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  1. orezok

    Celebrities I have met

    I met a Playboy Bunny in the 60’s. Does that count. Have the picture to prove it!
  2. orezok

    How soon is soon enough for Super UDT2 in Front Axle ?

    I too have a 17 year old B7800. I too have abused it well beyond its specifications. Lifting 40% more than the loader specs state. Backdragging with the bucket full dumped. Tilling with a tiller that greatly exceeds specs for HP and weight and in 17 years I have only had 2 repairs. A...
  3. orezok

    A new Texas delicacy

  4. orezok

    ?????? GROAN 2

    I’m getting old and decided to review my Bucket List. There were many things that I will never be able to accomplish. Changed the B to an F and problem solved! :ROFLMAO:
  5. orezok

    Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow, Go diesel go!

    Basic 2 stroke operation is when the piston moves up to compress the charge, suction below the piston pulls a new charge in through reed valves, piston port or other systems into the crankcase area. When the piston reaches nominal TDC and fires the piston moves downward to uncover the exhaust...
  6. orezok

    Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow, Go diesel go!

    So a 2 stroke would be bang blow/blow squeeze … bang blow/blow squeeze :oops:
  7. orezok

    Tire Groover; borrow/rent/sell me one?

    If you have a local dirt track stop by. Every dirt track racer has one. They probably have a siper too.
  8. orezok

    Are John Deere Tractors the same as McDonalds Ice Cream Machines??

    Paint ‘em GREEN :ROFLMAO:
  9. orezok

    Sorry, duplicate post

    Donuts = Circles of Death :unsure:
  10. orezok

    Looks like our 13 troops made it home

  11. orezok

    Second repair on B7800

    This tractor has be maintenance free beyond belief. The first repair was a leaking rear axle seal a couple of years ago. Pretty minor and cheap. Today I was trying to pull a T-post out of the ground using the 3 point and TNT. This particular post was put in 16 years ago in soil that is...
  12. orezok

    Sorry, duplicate post

    Duplicate post
  13. orezok

    Green Mojave’s are hard to kill

    I’m on 26 acres and there are no kids around. My dog has been to rattlesnake aversion training (specifically for Green Mojave’s) and I wanted to test her. I waited an hour and then put her on a 10’ rope and led her near the snake. When she was about 5’ away her nose started twitching as she...
  14. orezok

    Green Mojave’s are hard to kill

    I went to go outside today and when I opened the door to the Portico, there was a 3’ Green Mojave rattlesnake about 4’ outside the door. Green Mojave’s are one of the most deadly snakes in the world. Much worse than other rattlesnakes. So I grab my Rugar Single Six loaded with snake shot and...
  15. orezok

    Kitchen Roomba

    The 5 second rule only applies if you don’t have a 3 second dog :giggle:
  16. orezok

    Kitchen Roomba

  17. orezok

    I was young once

    My niece sent me this picture. Her father was the oldest in the pic. I’m the youngest. One brother is missing from pic. All have now passed. Early 50’s.
  18. orezok

    How long should I let new ground settle before putting in posts on piers?

    Think back many years when tractors were the primary tool for farming. The problem was that when soils were soft the tires sunk in and when the moisture was right the soil became compacted which is bad for planting. Then Holt née Caterpillar came out with tracked tractors. Sinking and...
  19. orezok

    How many cement blocks

    True, but when you add the joints they are 8x8x16 therefore .89 actual for count. Unless of course you install them without mortar. :giggle:
  20. orezok

    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    If the tank was not purged properly and has some moisture in it, an 80,000 BTU draw can cause the regulator to freeze up and restrict flow.
  21. orezok

    How many cement blocks

    Actually an 8x8x16 is .89, BUT since at the corners when using running bond you gain a half block every course (end of block). Your .8 is probably reasonably close.
  22. orezok


    Did somebody buy your 737?
  23. orezok

    Jinma 254 overheating with oil spray

    Sorry, but that is not correct. Please research before commenting. The specific heat capacity of ethylene glycolbased water solutions is less than that of pure water; in a 50 percent solution, ethylene glycol's specific heat capacity compared with pure water is decreased at least 20 percent at...
  24. orezok

    How long should I let new ground settle before putting in posts on piers?

    There are 2 other methods of compaction, if you can afford them. First is dynamic compaction. A crane lifts a 5 to 10 ton weight up to 100’ in the air, drops it and will compress the soil up to 5’ and to a depth of 30’ or more. Move over a couple of feet and do it again for days. This was...
  25. orezok

    How long should I let new ground settle before putting in posts on piers?

    Uncompacted soil will NEVER reach 90% compaction which is what your engineer wants for structural support. If it did then soil which was undisturbed for millions of years would be 90% or greater.
  26. orezok

    Time for a new portable generator

    “Robust” was the key.
  27. orezok

    Kubota B2910 Not Starting with Ignition Key

    My 7800 had both an OPC and a second switch that allowed PTO operation by tilting the seat forward. Unfortunately (LOL) both went away when I added a suspension seat.
  28. orezok

    Should I say something

    Thirty some years ago I used to own a transmission shop. When you are in the business, you get to know how other shops operate. There was one that played that game and would add some filings to the pan before they showed it to the customer. Sad.
  29. orezok

    Horrible News. 3 brothers die.

    Years ago I was a project manager for a developer and one of our sites had an ancient rotational landslide on it. To determine if it was stable enough to build houses on it a series if holes were bored into the slide area. The holes were about 4’ in diameter and were drilled to a depth where...
  30. orezok

    Time for a new portable generator

    If all you are concerned about is our router and computer, don’t waste your money on an inverter generator. Buy a robust UPS instead. The generator only charge the batteries, and they don’t care about dirty electric and then the batteries run an inverter which puts out clean wave form electric.
  31. orezok

    Kubota B2910 Not Starting with Ignition Key

    I had a similar problem with my B7800, an almost identical tractor. It would only start if I kicked the rocker pedal back and forth several times. There is a ball bearing that centers the rocker safety switch that disintegrated. Apparently this is somewhat common. You have to remove the...
  32. orezok

    Finally, I’ll be able to perform properly

    Not bad at all. Done under anesthesia and took 6 minutes. 24 hours later and all I have is minor discomfort. Not even considering any pain relievers. The biggest problem is trying to do things with your left hand that you have been doing with your right for 74 years.
  33. orezok

    Finally, I’ll be able to perform properly

    I had Trigger Finger surgery on the middle finger of my right hand yesterday. My surgeon sez that now while on the freeway and someone cuts me off that I will be able to gesture that they should go first. :LOL:
  34. orezok

    electric top link

    You might consider using a modified trailer electric tongue jack. Lifts 4000# but not sure about tension. Relatively inexpensive.
  35. orezok

    Hydrogen infrastructure

    About 20 years ago the school district where I was a Facilities Manager we installed a CNG compressor station and storage for fast fill. Most of the busses were connected to overnight slow fill, but if necessary one could be filled in a few minutes. We did that as legislation was being passed...
  36. orezok

    B29 Overheard

    I have a friend that tried to fly under the Coronado bridge. They crashed into San Diego Bay. Both drunk. The interesting thing about this bridge is that because the Navy berths a large fleet south of the bridge (Bay entrance is North), the interior box girders are filled with foam so the...
  37. orezok

    B29 Overheard

    When I was in college in El Paso in the 60’s, we lived about 4 miles straight off the end of the runway of Biggs Field. At that time B-52’s were stationed there. A couple of times a year they would scramble. The tankers took off first followed by four 52’s. For about 5 minutes there was the...
  38. orezok

    B29 Overheard

    Want to fly in a war bird. Go here. War birds
  39. orezok

    Auger with "hiccups" while spinning...

    When you connect the 2 halves of the PTO shaft are the U-joints on both ends in phase. That is when one X is horizontal the other must match it. If not, they will be out of phase and traveling at slightly different rotation speeds.
  40. orezok

    John Deere 2120 Clutch Problems

    I would replace and exposed seals.
  41. orezok


    What do you get if you cross an Elephant with a Rhino? El-if-I-no 😱
  42. orezok

    Right to repair - we WIN!!

    Just drop it in a Faraday bag. BINGO!
  43. orezok

    #@%-*#. IRS

    Yup. First was direct deposit, second was Debit-card and third was direct deposit. I would be happy to give you a phone number at the IRS that they don’t answer. 😁
  44. orezok

    #@%-*#. IRS

    When the second stimulus payment (debit card), my wife received one but I did not. When the third payment was issued, my wife got one but I did not. Married filing jointly. Tried calling IRS, but it was the middle of tax season and no answer from IRS. So there was a form that allowed you to...
  45. orezok

    Right to repair - we WIN!!

    While the FTC makes rules, they don’t make laws. Congress does that and those are the people whose pockets are lined by the “you really don’t own your tractor” people. From FTC code ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY Following an investigation, the Commission may initiate an enforcement action using...
  46. orezok

    Parallel connecting Generators?

    Over on the RV forums a number of posts indicate than generators from the same manufacturer but different outputs will sync without problems. Also noted that each generator runs at the same percentage of its design load thereby not overloading the lesser generator. There are even posts of...
  47. orezok

    Propane costs up

    That may well be true on the liability issue but it seems counterintuitive. If they own the tank, liability is all theirs. If you own it liability should be yours.