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  1. Underdog57

    Offset Rear Blade

    I have this same blade with hydraulic angle, very sturdy, haven't bent anything in 8 years! I highly recommend it also.
  2. Underdog57

    Getting Back Into Welding

    I too started stick welding after about a 40 year gap. Bought my tractor 8 years ago and bought a stick welder soon after. I got a lot of great advice right here on TBN , especially from Shield Arc (RIP.....sure do miss him!) Also welding tips & tricks on YouTube is good. Get some scrap and...
  3. Underdog57

    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    Ripped up and stacked an old Mobile Home slab and cleaned up the mess with my landscape rake.
  4. Underdog57

    logsplitter question

    She thought it was Alfalfa? (our gang)
  5. Underdog57

    logsplitter question

    Baseball Team
  6. Underdog57

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I put a few dabs of super glue on the underside of the pedal covers, they stay put now!!
  7. Underdog57

    Front axle Dipstick

    My Honda pressure washer manual says not to screw in dipstick to check oil level.
  8. Underdog57

    Wheel Bearing Failure

    I don't do that!
  9. Underdog57

    Wheel Bearing Failure

    I didn't check anywhere else for parts because I took the whole assembly to my dealer for them to repair. I will be keeping a close eye on the other side for sure!
  10. Underdog57

    Wheel Bearing Failure

    I have a 2013 LS R4041H that has been trouble free and I am very satisfied with it's performance so far. I have worked it pretty hard digging stumps, breaking concrete, hauling logs, etc. On April 16 with 602 hours on the tractor, the left front wheel bearing disintegrated and damaged several...
  11. Underdog57

    *Sold* Bearcat 70554 (SC 5540) Chipper/Shredder

    Yes it's still for sale! My tractor has been broke down for 2 months waiting for parts so I didn't want to list it, but I just got it fixed today so I can now demonstrate it for prospective buyers.
  12. Underdog57

    How many Attachments?

    Looks like 8 or 9 if I count the thumb? Land Pride RCR 1872 Rotary Cutter, Land Pride RB 3784 Rear Blade w/ hydraulic angle, EA 6' Landscape Rake, Titan 48" Pallet Forks, Titan 3pt Bale Spear, Titan HD Stump Bucket, Woodland Mills WC68 Chipper, Bearcat 70554 Chipper/Shredder, "The Thumb"...
  13. Underdog57

    3pt log splitter

    Yup! That's how I do it, Except I try to cut 8' logs. (y)
  14. Underdog57

    What's happened to Shield Arc

    R.I.P. Shield Arc....thanks for all the help, you will be missed. :(
  15. Underdog57

    Anybody know about International Pay Loaders?

    I've been watching, good thing you have a good sense of humor! Like they say "if it ain't one thing it's another". Good luck and hopefully you won't have to get your checkbook out too many more times! 👍
  16. Underdog57

    I was waiting for someone to translate that! LOL o_O
  17. Underdog57

    Clamp On Tractor Bucket Hitch Recommendation

    I just tack welded a small (1.25") reciever tube in the bucket, works great!
  18. Underdog57

    Woodland Mills wood Chipper wait times !

    Wow! I ordered my WC68 1/24/21 and received it 1/29/21.
  19. Underdog57

    Rake attachment

    I'll add to this, check with your local gravel pit, they usually have old screen panels they would sell cheap. Weld up a frame and your in business!
  20. Underdog57

    ISO 46 for a tractor/hydraulic fluid I use this, looks like it checks all the boxes to me!
  21. Underdog57

    *Sold* Bearcat 70554 (SC 5540) Chipper/Shredder

    Me too! Still for sale!
  22. Underdog57

    Pallet Fork Grapple

    I mounted a thumb on my Titan Pallet Forks, it works pretty good, not nearly as good as a grapple would, but it gets the job done! If I could do it over I would buy just the pallet forks and put the extra money towards a grapple. If you need forks and can only buy one attachment then get the...
  23. Underdog57

    Landscape Rake Brand & Sizing

    I have the EA 72" and I can spin it around 360* (very useful!) The 72" just covers my tracks and for what I do I wouldn't want anything wider because I'm in a lot of tight spots.
  24. Underdog57

    What Stump Bucket for MX5200

    I dug about 8 stumps over 2.5 days last week with my Titan, it takes a lot of digging but if you're patient and don't get to aggressive they will come out. These pictures are the biggest one, the others were a little smaller.
  25. Underdog57

    Dealing with leaves on a scut

    I would check out a pine straw needle rake. Titan has a 4' on sale now for $259.99 I have a Landscape Rake and it's pretty rough on the lawn. If I was looking for strictly leaf removal I would research the Pine Straw Needle Rake!
  26. Underdog57

    New MT125. I like blue

    Congrats, and go put it to work!
  27. Underdog57

    MT240HE 50hr service - Hydraulic & HST filter change - how to?

    This is what I used, as long as you have an air gap between the vacuum and the oil it shouldn't suck up any oil, mine didn't! ;)
  28. Underdog57

    Tractor mounted tree cutter/saws

    Check out Tony's Tractor Adventure on YouTube, he just used a tree shear that worked pretty good!
  29. Underdog57

    MT240HE 50hr service - Hydraulic & HST filter change - how to?

    Use the shop-vac trick when you change the filter, otherwise you'll lose a lot of fluid! (Been there, done that)
  30. Underdog57

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I just got done using it for the last 2.5 days digging about 8 stumps, this was the last one, and the biggest!
  31. Underdog57

    WC46 Chipper need an enema

    Old rotten wood plugged mine up, turned it into powder and plugged the chute.
  32. Underdog57

    *Sold* Bearcat 70554 (SC 5540) Chipper/Shredder

    Price reduced to $900.
  33. Underdog57

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Welded some bracing on the loader linkage (just in case!)
  34. Underdog57

    Electric Winch for pulling logs/river debris after floods

    Thanks (y) nice to learn a new trick, that looks very effective, I will be trying that!
  35. Underdog57

    Need advice on gussets / bracing

    Finally got around to do this project, bent some 3/8" flat bar and struck it together with 1/8" 7018 at 160 amps on my Everlast PA300. As you can see, I don't weld very often, but it's stronger than it was.
  36. Underdog57

    Electric Winch for pulling logs/river debris after floods

    Thanks, both good ideas! (y)
  37. Underdog57

    Electric Winch for pulling logs/river debris after floods

    Please tell me more about how you use the short piece of pipe. I'm always looking for better ways to pull out shrubs and bushes from wet areas. Thanks! :)
  38. Underdog57

    How does a Woodland Mills WC-68 compares to a stand-alone 6" wood chipper like this one

    I like having my WC68 on the back of my tractor and pallet forks on the front. I can buck the logs to 8' carry them back to the house and chip the limbs and have the whole mess cleaned up. Mine will chip anything that will feed into the roller. Yesterday I Tried to chip some freshly trimmed...
  39. Underdog57

    Landscape Rake offset

    I have the EA extreme 6' rake, it is well built and I don't ever worry about bending it. It stays on the back of my tractor most of the summer. I have never wished it had offset, just make sure you can rotate it 360* without unhooking from tractor!
  40. Underdog57

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Thanks for the info. I usually back drag with the bucket pretty much level.
  41. Underdog57

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Thanks Nick, I watch all your videos (y). Did you have the curl cylinders fully extended and back dragging when those brackets bent like that? I'm just trying to understand exactly what not to do. I have been pretty tough with my loader digging trees and stumps out with pallet forks and haven't...
  42. Underdog57

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Yeah, I plan on welding some gussets on the "dog ear" brackets on the loader arms before I use it too much.
  43. Underdog57

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Mounted my new Titan heavy duty V2 stump bucket and played with it a little, 1/2" steel, it's a beast!
  44. Underdog57

    What Stump Bucket for MX5200

    I just got my Titan heavy duty V2 today, dug a couple of Autumn Olive bushes out for a quick test, worked great but I'll have to be careful, this thing is a beast!
  45. Underdog57

    Mighty Ox Chippers, anybody heard of these?

    I didn't pay any shipping charges or sales tax!