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  1. CobyRupert

    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    If it works, it works! …but when it doesn’t, having the forks under the load keeps the load closer to the tractor. This is less leverage that will lift the rear of the tractor and the FEL has a greater lift capacity operating in its “breakout” range.
  2. CobyRupert

    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    ….but hooking a chain and binder around the bucket to avoid getting a smiley face bucket prevents sticking in a couple of vertically mounted 2”x4”’s into the clamp on forks that acts as a “backstop”. (Most clamp on forks have a 2”x4” holder) This is ok if you’re just lifting pallets, but if...
  3. CobyRupert

    Hauling Sub-Compact.

    Naw, that means there’s not enough weight on the tractor/tongue and you don’t have the Traction to stop. Now if you got the brake pedal mashed, and the weight/traction can still overpower the brakes and turn the tires, that’s a different problem. Similar to pulling. Many times you have the...
  4. CobyRupert

    Hauling Sub-Compact.

    Just make sure you load the tongue heavier than the tail.
  5. CobyRupert

    How not to bushhog !!

    That reminds me…you can probably guess: An elderly couple is enjoying a 50 year anniversary dinner together in a small tavern. The husband leans over and asks his wife, “Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years a go? We went behind this tavern and I made love to you.”...
  6. CobyRupert

    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    I’ve used the clamp on forks. Like others have said, they’re better than nothing. With me, it was just a matter of when I’d over do it and the leverage of the forks bends the bucket edge. It now has a smiley face. ..and some dents where the clamp on bolts touch. Also be prepared with a BIG...
  7. CobyRupert

    How not to bushhog !!

    Yep, just when you think you’re being safe and got all the dangers figured out, Mother Nature will **** you in ways you can’t even imagine.
  8. CobyRupert

    5045E - 3 Point Control Lever Doesn’t Stay Up.

    Are readable John Deere manuals not online anymore? All I can find is a page that wants about $35 to download them.
  9. CobyRupert

    Service Your PTO Clutch

    With the clutch loose, it’s easiest to just grab the blades and turn them while having the tractor’s PTO locked (that is, tractor PTO is “on” with tractor engine turned off). You can then easily see it slipping at the clutch.
  10. CobyRupert


    Spinning means you have more horsepower (torque actually) than weight and/or traction. Put enough weight on your tractor with a good traction tire/surface and it won’t spin.
  11. CobyRupert

    Electrical/Battery issue

    People here before have chased battery and terminal connection problems to find out it’s a conductor broken inside the wire or connector, etc.. I agree with above poster, start checking voltage drops (voltage across) the different conductors and components. If you get a significant voltage...
  12. CobyRupert

    Storing backhoe, stabilizer arms bleeding

    Can you back up to it, reconnect hoses (only) and move cylinders to desired position?
  13. CobyRupert

    Storing backhoe, stabilizer arms bleeding

    How did you try to bleed it down? Were hoses still connected to tractor (but hoe unhitched)? Unhooked hoses are going to be hard to bleed down. With the male end of a hydraulic hose, you can push in the ball to relieve pressure (and some oil) to lower cylinders, depending on how much pressure...
  14. CobyRupert

    Electrical/Battery issue

    Did you also check and clean where the (-) ground cable from the battery connects to the frame? This is a common source of resistance. Do a battery load test. Either with a battery tester or see what the voltage drops to while you’re starting.
  15. CobyRupert

    Westendorf Fixed V Snow Plow

    Then what do you do with the blade for the 2nd pass? Are you saying your straight blade doesn’t angle?
  16. CobyRupert

    3036E oil dipstick access

    Original post was 8 years ago? I hope he’s checked the oil since then.
  17. CobyRupert

    3036E oil dipstick access

    When you can’t see what you’re doing and can only use your sense of of touch: “Sometimes you just got to Helen Keller that ***ch!”
  18. CobyRupert

    ?????? GROAN 2

    What donuts?
  19. CobyRupert

    Fence Lines

    ….just make sure it’s not a pregnant cow you drive to the processor in Texas. They’ll fine you $10,000 and then hang you.
  20. CobyRupert

    Is Power Service Diesel Kleen that good?

    Wouldn’t higher compression be easier starting than lower compression (assuming battery and starter turn equally fast). Don’t more cylinders try? I thought decompression was so starter could turn faster. Isn’t being able to start with full compression a sign that starter and battery are good...
  21. CobyRupert

    Diesel newbie-operating questions

    …what if you idle it unnecessarily, but then make sure to work it hard and hot for an extended period of time at the end of the day? Or every few days. Or often…often enough. It has to partially mimic a regen cycle.
  22. CobyRupert

    Diesel newbie-operating questions

    I think with Tier IV, what they really mean is that a low exhaust temp will clog the filter faster. An idle exhaust temp is probably lower than a faster (non-loaded) rpm, which is a lower temp than working it hard, etc..etc.. Even without Tier IV, my understanding is a low exhaust temp can cause...
  23. CobyRupert

    Bush hog gearbox mount sideways?

    Good points on why this may not work if submerged. I stand corrected. …but if the volume of oil and air expansion in the gear box is less than the volume of the extension tube, won’t that still limit the pressure that can build in the gear box that can blow out the seals? (i.e. limits the...
  24. CobyRupert

    Bush hog gearbox mount sideways?

    I imagine that on most you could “extend” the vent plug with a threaded elbow and some pipe fittings so the vent stays on “top” .
  25. CobyRupert

    Diesel newbie-operating questions

    Yeah, for her sake of simplicity I didn’t get into turbos, or friction losses in the intake and exhaust that are a function of rpm. There’s the heat of combustion and the heat of the (air) compression. I believe that the combustion heat (by dumping fuel in and working motor at an rpm above...
  26. CobyRupert

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Try Google. The most widely accepted definition of how an electric vehicle is zero emissions is: “A zero-emissions vehicle, or ZEV, is a vehicle that does not emit exhaust gas or other pollutants from the onboard source of power.”
  27. CobyRupert

    Diesel newbie-operating questions

    There’s no throttle plate in a diesel, so it takes in the same amount of air per revolution at idle that it does revving or working hard. The compression cycle creates heat, but I believe it’s the fuel, when working, that will warm the engine faster than just pumping cold air through the motor...
  28. CobyRupert

    Rotary Cutter Bush hog blades won't turn

    If you shut the tractor off in a way that locks the pto shaft from rotating, then reach under the mower & hand turn the blade you’ll find the problem at the junction of what spins and what doesn’t spin.
  29. CobyRupert

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Truck driver is lucky they didn’t get carried down the tracks for 3/4 of a mile by the train engine bouncing off every building as you go.
  30. CobyRupert

    Hooking up my least favorite implement

    Holy smokes! You’re missing the fair! Do you have any grandkids, nephews, neighborhood kids, etc… that you can hold by their ankles and lower them in there to hook up the PTO? That’s a tight squeeze!
  31. CobyRupert

    Golf cart charging

    ….but fundamentally, is there any problem with using 4 smart chargers simultaneously, one on each battery? I wouldn’t think so, but maybe I’m missing something. Seems like it might prevent overcharging.
  32. CobyRupert

    Pat's Easy Change Adjustment bolt size on Pat's Easy Change and a short introduction for a new member

    I’ve gone through the bent bolt experience with the soft bolts they supplied. Then broke them off trying to extract. Had to take it to a machine shop. I use a harder grade bolt now, but don’t bother to tighten them down much. What’s the point? The pin takes the load. The Pat’s hook eliminates...
  33. CobyRupert

    Chain 'recycling'

    Not creative, but I save them for cutting tree roots or trees with hardware. It’s good to have several old ones so you can switch them out when you hit the stuff you know you’re going to hit without wrecking a good chain. There’s always a “little more” on chains, just be aware they may bite and...
  34. CobyRupert

    Surprised by need for rear ballast with L 4060 in this situation

    What kind of bait and switch is it if your ballasted so that you can safely lift the weight the FEL and tractor was built (and sold) to do, and this overloads the front axle? Also, rear ballast takes weight off the front axle.
  35. CobyRupert

    Does anybody follow the Olympics?

    “Contempt”?… maybe…they might call it bringing attention to important issues. Appropriate on that stage? -Opinions differ. Call it what you want, it’s also called Freedom.
  36. CobyRupert

    Does anybody follow the Olympics?

    You seem to be saying that we should be more like Russia, China or Iran.
  37. CobyRupert

    Side by side questions ok on here?

    Sounds like vapor lock. When motor quits, loosen gas cap and listen for sucking noises or try restarting. Also look for gas lines that are too close to heat sources, that get soft and pinch themselves shut.
  38. CobyRupert

    What to do about Stuck Slip Clutch

    I loosen bolts, with tractor engine off, I engage PTO, then reach under mower and turn blade by hand. Only way the blade can turn is for slip clutch to slip. …mowing in tall grass or brush would work too. …or turning on PTO quickly can get clutch to slip. Some people mark clutch plates...
  39. CobyRupert

    How to hang a banner in Idaho

    …..and IF the loader fails, it will just come to rest on the building. Ladder feet in bucket can’t kick out like a ladder on a floor. This actually seems safer….just higher.
  40. CobyRupert

    Pulling down a block chimney?

    Assuming it’s not connected to house: When pulling from the top, how would you control where it’s going to “hinge”? Seems like it would just break off wherever the weakest mortar is. Ever watch the guys take down a silo with a sledgehammer by knocking out the bottom tiles?
  41. CobyRupert

    Help with trail hill constantly washing out

    Grade it so that water runs off the road (example: in ditches), not in the road.
  42. CobyRupert

    Dialects, got to love them

    Percy? …so your Percivals are like our Richards; their nicknames are also euphemisms?
  43. CobyRupert

    Dialects, got to love them

    Who says “I need to see a man about a horse.”?
  44. CobyRupert

    Dialects, got to love them

    Do you mean a FORIEGN invader? Most Americans witnessed our capital building being invaded and taken over by violence on Jan 6 2021. Also the British invaded during the War of 1812.
  45. CobyRupert

    Blowing fuse on Craftsman riding mower after startup

    Symptoms describe what typically happens when someone tries to move tractor or engage blade when the seat switch is not satisfied. I’d start there.
  46. CobyRupert

    Dialects, got to love them

    Here’s a quiz that tests your dialect: Edit: …and localized vocabulary too.
  47. CobyRupert

    Right to repair - we WIN!!

    Everybody says this is some of the hughest bigglyest news ever. Way to go government.
  48. CobyRupert

    What do you do with stump once removed?

    Try to store it upside down near the brush pile so rain chips away at the dirt rootball. It will usually burn within 3 or 4 bonfires if the rootball eventually gets clean enough.
  49. CobyRupert

    Hay Wagon running gear deck replacement ideas

    Remember that the height of your main stringers or beams might determine the clearance between the tires and the bottom of the deck. IMHO more is better. I’ve seen some wagons where you can barely fit your flat hand between the two. I’ve also had a wagon put on a “smoke show” last year when I...