died at age 97

    Chuck Yeager Dead: Legendary Pilot Was 97 |
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    Site slow this morning?

    I can't seem to load "Today's Posts" on multiple devices. I just get an hour glass. I also had trouble in "My Home", Inbox, reading a message.
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    Automobiles Bells And Whistles - do they make better drivers?

    Over the past year or so we've had some conversations on TBN about cruise control, lane assist, adaptive cruise control, etc... an argument for and against usually ensues regarding if these things make drivers more or less complacent when driving. I had the oppotunity to drive a 2020 VW Passat...
  14. MossRoad

    Preemptive Pruning - Yes, the President has COVID-19. Now take it to TNT.

    TopNewsTalk Please take it there, and no politics on TBN today. Thanks in advance.
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    Things I learned baling hay...

    Last Saturday, I baled hay for the first time in my life. :) A friend of ours has a few cows, pigs and sometimes horses. He has several hay fields, and I've been asking him for a couple years to let me know when he's baling it because I'd like to help and see how it's done. Kind of a bucket...
  16. MossRoad

    Got a couple spare minutes to kill and want something to do? Here.

    Newspaper Navigator
  17. MossRoad

    Gentle Giants (1973) Oliver 2255 & MM G1355

    Thought some of you might find this interesting...
  18. MossRoad

    2001 PT425 - 19 years later I measure the lift capacity

    My 2001 model year PT425 was rated at 800# lift capacity. Doing an addition to my garage, and I had 60# bags of cement, soooo.... 14 x 60 = 840# 15 X 60 = 900# Add in the weight of the bucket and then figure in that with the 14 bags @ 840#, when I turned the unit, I'd tip on my nose...
  19. MossRoad

    Floating Anvils...

    Thought some of you might find this interesting.
  20. MossRoad

    Christmas Decorations - show 'em!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! When we bought this house about 20+ years ago, there was this nice blue spruce in the front yard, about 20 feet tall. I could decorate it with a step ladder and a stick. As the years went on, it got taller. I bought a longer stick, 19' painter's...
  21. MossRoad

    Mechanic shocked by artistic exhaust system...

    Enjoy! :)
  22. MossRoad

    Blasts from the Past Power Trac edition...

    While searching for some relevant posts for some potential PT purchasers, I ran across a few blasts from the past. Don't know where some of these folks are today, but wish them all well, as I enjoyed talking to them over the years... Hans in his official test pilot role, and, I believe, Charlie...
  23. MossRoad

    Meanwhile, across the pond...

    Dutch tractor protest sparks 'worst rush hour'
  24. MossRoad

    Interesting Video of an Excavator Retrieved From the Woods After 16 Years

    I came across this while looking at other stuff while looking at other stuff... you know how YouTube sucks you in. :laughing: Guy has 3 videos. Pretty interesting. Enjoy! :thumbsup:
  25. MossRoad

    One handed re-fueling... Harbor Freight battery pump.

    Due to one broken finger, 3 pins, and large cast, I discovered 6 gallon fuel cans with flexible spout are kinda hard to handle with just one hand. So I went to harbor freight and picked up a battery operated pump. $9.99 - 20% off coupon = about 8 bucks! Uses 2 D-cell batteries. Safe for...
  26. MossRoad

    Happy 4th of July

  27. MossRoad

    How would you measure tip speed on a hydraulically powered mower blade?

    This seems like an interesting project. The question came up to me of "what is the tip speed of your mower blades?" The mower deck is hydraulic, so the only shaft I could measure speed on would be the shaft coming out of the hydraulic motor. The center spindle is direct driven by that shaft...
  28. MossRoad

    Last Ice...

  29. MossRoad

    Surf's U.P.

    Trident-wielding surfers ride Lake Superior waves during Polar Vortex |
  30. MossRoad

    PT400 Series Cold Weather Starting Reports - 2019 edition

    Started my 2001 PT425 with the Kohler at 6F the other day. I pulled the air cleaner and gave it a shot of carb cleaner, and put a battery booster on before attempting. Had to crank if for about 15 seconds, but it started. I went no throttle, full choke (after the shot of carb cleaner), turned...
  31. MossRoad

    Old Technology.....
  32. MossRoad

    RIP Super Dave Osborn

    Bob Einstein passes away. I'm sure some of you remember him as Super Dave Osborn, and more recently for his role on curb your enthusiasm. I always got a good laugh from his Super Dave material. Darn funny. Bob Einstein, Comedian Known for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Dead at 76 – Variety
  33. MossRoad

    RIP Super Dave Osborn

    Bob Einstein passes away. I'm sure some of you remember him as Super Dave Osborn, and more recently for his role on curb your enthusiasm. I always got a good laugh from his Super Dave material. Darn funny. Bob Einstein, Comedian Known for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Dead at 76 – Variety
  34. MossRoad

    RIP Super Dave Osborn

    Bob Einstein passes away. I'm sure some of you remember him as Super Dave Osborn, and more recently for his role on curb your enthusiasm. I always got a good laugh from his Super Dave material. Darn funny. Bob Einstein, Comedian Known for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Dead at 76 – Variety
  35. MossRoad

    Wish we had a clutch....

    As many/most PT owners in cold weather areas know, our three hydraulic pumps are directly connected to our engines, and cranking them over, both gas and diesel, in cold weather can be, um.... hard! :laughing: We've been pondering why there's no clutch(es) to disconnect the pumps for easier...
  36. MossRoad

    PT425 choke cable length?

    My choke cable finally bit the dust. It's seized up. With work, I have freed it up a couple times and lubricated it, but it still freezes up after I shut it off and let it sit for a few days. If I get it running, after about half an hour, the cable is nice and loose, but I don't need it nice and...
  37. MossRoad

    Just a test thread, please ignore

    I have been looking at Kubota tractors lately. They are well regarded and a nice shade of orange. ;)
  38. MossRoad

    PowerTrac Specific Modifications

    Post your PowerTrac specific modifications in this thread if you like. Makes it easier to keep in one place. Of course, you can always start/add-to a new or existing thread for more detailed or drifting off-topic discussion. :laughing:
  39. MossRoad

    Happy 4th of July 2018

    Enjoy! :D
  40. MossRoad

    Happy New Year!

    2017 is done. Hope everyone has a great 2018! :thumbsup:
  41. MossRoad

    Merry Christmas PT Owners, wannabe's, and everyone else at TBN!

    Merry Christmas to all! Got 8-9" of snow last night. Hope all is well and peaceful with everyone on TBN! :)
  42. MossRoad

    Finally Tubed My Mower Deck Tires... 16 years

    I finally had enough. Ever since I got my machine back on 2001, I've been dealing with flats on the pneumatic caster tires on the mower deck, snow plow and brush cutter. I changed the brush cutter tires to solid tires about 2 years into it. So that was no longer a problem, and left me two...
  43. MossRoad

    Automotive ?? 2004 Impala battery 0.09V when cables connected, 12.7 when not, why?

    A friend has a 2004 Impala. Turned out his starter was bad. That is taken care of. However, while he was troubleshooting it, he noticed that if he put a volt meter across the battery terminals, it only read about 0.09V. If he disconnects the battery cables from the battery, and puts the meter...
  44. MossRoad

    Dead battery, broken exhaust stud, tow ports, gas tanks, welding, carbs.... YIKES!

    My 2001 model year PT425 battery died. The metal battery hold down strap wore through the case and that was that. As many of you know, on this iteration of PT425 layout, the muffler has to be removed to get the battery out. Four nuts on four studs.... three came off... one stud snapped very...
  45. MossRoad hockey puck!

    Don Rickles has passed away. <a href="" target="_blank">
  46. MossRoad

    Power Trac TV commercial from the 90's

    Found this on their youtube channel. Pretty darn funny, but illustrates manual labor VS mechanized very well. :laughing:
  47. MossRoad

    Another Predator Engine Swap

    My in-laws gave us their log splitter. Its a tad over 30 years old, but still strong. They heated their house with wood for about 25 years and we've heated ours that way for the last 6 or so. It has a 5hp Briggs engine that still runs strong, but I have to add oil about every two tanks of gas...