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  1. thebmrust

    Just a little dangerous.... imo

    The only failure here is so many reaching their conclusions without knowing anything about the need.
  2. thebmrust

    Extend Wifi 300 Feet?

    Networking 101 (going off fuzzy memory) To preface, WiFi is NOT “the internet”. Let’s simplify: One device is a “node” A node can connect to other nodes (computer to printer, or computer to computer). When multiple computers connect to each other, that is a “network”. A network (multiple...
  3. thebmrust

    Extend Wifi 300 Feet?

    Ummm... what? “When my internet goes out” cannot happen if also “my home network has internet access”
  4. thebmrust

    Extend Wifi 300 Feet?

    You don’t need Internet to use wifi. A router in her home can connect to the controller. An outsider can’t connect to the controller from the internet, because it won’t be connected TO the Internet. Think of it as an intranet. A 2.4 gHz wifi signal can go miles with the right transmit and...
  5. thebmrust

    Surging Husqvarna garden tractor

    Maybe both. Most know that ethanol gas is basically cancer for engines. So, both ethanol and sea foam to clear the arteries, keeps the ticker clickin’z.
  6. thebmrust

    Fire Pit Idea Needed

    If your want to kill everything growing between pavers, look up a DIY salt solution and pour it on the weeds/paver section.
  7. thebmrust

    Craftsman Dyt 4000 battery dies super fast

    Hit the YouTube and find a few videos about ‘riding mower not charging’ or similar searches.
  8. thebmrust

    Looking for build ideas for a "Zero Drift Herbicide Applicator"

    What about using an automatic paint roller or w/ an auto-brush attachment?
  9. thebmrust

    CEO of Husqvarna Calls it Quits on Lawn and Garden Tractors (Petrol), says U.S. is Too "Challenging".

    So if Husqvarna owns AYP (who makes most consumer riding mowers), does that mean all consumer products for US markets will stop?
  10. thebmrust

    Automatic entry gates - DIY

    It appears to be a builders market. Even with raw materials at all time highs & mass exodus of people moving from state to state, I will take a few Sales 101 tips from another industry: 1) Everyone can be your client, not everyone has to be your client. 2) When you get too busy, raise your...
  11. thebmrust

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    If we’re all lucky here, a future overage will trigger a sell off and all those who hoarded will have to dump because of retail price slashing. Prayers that we can get materials at less than last years low season prices.
  12. thebmrust

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Month? I haven’t purchased from homedepot in about three months and haven’t been to a Costco for almost 9. We shop at our local grocery store now and I have paused all optional home projects until prices calm down. If it’s a necessity, I’ll shop/buy, but so far nothing has hit that level.
  13. thebmrust

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    On our local Craigslist, there are people selling literal scrap wood for almost big box store prices. Then there are the guys who either saw this coming or are a part of the problem. They are listing wood material for higher than 6 months ago but barely less than retail now (June 14, 2021). Not...
  14. thebmrust

    Need ideas for dog proof fence

    I would actually assume cows don’t smell the hot wire but feel it. Now I gotta go research...
  15. thebmrust

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Supply and demand. People are stupid to pay these prices and the suppliers/sellers will gladly take your money. That’s sets a precedent and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to lower prices when people buy into the inflation. We’re doing it to ourselves.
  16. thebmrust

    What NOT to do on your property![emoji849]

    Our area is relatively modern and most of our towns (and small cities) were founded in early 1900’s. Our house was built in the early 1960’s. The prior owners just were not interested in good land management.
  17. thebmrust

    Show me your welded mailboxes!

    I’ve always wanted to put a hinged plate on a box so when it gets hit by a bat, it squirts paint, or UV powder or ketchup/mustard on the offending car.
  18. thebmrust

    What NOT to do on your property![emoji849]

    The former owners of our property also bulldozed the land. Then they pushed everything into a pile and tried to burn it: Steel. Lead. Aluminum. Wood (all sorts), Glass... I find several pieces every time I walk around.
  19. thebmrust

    Power Line to my house was broken

    My philosophy: Taxes aren’t bad, it’s how they are used. Taxes to support schools is a fun one. Remember, those kids will be the next tax payers. We want them well educated and work for good wages to support a local economy.
  20. thebmrust

    Water storage solutions in a drought

    What about an outdoor natural swimming pool? It’s an obvious above ground pond but it might be a way to bypass the insanely restrictive Cali regulations.
  21. thebmrust

    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Everyone else’s covid shots make me cranky. How do you know if someone got the shot, just wait. They’ll tell you.
  22. thebmrust

    Lack of professionalism in Sales: a rant

    The OP rant still applies today. We bought a small property last year and have wanted a small tractor. Stopped in our local green dealer and talked to two people. Neither were excited about their models. They both tried to upsell the next size. But that was it. A year later, don’t have a...
  23. thebmrust

    After glyphosate - till or burn

    Prepping for reseeding of pasture grass. I applied a 3% mix of Gordons Big-n-Tuf 41% glyphosate to my 1 acre pasture. Appx 15gal of water/gly mix to the acre. It has been just over 48 hours and it looks like I have a 95% success rate. There are a few weeds that seem to be alive, so I might spot...
  24. thebmrust

    Dealer How often did you use the dealer after purchase

    I have seen several mention the importance of a good dealer when buying a tractor. How many of you used the dealer frequently (or how frequently did you use them) after your purchase? In our area, we have several dealers with several different brand options. But there are some brands where the...
  25. thebmrust

    Tri Cities WA loggin in

    Well... I made it. Haven稚 been on a forum, facebook or much of anything in a few years. No tractor, but looking. Cheers! ~Brent