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  1. bill9068

    Regen for DK5510

    Curious to know how often your tractor goes in regen? Mine has done it once at about 70 hrs, I’m now at 140 ish so I’m due soon.
  2. bill9068

    Tractor values

    Is there a site to lookup tractor values?
  3. bill9068

    Flail mower angle

    What angle do you set your mower at? I usually keep mine where the roller in back is on the ground but the front is up 5-6 inches. Am I doing that right? I have a hydraulic top and tilt.
  4. bill9068

    Logging one of my homes

    Started logging at my log home a couple weeks ago. 60 acres taking 458 trees.
  5. bill9068

    How many Attachments?

    Counted mine the other day and was surprised I had 11. Don’t remember getting them all, but got them over time. I’ve got a 2018 Kioti DK5510 shuttle and a Kubota BX25D. I have 3 buckets, harrow disc, flail mower, grapple,cultipacker,cultivator, forks,stump bucket, box blade, ballast box’s and a...
  6. bill9068

    Whole house generator

    Anyone recently install a generac whole house generator. Wondering if price differs in different places. Here in southern Indiana cost about $8500 to install a 17kw.