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  1. ArlyA

    XC drag build

    I'm in the process of designing a new cross country ski trail drag to be towed behind our 6x6. I've actually built two of them before and below is photos of them and/or modification to factory made ones over the past 20 years. What I'm doing differently will follow later. 1st photo is one...
  2. ArlyA

    magnet grapple attachment build

    I found myself building grapple attachment so drivers can quickly grab this magnet and load steel. 1st photo is the magnet. Someone told be it cost 18K.... It has batteries in it so the drivers can simply grab the remote and can use it with his trucks grapple. The top of the mag has the...
  3. ArlyA

    Personal summery of vehicles types for use on ski trails.

    This was made for another forum but maybe you guys would like to see this.. This is my personal summery of vehicles types and there year around utility for working ski (XC) trails but I'll only cover machines I have experience with. That is tow sleds, ATV's, 6x6's and UTV's. They're utility...
  4. ArlyA

    Oroville Dam Spillway failure and other construction videos.

    I've done some work on dams in the Midwest so I found this video concerning the failure of Oroville Dam spillway quite interesting. You?
  5. ArlyA

    dated Kohler generator year?

    We spied this old Kohler generator powered by a flat head 4 cylinder engine, might be a continental. Can any guess what year this setup might might be?
  6. ArlyA

    portage blue mystery question.

    Here are photos taken in the boundary waters in northern MN. These are on a portage which is a path to get your canoe moved from one lake to another but also used by mushers over the winter.. Lots and lots of portages are found up there! That is the blue material and who might have left it...
  7. ArlyA

    trail clearing technique and tools

    We have lots of trail clearing education and experience in the northern hardwood forest so I thought someone might like to discuss the practice and the tools for doing that most fun job. This includes mountain biking, ski and hiking trails, all which which we've been educated at. Below is...
  8. ArlyA

    porcupines, strange what they'll eat

    This is looking up at the roof of a kiosk in the National Forest near us. The plywood has been 80% eaten out by porcupines and we found most of structures made with plywood here eaten by them. Whatever year these structures were installed, I'll guess the glue the plywood manufacturers used...
  9. ArlyA

    finish nail puller deluxe.

    Here is a finish nail puller I put together. Its not my idea, and works like a charm when you have finish nails in old trim or boards and you'd like to pull the nails through, not backwards like most nail pullers. This very much lessens the damage to the wood. That's a little piece of pipe...
  10. ArlyA

    pod removal from atv. "tracks"

    With the snow melting down here, the pods came off the boss and wheels put back on this week. The following photos sorta shows the process which should take me less than an hour to do. :unsure: Only takes three different wrenches to do. These pods are made by Soucy and are easier to get off...
  11. ArlyA

    How agriculture works thread

    I grew up within agriculture and approximately 1/3 of my siblings do that today. This is in the Missouri river basin where machines and land is all big. If anyone would like to comment or ask questions about these operations, feel free to do so. This video is not of anyone I know, but was...
  12. ArlyA

    structure repairs?

    Is this the right way to properly support this structure? ;) Head frame is -+ 200ft tall.
  13. ArlyA

    Complete construction crew loaded on boat deck.

    How do you get your equipment to your lake shore lot?? :cool: Goofy things to be seen on boats, while passing through the Soo locks. Must be a complete construction crew, backhoes, trucks and trailers! I have no idea where they are going, other than it was upbound onto lake Superior in...
  14. ArlyA

    can't post photos?

    I can now longer post photos in full size and I was could, just yesterday. All the buttons on the top of this post, are now gray as I write and they don't work. What changed?
  15. ArlyA

    Any towed flail mower reviews?

    Has anyone here used these towed, flail mowers and could give a review of it? No not a three point, PTO powered one, but the ones with there own engine. Thanks!
  16. ArlyA

    aftermarket replacement for Stihl chain? (71 PM3 64 Drive Links)

    We run these very costly stihl (71 PM3 64 Drive Links) 3670 005 0064 chains. I can't locate any after market versions of these. Do you know of any?? These are Pitch 1/4" (.250)Gauge .043" (1.1mm)Drive Link Count 64 Drive Links Cutter Type Semi-Chisel
  17. ArlyA

    snow roller for XC snow

    I am in the process of constructing a roller to pack snow that is used on cross country trails. I've used these for many years and built one before since they don't quite make them in a fashion we appreciate. One or two company's do build them here in the states and I'll post some photos of...
  18. ArlyA

    Stihl KM 131R kombi review

    About a month back we picked up a Stihl KM 131R kombi and wondering if folks here would like a review of it? We did this after 20 or so years of using Echo pole saws. This is the long type of saw that is extendable, not the telescoping out type of saws. We use these saw lots for doing...
  19. ArlyA

    Big boss at work

    Here is photos of our B boss while working. Gee this machine is handy.
  20. ArlyA

    pole saws at work (photos)

    While cleaning up old photos in this HD, I found many photos of pole saws in the woods and at work. I thought someone here might like them. We use them to clear trails and commonly need to hike in and bring tools. we can get the most work down with.
  21. ArlyA

    which tree pulling tools?

    We are looking to purchase a tree pulling tool to lift buckthorn out and the below ones look reasonable and being considered. Anyone here use them? What do you like or dislike about it? Thanks! Compare Extractigator, Uprooter and Pullerbear UPROOTER - Successive Weed Wrench, Plant...
  22. ArlyA

    pod to wheels, switch over on P Boss.

    As the title indicates, our snow is going down so I'm in the process of removing the pods and putting the summer wheels back on. This is on a Polaris 6x6 Boss. And to pre-answer the question that gets asked over and over again. That is, "why not just leave the tracks on?" The pods are not...
  23. ArlyA

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    I have RR experience when I worked for about 5 different car repair shops over the years as a welder. (ak carmen) This thread is about anything associated with RR's.
  24. ArlyA

    Missouri River snowpack anticipation

    I spoke with my folks today who reside on the Missouri River in central SD who said the corps of engineers had drained the lake in anticipation of the snow-pack in Montana. Said it was the lowest they'd ever seen the lake drained. (I believe its Lake Francis Case, everyone simply calla it the...
  25. ArlyA

    casting aluminum plaques

    With our schools shut down, student are out anyway, I was in our school metal shop today helping the instructor who was casting aluminum plaques that are for a city park, to honor the various service branches. Don't ask me much because I know very little about this whole process. I'm just...
  26. ArlyA

    which forged 3/8 hooks?

    Silly question for you smart guys. I ordered some 3/8 forged weld-on hooks and used them on the black painted part seen in the below photo. I subsequently needed more and ordered the same off of Amazonie and got the straight style of hooks that are for holding chain, but they don't work in...
  27. ArlyA

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Here are recent photos of snow photos taken by us in the Keweenaw of Michigan. The Keweenaw is a very large peninsula that extends northeast into Lake Superior and receives ample lake snow. Just ask if you don't know what lake snow is. The 1st two photos is our roof snow. Let us know if you...
  28. ArlyA

    steel wheels?

    Can any of you smart fellows tell us what this sign means? :laughing: This was taken in central SD, just down thwe road from my folks.
  29. ArlyA

    lefsa night here!

    On Tuesday am we're headed west to spend the holiday with family in central SD. They asked us to bring lefsa so we got into production of that over the weekend. My heritage is a mix of Scandinavian countries which of course, includes Norwegian. But who wouldn't like lefsa and lutfisk...
  30. ArlyA

    Extang Trifecta 2.0 Tonneau bed cover review

    A few weeks ago we got a Extang Trifecta 2.0 Tonneau bed cover for our 2019 ranger. I finally got it on this week and really liked it so far. Nor sure its 100% waterproof (its not) but wedo hope to keep the snow out and a percent of rain. The little levers in the back you flip and unlock...
  31. ArlyA

    Pisten Bully 400 service and operations

    This fall I was hired by a company to help groom snowmobile trail in out area. They use 5 Pisten Bully 400's and this thread with be about there service and operations. Here is me in front of one. More photos to follow.
  32. ArlyA

    Tonneau covers anyone??

    We can't get a topper until "who-knows-when" for our new Ranger because no manufacturer is building them yet. :( So we are looking at Tri-Fold Tonneau covers types for the interim. Can anyone here expound on what we should be looking for concerning these bed covers? Never owned one before...
  33. ArlyA

    new ranger review?

    Folks, we are picking up a new Ford ranger xlt today and wondering if anyone cares to hear our impressions of it? We are replacing a 2017 Tacoma.
  34. ArlyA

    B Boss 6x6 plow setup

    We are in the process of adding a 6ft plow to our 800 6x6 Polaris big boss. This will mainly be used with pods (you might call tracks) and resided within the lake S snow belt, so yes, it will get used. If anyone cares to see this process happen, just let me know and I'd post details and photos.
  35. ArlyA

    boss at work hauling wood

    We trimmed back a bunch of dead branch's in our yard over the weekend and loaded them onto our 14ft trailer, then shuttled them to the cities compost dump which might be 8 blocks away from our home. Driving an ATV's in town here is not legal here but it being Sunday and a short distance away...
  36. ArlyA

    ASV sold to Yanmar

    Yes indeed ASV was sold to Yanmar.. Is that good? Someone had earlier told be CAT had bought them out but that was not the case. Cat just purchased the runner gear patent to built there own. ASV of Grand Rapids to be acquired by Japanese firm | Duluth News Tribune
  37. ArlyA

    STIHL Kombi contemplation?

    We are considering a STIHL Kombi system for our next trail clearing system. We use these to operate pole saws and for this unit, we would start with a string head for running .170 or .180 string. On the current systems we run .155 strings and other attachments. We've had reasonably good...
  38. ArlyA

    stihl 1/4 turn caps controversy

    This past week, I attended a NFS sawyer recertification program and during it, they spoke about stihl's 1/4 turn caps because they've had several people burned when those caps geysered, as they were being opened. The National Forest service as subsequently banded new Stihl purchases. I own...
  39. ArlyA

    PTO electric clutch help!

    electric PTO clutch and shaft size help! I'm assembling a mini tiller what is used within the cross country ski industry to chew up hardened snow. There are a few made in the EU, but these do no fill the needs here in North America and are toooooooo narrow or under powered in general. The one...
  40. ArlyA

    Chain case design?

    Following this thread I'm assembling plans for a snow tiller which needs drive case at its end, as seen in the below photo. This is a very simple design, with a bit of heavy gear oil at its bottom to lube the...
  41. ArlyA

    Help! with V belt sizing

    Folks, I'm not a ME and don't play one on YouTube. :o I'm putting together a 35hp power drive and need it to be clutched. Since the engine could also use some load shock protection, I thought a few V belts attached right on the engine might work. Lets say 5" sheave on the output shaft but...
  42. ArlyA

    Mahindra Roxor, Polaris Ranger and Honda Pioneer off/road test

    Here is a video of folks comparing the Mahindra Roxor, Polaris Ranger and the Honda Pioneer. The Mahindra Roxor is built to compete with Jeep like vehicles. Epic Off-Road Smackdown: Can the Classic Mahindra Roxor Beat the Polaris Ranger and Honda Pioneer? - YouTube
  43. ArlyA

    skid shed build on house trailer?

    Folks, Over the years I've had to build a few skid sheds and we're now contemplating another. Although, this one will be different and far more mobile. The next one might be 12x16 or 18ft in length and need to make it more mobile than the usual skid shed is. With that idea, I was...
  44. ArlyA

    Polaris big boss 6x6 picked up

    As stated in the title, we are very excited to have picked up a 2014 Polaris big boss 800 6x6. Just has a few hundred miles on it and we'll use it to do work in the field, and on snow. Of course the wheels and tires need to be put back on for summer use. Anyone here have one of these beasts?
  45. ArlyA

    Houghton county MI, flooding last night.

    Last night in Houghton Michigan, streets washed out when over 6+ inches of rain fell. We had something over 5" in our gauge, but that's all it holds! Heavy rains were reported from Dodgeville to Lake Linden, all near where we live. We posted photos on our dog blog this morning The Trail Mutt...
  46. ArlyA

    Chesterfield, Mi tractor inspection?

    At a dealer in Chesterfield, Michigan which more than a 8 hours drive for us is a used JD 4120. Yes, MI is that large of a state! Is anyone here in the area and care to take a look at it for us?? We are considering the drive down and love it if someone, other than the salesman,,,, could tell...
  47. ArlyA

    4120 engine hours?

    We are gawking at a 2012 Deere 4120 for sale below the bridge here in Michigan. We call that area "the land of trolls" :). It has 2700 hours on it which is more than any other used tractor we've looked at. Is this more hours than we should be considering? thanks!
  48. ArlyA

    common Redpole feeding

    The Redpoles are passing through here and I swear, we have the only black niger feeder for them! My lame photos don't do justice since it doesn't show them on the snow feeding and in the tree, waiting there turn. Are they at your feeder? They drain this feeder about 1/2 of it, per day.
  49. ArlyA

    yamaha kodiak setup

    We are assembling a 2018, 700 Yamaha Kodiak which we use for towing snow implements and a mower. We do about 300 hour per season doing this. The mower towing business is pretty insignificant in volume. So far its had heated grips and throttle added, front and rear tool box and windshield...
  50. ArlyA

    fall photos taken here

    We clear trails each fall and below is some we've taken this year. Hope you like them.